Nature’s Burn Diet Pills Review

Nature's Burn Diet Pills Review


Minimal Side Effects

Clean Ingredient List

Caffeine Free


Only One Option Where To Purchase

Unreasonably High Price

Right out of the gates a con is simply how hard the product is to find. This product is not easy to find, and it is only sold on Amazon. For how good of reviews it has gotten, you would think it would be available in more places to more people. A pro is the ingredient list, as it is much cleaner than a lot of the diet pills on the market today. Each capsule only has 35 mg of caffeine which promotes a healthy increase in energy versus a massive spike. A con is the price, because one bottle will only last you 15 days, for $40.00. This is not doable for many people, and it is not even enough time to really notice results.

The upfront investment with Nature’s burn capsules is going to be at least $80.00 to $120.00 for a few bottles. This is a large con in my opinion, but the product is cleaner than most and it does not have as many side effects which may be worth the extra cost.

The Bottom Line: This product has an equal amount of pros to cons with the price and the caffeine/ ingredients playing large factors.

What Is NATURE’S BURN Supplement

Nature’s Burn by NutriChem Labs is a vegan fat burning supplement that is sold 60 capsules to a bottle.  The company voices the clean forms of energy used in each capsule, and it comes in the form of Theacrine. The capsules are said to be made with non-gmo ingredients as well as being gluten free, soy free, dairy free, and no added caffeine. The product is sourced and manufactured in the United States, and the packaging is quite aesthetically appealing at first glance. Each bottle costs around $40.00 not including shipping.

How Does NATURE’S BURN Work?

The instructions for the diet pill are pretty simple, and it says to take 2 capsules twice daily with 12 oz. of water 30 minutes before each meal. The product is labeled as caffeine free, which is very unusual for diet pills on the market, as they are normally loaded with caffeine to promote energy and movement thus resulting in weight loss. The capsules are meant to help with appetite reduction, enhanced focus, increased energy, and muscle preservation and growth. While it serves as mainly a fat burner, there are other enticements added to make it more desirable.

The product works by tapping into the three blends in the ingredient list (see below for the full list). The three different blends are: Amino Blend, Fat-Burning Blend, and B-Complex blend. B vitamins are best known to help the body properly digest and absorb nutrients as well as encourage appetite control. The fat burning blend simply taps into the thermogenic ingredients in the pills and it naturally increases energy all while burning fat. The amino blend is responsible for muscle growth and inherent focus.

The Bottom Line: This diet pill has an alternative formula to burning fat, as well as enhancing muscle growth and focus. The company recommends the customer take 4 capsules per day.

Word On The Street About NATURE’S BURN

Overall we found many positive reviews about Nature’s Burn. Majority of people like the fact that it is vegan and caffeine free. Some were however disappointed and saw no results. Amanda says she did not find it helpful in achieving her weight loss goals.

It didn’t provide any assistance for me with weight loss. I used as directed, followed a nutrition plan and documented my food diary. I increased my minutes of daily exercise and all of this combined didn’t do anything for me, unfortunately.  Amanda

LM was not happy with smell and taste;

This has the worst smell and the worst after-burp taste I have ever experienced. It also made me Naseous. I think I took 5 in total…is it too late to get my money back? Super bummed.LM

Another Amazon Customer found it helpful when combined with a strict diet.

I’m not a fat burner fan but wanted something natural to go with a new weightlifting goal I have. I am happy to say these help along with my semi-strict diet. It’s all what you eat, so take these but don’t expect results without a good clean food plan.Amazon Customer


The ingredients found in this diet pill are:

  • Vitamin B6, B12
  • Glucomannan
  • Caralluma Fimbriata
  • Theacrine (as Teacrine)
  • Capsimax Red pepper fruit
  • Bioperine

This product is low in caffeine, and there are low side effects involved. It relies heavily on the plant based ingredients shown above to take caffeine’s place in creating more energy. Overall, this product is safe as there are only 35 mg of caffeine per pill. You will be taking 4 capsules however, so do keep that in mind.

The Bottom Line: This product is safe overall, the caffeine content is low which leaves little room for jitters and unpleasant side effects. Some people would say the product is not effective due to the subtle changes they feel, while others like how steady the capsules are.


Nature’s Burn is not terrible, and it is not loaded with a lot of fillers that are stimulants. This product has natural plant-based ingredients as a whole, and you will pay for that with the steep price for only a 2 week supply. The side effects seemed minimal from those people who gave Nature’s Burn a shot, and there were not a lot of complaints about the product not doing the job. Sure, you will have to invest a good amount of money to try it out, but it could be worth the risk. As with anything though, you will not lose all of the weight by just taking a diet pill alone as diet and exercise will play a large factor in success.




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