Naturally Thin Diet Review

Naturally Thin Diet Review


Updated on Aug 08, 2019

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Bethenny Frankel is best known as one of the stars of the hit television show The Real Housewives of New York City. Though you would never be able to tell by Frankel’s slender appearance on the show, she has struggled with weight her entire life, which is what pushed her to write a book based on the Naturally Thin Diet.

The book contains over 30 recipes and has many suggestions as far as fitness and exercise go. But, the book is meant to be more of a way to teach others how to think when it comes to food. Frankel contends that with the proper mindset you can get over your food addictions and you can learn to give in to your cravings in a healthier manner.

The nutrition part of the book is based on the premise that it is better to eat foods that are denser with fiber and lower in calories. According to Frankel, this allows you to eat more without battling constant weight gain and weight loss.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Naturally Thin Diet?

Dieters that embrace the philosophy of the Naturally Thin Diet will likely lose some weight at least in the short-term. How much weight is anyone’s guess as the Naturally Thin Diet is again more of a motivational tool and less of an actual diet guide. Weight loss would greatly depend on what you do end up eating day in and day out and whether or not you stay active as the book suggests.

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Is the Naturally Thin Diet Easy to Follow?

The Naturally Thin Diet is not really an easy diet to follow as the guidelines are loose at best. Participants really have no idea of what they should eat or when they should eat it. This would certainly become a problem for those who like to dine out on a regular basis. While some diet programs offer you suggestions for just such an occasion, the Naturally Thin Diet would simply suggest that you use your best judgment, which might not always be the best.

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If you are looking for a solid diet and fitness guide that spells everything out for you from A to Z then the Naturally Thin Diet will disappoint you. The book itself is more of a novelty item and is really just one television star’s story of how she successfully battled weight problems. While her methods might work for you, they might be the polar opposite of what you need to do.

In addition, the book covers nothing ground breaking. All the nutritional information that it contains is information that you likely already know about or could easily read about online for free instead of buying the book for $16.00.

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