Metabolism Miracle Diet Review

The Metabolism Miracle book was written by Diane Kress who owns the Nutrition Center of Morristown. Kress contends that the reason many people can eat what they want without gaining weight and others can’t is due to specific metabolism. The Metabolism Miracle is said to address this problem, labeled as Metabolism B, and teaches dieters how to gain control of their metabolism and keep control of it for life.*

The Metabolism Miracle has three phases. The first phase lasts eight weeks and is one that all but cuts out carbohydrates as Kress says that is what brings the body back into balance. Phase two slowly reintroduces carbohydrates to the diet and phase three teaches the precise level of carbohydrates to consume so that a dieter can maintain their weight loss and their ideal weight for life.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Metabolism Miracle Diet?

The Metabolism Miracle is a restrictive diet and therefore dieters can expect to lose weight at first. However, there are a couple of factors that will come into play. First, the dieter has to be willing to continue on with the diet and only intake the recommended amount of carbohydrates per day even after the initial phase of the diet is over. Also, the dieter needs to commit to working out 30 minutes per day as recommended.

Is The Metabolism Miracle Diet Easy To Follow?

The Metabolism Miracle diet plan will not be an easy one to follow at first. Any time a dieter cuts out carbohydrates altogether, it can be tough and on the Metabolism Miracle program this must be done for the first four weeks. Even after the initial phase, many dieters may feel deprived of food with the lower level of calories and carbohydrates that are allowed.

Another tough aspect with the Metabolism Miracle is figuring out what kind of exercise to do. While it is said to be vital to exercise 30 minutes every day, the Metabolism Miracle only offers suggestion and leaves the actual workout up to each dieter, which can be too much for many.


The Metabolism Miracle book sells for $15.95. The subtitle of the book claims that the program is three simple steps, but in reality, the steps are not so simple. Totally removing carbohydrates from your diet can prove tough, even if it is only for four weeks. Without a good amount of willpower, you may not do well with the Metabolism Miracle. Therefore, you may be better served finding a more comprehensive diet and exercise plan that covers nutrition as a whole and doesn’t completely cut out carbohydrates.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.


About the Author:

  • Cassie

    I was recommended this program by my Natural-path doctor. She did say it was a tough one to follow. I unofficially started when I got the book and then a few days later started officially. With my unofficial starting I began to take away carbohydrates and learn what healthy foods have 5 or less in them. It was overwhelming but interesting to me. I am a few days into this and I do not feel deprived of food because the vegetables I am able to eat can be eaten in abundance with proper protein amounts to keep me full. I am honestly hoping this is the last program I have to do.

    • The Momma

      How are you doing now? Did the Metabolism Miracle Diet work for you?

      • Cassie Vetsch

        I have unfortunately lost some steam since the beginning yet I am still striving to do this right. Phase 2 allows more carbohydrates and I think this is where I am getting stuck . I have been debating if I should restart phase 1 again to refresh my initial goals. I did release 12 lbs. During that first 8 weeks.

        • consumerscompare

          Dear Cassie, congratulations on your success. Please keep us posted on your progress.

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