Miracle Waist Trainer Review

Miracle Waist is a diet product that acts like a corset that was worn back in the 1800’s. It is meant to fit snuggly around the midsection. It's main objective is to help you burn and suck in unwanted fat in problem areas overtime. It also aims to firm, tighten and tone your stomach while you are doing everyday mundane tasks. So how does it help with fat loss? On the website it says, “The thermogenesis created within your body will allow your body to rid itself of harsh toxins and impurities, through perspiration.”*

There are a variety of different spelling and grammatical errors on the website, making this product seem very cheap and unprofessional. Not only are they selling waist shaping corsets, but they also sell a thermo cream that you will rub all over the stomach region before even applying the corset. Alongside of these two products there are HCG drops, Garcinia Cambodia, weight loss patches, weight loss teas, and teeth whitening kits to purchase.

corsetMiracle Waist Trainer Facts

The return policy is rather shaky, and this does not come as a surprise after scanning through the entire line of products this company offers as a whole entity.

“Orders can be returned within 7 days of receipt in their original packaging and in unworn condition for an exchange only. Please notify Miracle Waist by phone (912-264-9242) or email ([email protected]) before the return. The client is responsible for returning the item(s) pre-paid to Miracle Waist. We do not offer credits on any of our merchandise.”*

The main products under evaluation in this review are the Thermo Cream and Waist Trainer. Neither product is proven for weight loss, and they are just everyday items that give people alternative solutions to weight loss without having to take diet pills or exercise.

Thermo Cream: $30.00

Waist Trainers: $30.00-$200.00

What’s The Word?

These products are not sold outside of the website by this particular company. Additionally, there are no honest reviews from customers just trying the product out on the site. Affiliates are writing many of the reviews, and they are looking to make a commission check by coaxing you into buying the product externally. All of the reviews on the actual website are done by video. On top of that, they are linked to the Facebook page for likes and follows. There are reviews published on  Thermo Cream being sold by this company. Take a look below.

Annette* said, “It was delivered fast, and I am using it this week. I have not seen any results so far. Additionally, the Thermo Cream does not heat up.  I am in the process of trying to send it back.”

MJ* said, “I followed the directions and it did not heat up. I may have received an expired cream.”

 “Not worth the money I spent. I will never buy this product again. It did not heat up at all, and I did not see any difference in my stomach fat. No wonder it was so cheap!” Said one Amazon Customer*.

Miracle Waist facebookWhat Does Miracle Waist Offer?

As a company, they really do offer a variety of products for someone seeking to lose weight. Whether they are affective is the concern.  From head to toe, they will have a product to try out regarding weight loss or health and beauty. The corsets can range anywhere from $30-$200 which is determined by size, style, and fabric used. The cream as we saw earlier has not been said to work at all, and it runs around $30.00 which is a rather expensive lotion for it not being effective.

Overall, the company is trying to survive on Facebook videos to hook a potential customer looking to take a risk, but not much success has been seen long term. Sure it might be a good idea to wear a Miracle Waist band if you feel bloated one evening and want to skinny it down a little, but this is not meant for long-term weight loss.

  • Facebook Videos
  • Multiple Products Offered
  • Terrible Return Policy
  • Ineffective Products
  • Unprofessional Website

Is Miracle Waist Worth A Try?

It is nice to see that Miracle Waist has a Facebook page, because that is really the most professional asset to them up until this point. As you can tell, this company is trying to make it in a very saturated weight loss world. The problem is the products are not effective for real weight loss, which sets them apart from other products. The safety of wearing a corset is also a topic of discussion for many people, as it heavily squeeze the torso region where your vital internal organs are at.

Their return policy is very unstable, so all of the risk falls on the customer when trying any of the products out. To top it all off, the customer's voice is suppressed to the point where they are unheard all together. For how expensive the products are and how ineffective they appear, I would be wary to spend my money. Finally, all of the videos being shot to promote the Miracle Waist are unprofessional and I would not “waste” my money or time trying out their weight loss products (no pun intended).

Miracle Waist thermo cream*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary

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