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Metabolic Prime Review 2019 - Rip-Off or Worth To Try? Here is Why..

Metabolic Prime Review
Reading Time: 4 minutesWith all of the weight loss supplements and programs on the market today, it is hard to get a feel for what each one provides without feeling pressured into purchasing when you browse or call in. Luckily, we have done all of the research right here to inform you on the Metabolic Prime Aftershock program to see if it is a good fit for you and your weight loss journey. Dr. Jade Teta founded the Metabolic Prime program in 2014, so the program is rather new to the diet scene. Teta is a certified physician and personal trainer, and has been in the space for 25 years. The program itself is a 4-phase exercise program meant to awaken and rejuvenate your metabolism. The basis of the research comes down to the importance of MPA’s also known as Metabolic Prime Activators (your bodies fat burning molecules): IL-5, Nitric Oxide, Lactic Acid, IL-6, and IL-8.*

The Facts

Before diving into the basics of the phases, the programs requirements are for 15 minutes three times a week totaling 45 minutes a week of exercise. The program’s website spits a lot of information at you, and will keep you reading if you don’t just scroll to the bottom of the page to see the price of $37.00 for the DVD’s and a printed copy to follow.

Phase 1: Awaken

This three-week introduction phase focuses on working your neuromuscular connections, which simply means you are working your nervous system out. Strength, balance, and coordination are going to be the main points of focus during these three weeks.

Phase 2: Energize

This phase targets unwanted fat in problem areas by revitalizing your metabolism to burn fat and not just sugar. With the exercises incorporated during this phase your metabolism should feel revved up.

Phase 3: Overload

During the overload phase you are going to use super sets in the workouts, which include using the same muscles over and over. This max out effect trickles down to your metabolism burning calories well after you are done with your workout.

Phase 4: Max

During the max phase you will be using brute force and power that you have prepped your body for in the three phases before. Explosive movements and conditioning is how this phase is described. This is the toughest phase physically during the program, and your metabolism should be properly functioning by the end of phase 4.

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What’s The Word?

Many people found issues with the actual customer service and check out process when trying to order. This has no reflection on how the actual program works, but it can cause some frustration if you are not warned ahead of time. Avaline Helton*, a current customer stated, “I had some issues with the distribution company (Natural Health Sherpa, I believe) while and after placing my order. While placing my order – I was forced to watch 2 promotional videos for other products with no option to close without it cancelling my order. I minimized the videos and soon received my order by email.

 In regards to the actual program itself, there were completely random reviews about the program working and not working. For instance, Jeffrey Lange* said, “I started this program being 40 pounds overweight…. I just started Phase 3 and I’ve gained 10 pounds…. now 50 pounds overweight…. not overeating, eating healthy home cooked meals, following this “Dr.’s” plan, etc.” While Dawn Patzelt* said, “I totally enjoy this workout a lot. It is quick and goes fast but you have to focus and work hard to see results. You have to rest and continue with your high intensity workout throughout the fifteen minutes.”

 The company does offer customer support in three forms: phone, e-mail, and a chat service. Their number is: 800-316-8556. See here for the contact page. They also offer a 90-day guarantee to try out of the product to see if it works for you.

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What Does Metabolic Prime Offer?

For $37.00 you are essentially getting workout DVD’s to follow for 45 minutes per week. The customer service once you actually start the program is limited, but available if you need to return. On the website, there are scientific studies shown to the potential customer that self paced exercise has better effects on the body than forced exercise. Quote from the website:The self-paced interval group performed slightly better, was shown to have worked just as hard and finished the session slightly faster than the traditional interval group. The heart-rate recovery interval group had the lowest intensity levels.

Interval training is all about maximizing the work-to-rest ratio to maximize performance and intensity. Self-paced or rest-based interval training was able to accomplish a better outcome.”*

While the studies are not earth shattering, or groundbreaking by any means they are at least available to the customer to process through and read if they want to.


  • Only 45 minutes per week
  • Offers A Money Back Guarantee
  • Affordable
  • The website is not user friendly
  • Customer service is reactive not proactive
  • There are just as many negative reviews as positive.
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 Is Metabolic Prime Worth A Try?

Dr. Jade Teta does a good job of explaining his workout program on the website, but there is almost too much information spit at you making it confusing at times. Because you are really just getting a few DVD’s in the mail, they may have felt like they needed to complicate the program to make it feel like you are getting more for your money. The customer reviews were very average, with some having success and others just not seeing the fat come off. Finally, the distribution company that works with Dr. Teta’s program does not do a good job of making checkout and delivery a seamless and easy process for the paying customer. It is not the best program we have seen out there, but the cost is affordable for many people to try it out to see if it works for them within 90-days of purchasing.

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