Met-Rx Review

Met-Rx Review


Update: May 25, 2022

For over 20 years, Met-Rx was traditionally a company that provided nutrition for athletes, but since then has expanded to weight loss products for the masses, and products to help body builders attain their optimal shape and physique.* They offer a variety of products; whether it is bars, shakes, powders, or supplements. The most commonly used product for weight loss that they offer is going to be there meal replacement shakes. The meal replacement shakes come in 5 flavors: Berry, Cake Batter, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

The idea behind the meal replacement shakes is that you will be consuming less calories drinking one of the shakes versus eating an entire meal.* After time goes on, the body will start to accept the fact that this shake is indeed a meal replacement. Met-Rx states that you are getting the proper amount of carbs, fat, and protein needed to make it a healthy meal for your body no matter what time of day it is. The overall idea of the meal replacement shakes mirrors the once popularly used “Slim Fast” shakes, therefore the concept is not really that new to the market at all.

The shakes cost around $2.00 per serving for 18 servings of 2.54 oz. drink packets. As stated on their website you are going to get:

  • 38 grams of protein per serving
  • 0g trans-fat
  • 17-20 grams of carbs per serving^
  • 25 Essential vitamins and minerals
  • 100% DV Calcium for bone and nutritional health
  • No added sugar **
  • Aspartame and Gluten Free

Depending on flavor
** Not a low calorie food. Some sugar naturally occurs in ingredients. See nutrition facts panel for sugar and calorie content.

To contact this company call: 866-972-6879 or email them at They do not give an absolute timeline on how many days they will honor the refund policy if you purchase online, but they say to send it back as soon as possible.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On Met-Rx?

This is the question people actually care about knowing the answer to. Many people don’t go full steam ahead with these meal replacement shakes and replace every meal of the day. This is more meant for people who are “on-the-go” a lot with not many healthy food options around them. Many dieters on the contrary found that these shakes do not mix well in the shaker cups and left clumpy textures and inconsistent smoothness throughout the shake. This issue kind of ruins the “on-the-go” mentality, as many users recommended mixing the shakes up in a blender if the chunks bother you.* The chocolate also got a poor rating with the taste being really bland, so you will have to experiment with the type of water you add (regular, coconut, etc.) The overall consensus was that the shakes were thick, didn’t mix well, or did not taste amazing. They did however keep the customer full which serves it’s main purpose.

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Is Met-Rx Easy To Follow?

This company does not primarily advertise to the weight loss market, so the overall program does not exist. Taking a meal replacement shake once a day is not hard to do, but the issues with the consistency problems on-the-go may be the hardest part about the shakes themselves. There is Casein protein in the shakes, which leaves the consistency very thick, so it will take some time to get the preparations down to your liking if you decide to go this route. To see a full comprehensive list of the ingredients click here. The concept is not hard to follow, but the return of the product may be if you decide you did not like it, as there is no definitive timeline for return on their site.

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There was a mixed bag of reviews on this product because of the texture, consistency, and the taste as a whole. This product and the company Met-Rx is not indefinitely a weight loss company so they do not provide nutritional guides or eating plans with their shakes. There were no definite weight loss success stories from this product. It may be more for when you are in a rush rather than an actual product to help you change your life around and lose pounds for the long run. For an international company, their main focus is most definitely not on these meal replacement shakes.

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