Never Binge Again Diet Review

Never Binge Again Diet Review


Update: May 25, 2022

7.8 Out of 10
Never Binge Again Diet Review
Never Binge Again Diet Review
Never Binge Again is a mindset diet book written by Glenn Livingston who is a licensed psychologist and specializes in overeating and weight loss research. This book is not for everyone as it targets individuals who have problems with emotional eating, stress eating, or just problems with binging in general. The mindset of, “I had a cookie, I might as well eat three now” has got to go. The book focuses on healing and self-love, as many people struggle with identity and have a “far thinking” self, in which Dr. Livingston claims he can quiet down if you read his book.

He has a website connected with the book, and there is a contact section on the website through e-mail. See it here. On the website, they try and sell you an online program when going through the diet, whether it be through one on one coaching or with their audiovisual library for purchase. Because of their online systems for sale, they are drawing people in with a free copy of the book on There is no support number to call, just an e-mail for any inquiries you may have when looking into this diet book and program.

Do Dieters Lose Weight With The Never Binge Again Diet Book?

This book has been said to just be straight forward, and nothing more than that. He simply wants you to stop binging and take control of your life. There is nothing more to this book, other than stories about his research and testimonials from people who were able to say no to binging. This approach does not work for everyone, as their “inner pig” seems to come out and become uncontrollable at times. His theory and research are not backed by very sustainable sources, and the thought process behind not binging is very shallow thinking.

Lisa* expressed her frustration with the overall message the book conveyed. It was not realistic in her opinion and she didn’t think other people would appreciate the overall message either, which is why she wrote such an emotional and powerful review. I did not find the theories and strategies presented in this book to be effective. There is a book called “Brain Over binge” that I think the book is trying to emulate, but I don’t think it is done properly. What I found to be problematic with Never Binge Again was this: promise 100% that you will never binge (knowing you will binge), but then when you do binge repromise and recommit that you never binge again. This did not resonate with me. Perhaps this kind of black/white thinking works for some. I have seen it fail for many.”

 “It’s not that it doesn’t have merit. It is just that it’s also useless. Yes recognize the voice telling you, you must binge. But if the secret to not bingeing is not bingeing, we wouldn’t need a book. Thanks, Doctor Sensitivity and Insight, I’ll keep that startlingly useless advice in mind.” Comedy Groupie* This reviewer also went on today that the ideas are just plain unrealistic, and that the book really has no legs to stand on at the end of the day toward effective weight loss.

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Is The Never Binge Again Diet Easy To Follow?

The first step is to read the book and understand what it is telling you to become, which is not overly difficult. The idea that you shouldn’t break yourself down, but try and break down the inner pig that lives within you is an interesting thought, and may not work with everyone as suggested by the folks who actually read the book. Dr. Livingston suggests you read the book through, and if you think the concept will work for you then read it again so the information resonates into your daily life. The first and most important step is to start believing there are really two selves within you: The skinny self, and the unhealthy self (The pig). Many people will talk in a meaningful way to this pig, and tell it to shut up, which is quite comical really. What Dr. Livingston is trying to teach readers, is that they can control cravings by telling them to essentially “shut up.” The concept is not hard to follow really, but implementing change in the long term may be the challenge with this “diet.”

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Dr. Livingston provides studies in his book based on his background in psychology and weight problems in individuals. There is no lack there. The book’s overall message though is rather simple, and almost unnecessary to go through over and over. Many readers were not excited about the overall message and tone the book offered overall. The social media presence that surrounds this book is minuscule, zilch, zero, and pretty pathetic to be honest. There is nothing that screams this book is the hottest on the market, and the customers have not outwardly expressed their love for its methods. Overall this is another “tell you how to think” diet psychology book that hasn’t left its mark on too many people. It is offered for free on Amazon, so there is really no harm in trying the readout for yourself. Where they are looking to get your money is off of their website, so be mindful of what you sign up for.

7.8 Total Score
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  1. I thought the book was good. However, I then paid money for the webinar series and “unlimited” coaching sessions for three months. After I paid, it turned out these are 15 minute sessions once every 4 days. That is not my definition of “unlimited” and I personally would not have paid the money if I had been told this upfront.

  2. I have struggled with binge eating and my weight for years and I’ve tried just about every diet and doctor out there I found never binge again made a lot of sense and the fact that he offers the initial book for free I think it says a lot about Dr. Livingston

  3. Never Binge Again is not a diet. It is a set of tools to help one gain control of the previously uncontrollable urge to binge eat. A healthy pre-requisite to this book is a food plan that incorporates your calorie and macro-nutrient goals. A perfect follow on to the book is the Online Intensive program or workbook to put the concepts into practice. Positioning this book as a diet is wrong.

  4. This book and the subsequent program is what has helped me improve myself in so many ways… I am now healthy, I eat the nutrients I need and no longer see myself as out of control around food…I can relax. I’ve make healthier choices and have changed my thinking around food which had enabled me to loose weight. Dr. Livingston outlines the principles in his book on how this can be done. He offers more support in his programs and it really becomes a way to live without the extra burden of binge eating or food issues.

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