Miracle Skinny Drops Review

Miracle Skinny Drops Review



Update: May 25, 2022

3.8 Out of 10
Miracle Skinny Drops is a misnamed, and very confusing weight loss program popularized by Dr. Simeons. It is essentially an HCG Diet that is completed in four phases. The website alone is unprofessional, confusing, and uneducational regarding what they are selling, and how to start on the program. The company sells untraditional products along side of their staple HCG drops such as flavored ice chips, spices, gum, stevia, and MSM.The posts, articles, and how to’s are from a few years ago and have never been update which leads me to believe this company is going to be extinct soon.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight With Miracle Skinny Drops?

Both the company and the products as a whole have not been well received by their customer base. We are all aware of the dangers of the HCG diet, and the side effects are not pretty. If anything they will set you back on your weight loss journey, rather than propel you forward. The directions to the actual diet itself, lack of ingredients listed, and confusing check out process makes me want to look straight past this company.

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Is Miracle Skinny Drops Easy To Follow?

The drops themselves are meant to be taken three times a day orally, no more than 96 drops per day. That is not too hard, but all of the phases combined together seem a bit confusing, and unclear as a purchasing customer.

The phases are broken down as such: Phase 1: Fat load days. You are requires to consume as much fat as you can and eat as many meals you think you will miss as possible. Phase 2: You will start to take the HCG Drops, as well as consume an extremely low 500 calorie diet. Phase 3: A maintenance phase where you will consume no more than 1,500 calories per day while avoiding starches, and sugars. This phase lasts for 3 weeks, and is the only phase that specifies and actual time frame of how long to be on it. Phase 4: This is the forever phase which includes simply watching what you are eating and taking the drops.

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Overall this company is sloppy, and their products do not impress in the weight loss category. Selling products like spices, gum, and ice chips just seems like an overall bad idea to start with. Their website is nearly impossible to get answers from, and the phases of their program are vague and not proven to work. The HCG diet has dangers to the body, and it is not worth the time or investment to look further into this company as a customer. The name alone Miracle Skinny Drops is so cheesy it hurts, which is why I am begging you to turn around and look the other way when their website flashes across the screen. There are many better reputable weight loss companies out there, so why waste your time with an unprofessional and dangerous weight loss program like this one?

3.8 Total Score
Miracle Skinny Drops Scorecard

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  1. It is NOT proven that “the HCG diet has dangers to the body”. It is a weight loss program that has been around for over half a century.

    Also, the products sold on Miracle Skinny Drops’ website are mostly products that are approved for use while on the HCG diet in addition to other healthy supplements and products.

    Lastly, the website is broken down into Phases, so for someone who’s never done HCG can easily go to the tab labeled Phase 1 to get all of the information she/he may need, etc.
    If sloppy websites are what you use to base your opinion off of, I would suggest cleaning yours up.

  2. This is the most inaccurate review I’ve read in a while. You do not stay on the drops forever (only in phase 2, that has a time frame), the plan is super easy to follow, and plenty of actual people on the facebook group (including myself) have great success with it. You are obviously selling something here so you are bashing this product with lies.

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