Nutrisystem Diet Review

Nutrisystem Diet Review


Update: May 12, 2022

4.8 Out of 10
Nutrisystem Diet Review
Nutrisystem Diet Review

Do Dieters Lose Weight With NUTRISYSTEM?

If you stick to eating only the Nutrisystem meals along with healthy snacks from the grocery store, you should see a drop in weight. There is not a long-term fix when going through this program though, because you will not be taught how to fix healthy meals for yourself. When you go off the Nutrisystem plan you may see the weight creep back on overtime due to the lack of pre-packaged meals.

The 28-day plan is the most popular, and the average cost is around 11 dollars a day, which amounts to $300.00 when it is all said and done after shipping. This cost is set for one person, which is rather expensive.The meals consist of frozen pastas and potpies, re-heat cakes and pizzas. When looking at pictures of the meals, they did not look appetizing at all, and made me somewhat nauseous to think about eating this way for a solid month.

When looking into customer reviews, some said that the program was good for the short term especially if you enroll in the fast 5 (1,000 calorie restricted 1 week diet) to jump-start your weight loss journey. There were other reports of the customer service being poor, and the cost to cancel after the first shipment was around $90.00.

There were many other complaints about the cancellation fees being more costly than the meals itself, so be cautious when ordering. Finally, there have been a lot of reviews about the food being processed (hence the microwavable and frozen options), which did not surprise me the least after looking at the food options and pictures.

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Nutrisystem came onto the scene in 1972 and partnered with QVC back in 2001, which gave them a boost in their popularity and clientele over the years. Their aim is to take the guesswork out of the weight loss journey for the customer, by providing them pre-packaged meals daily. The customer has the option to go to the grocery store to buy fresh fruits, and snacks but for the most part there is no cooking or prepping involved when on the program.

There are many meal choices to choose from such as pizza, tacos, chocolate cake, and cookies. As you can tell there are also no restrictions to what you can and cannot eat.

Obviously, eating out is discouraged, as all of the meals you will be eating come directly from Nutrisystem. The consumption of alcohol is also off limits, as this can result in an unhealthy spike of calories. While this sounds like an interesting diet system, the cost can be an upwards of $300.00 per month for one person alone, which is extremely expensive. On top of the high cost, you are limited to eating the foods that they ship you and nothing more, which can be hard to stomach overtime.

While many diet programs discourage the intake of carbohydrates, while on the Nutrisystem you will ingest 50% of your calories from carbohydrates alone.

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Is NUTRISYSTEM Easy To Follow?

Nutrisystem’s business model is to take the thinking entirely out of dieting, by providing the customer pre-made meals. The hardest part of the entire program is reading all of the terms and conditions, to be clear on the return process if you do not like the food. They are not very generous with returns, so be cautious if you decide to order anything.

What’s also hard to abide by is the fact that eating out is entirely off limits, which makes social outings near impossible on this diet. Because there are not really any calorie restrictions, this program can leave you confused on what a healthy diet really looks like.

Once you are off of the program, consuming regular pizzas, potpies, cakes, and cookies are not going to keep the weight down. The problem overall is the lack of education you are getting when you are being mailed meals that are traditionally seen as unhealthy food options. Some known side effects from this program are: upset stomach from the processed food options, not enough calories making one feel hungry and irritable, and frustration from the high cost of the meals and cancellation fees.

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Word on the Street About NUTRISYSTEM

So about those Nutrisystem reviews? Given the program is sold by Nutrisystem directly (though their five-day plan was sold on WalMart, which we’ll get to), I chose reviews from sources news and medical information sites.

U.S. News & World Reports “Best Diets of 2017” has Nutrisystem ranked 16th, or “in the middle of the pack.” The Nutrisystem review rin “Best Overall Ditsates it a 3.3 on a scale of 5. The biggest problem with the diet, according to the best diets list, is it scores too low on long-term weight loss—it’s rated a weak 2.6. Though U.S. News & World Report does say you’ll “probably” lose weight. [10]

Reviewed by Christine Mikstas, RD, LD in early 2017 for WebMD, the conclusion was simple: it’s an easy, time-saving diet in that the meals are made for you and delivered to your door. So convenience. But, as Mikstas points out, it’s costly and limiting if you like eating out.

“it’s an easy, time-saving diet in that the meals are made for you and delivered to your door. So convenience. But, as Mikstas points out, it’s costly and limiting if you like eating out. “

The real question is whether you can continue to lose weight or maintain your weight when you are no longer relying on the prepackaged foods.

The WalMart Nutrisystem product line is huge. The highest-rated is Nutrisystem Members’ Favorites 5-Day Diet Kit. Of more than 100 reviews, this particular Nutrisystem meal kit earned 4.6 out of 5 stars. More than 70 reviewers gave it five stars.

But reviewer “Iowan,” said it’s “totally wrong,” and complained,

Most of the meals are grain based. Many are wraps that are thick, tough, and tasteless. I opened them and scraped out a spoonful of filling. There is not nearly enough protein or healthy fat and way to [sic] much carbohydrates. They are convenient. However to make this plan work you still have to provide most of the food yourself.

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The Bottom Line: Is NUTRISYSTEM Worth a Try?

Depends. While famous celebrities such as Melissa Joan Hart, Marie Osmond, and Dan Marino have endorsed this company I find it hard to believe that these A-listers truly enjoyed the processed microwavable meals provided by Nutrisystem. Overall, the company has an expensive meal service that does not promote long-term weight loss to its customers.

With the customer service being poor, I already have a headache when thinking about scrolling through 50+ meals to place my first order. Their social media pages were low in followers and activity based off of the number of customers and celebrity endorsement in its past. I would not recommend this program as a long-term weight loss tool, as the processed and packaged meals already have me reaching for my trash can.

Can you afford it to try it? Does the idea of having the work done for you sound appealing? My feeling is if you have the disposable income, either live alone or don’t have to feed a brood, and are okay with not eating out often, go for it. It’s pretty likely you’ll lose some weight, but will it come back when the FedEx person stops ringing the bell?

4.8 Total Score
Nutrisystem Scorecard

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  1. Nutrisystem is literally a scam. I tried it for a month and hated the food, it literally made me gag a few times. They STILL get you if you don’t read the fine print. Even if you cancel a little later in the month (as I did because I wanted to be fair and taste the rest of the choices I had left) they hit you for a cancellation fee of $125.00 . This is PREPOSTEROUS!! I had stomach issues with their food and the food looks NOTHING like the pictures or the commercials. Don’t fall into this, you may as well by frozen low cal foods in your grocery store for half the price. I disputed the charge of 125.00 and I am pretty sure their LAWYERS, charged Nutrisystem way more than that to get the charges put back on our account which we will AGAIN DISPUTE. SCAM!

  2. This is a horrible product, don’t waste your money. The food has no taste and the price point is crazy. They will recharge your card even if you cancel, you have to read the fine print on time frame to cancel if not you are stuck with another charge and this is NOT CHEAP. Don’t fall into this farce, it’s a scam.

  3. Food is horrible and edible disgusting and then when I canceled they charge me for canceling.

  4. Food is AWFUL made me sick and nauseous, It also gives you MAJOR gas. This is literally the WORST company! STAW AWAY!!!

  5. Nutrisystem is literally a scam, I tried it for a couple weeks the food has made me sick EVERYDAY! Gives you gas and an upset stomach. I have no Idea what they are putting in this food but STAY AWAY! It is god awful!

  6. I ordered Nutrisystem for one month. The day I received the box that I paid $363.00 for I called Nutrisystem and canceled my membership, making it clear I did not want another shipment.

    The following month, I received an email from Nutrisystem about my next order. I immediately called them and again, canceled my membership and asked no more orders be sent. Three days later a box was delivered. Angry, I called for the third time, had to go to a fedex to return the box to them and call them back with a tracking number.

    I was told to wait 7 to 10 days for a refund. We received a refund this morning…and it was only $208. of the $363. we’d paid! I’m now on hold with Nutrisystem (again) trying to resolve this (again) and get a refund (again). Oh yeah…their food sucks, too. And if I don’t get the full refund I’ll start calling lawyers.

  7. I tried Nutrisystem hoping that the simplicity of it would be helpful for my busy schedule. Like they say, just eat the food and lose the weight Well, for me, it didn’t work AT ALL. One month and no weight loss. I did it exactly like they said to do it, no cheating. Plus, the food tasted bland and awful. Nothing but bread and pasta and cheese. What am I a three year old!!! Because I suffered out the whole month trying to give it a chance, I missed my money back guarantee window of only 14 days. Who the heck can tell if a diet is working in only two weeks. And like many others before me, I’m sure, when I went to cancel my next shipment, I was told I had to pay them $125 dollars to reimburse them for the “discount” I got when I initially placed my order. Are you kidding!!!! I paid well over $300 for their awful food to begin with and had to ADD my own food to that as well. Good grief. I can feed myself and my husband for a whole month for that much or less. So, I’m taking the time to put this review out there in order to save someone else the misery that I am now experiencing. BEWARE!!! I know this system probably works for some people, but the cost is just not worth it. Especially if it doesn’t work for you.
    Take the time and make your own healthy food. You’ll be glad you did. And so will your bank account.

  8. 2 for 1 is NOT 2 for 1. You don’t get a second month free – You will “automatically” be CHARGED AGAIN for month 2. You are also “OBLIGATED” to a MONTHLY program – cancelling before the 2nd payment will cost $125.00 CANCELLATION FEE (they don’t tell you this on the web site) Also, be sure to CANCEL BEFORE MONTH 3 or you will be AUTOMATICALLY charged AGAIN!!!.
    The” 2 for 1″ price is $50-$60 less than what I pay for a one month “UNIQUELY YOURS” program but it does not cost me anything to discontinue the program and I don’t have to worry about monthly charges.
    Nutrisystem told me the “Uniquely Yours” program is regularly $600 but their perpetual sales price is about $350 – the same price as ALL the other diet programs available. NO ONE would pay $600 when other programs cast half that price.
    “2 for 1” is a deceptive advertisement. The 2nd month is NOT free. I don’t like “DECEPTIVE” advertising techniques. It makes me question the product. If a product or is good it will thrive without deceptive advertising or selling techniques..

    BEWARE – there is NO 2 for 1 – You pay EACH month and obligate yourself to a MONTHLY program with a monthly charge. Cancelling before the 2nd payment will cost you $125.00.

  9. There’s not one positive review here and I agree with everyone else who sees this program as crap. They embed the $125.00 surcharge in the discount marketing. If you try one who shipment and then try to cancel, you pay more. Using auto shipment is a sneaky way of forcing you to renew rather than truly try. And, other than some dishes, this stuff tastes horrible. If they spent less on spokespeople and more on dietary development, it would be a lot better. If only people would read the reviews first, this rip-off would go out of business. Basically, portion control of regular food would do as much and it’d be edible.

  10. They don’t tell,you that you can’t exercise while on this plan. They also don’t tell you upfront that their money back guarantee will cost you $125. Mari Osman so delicious I doubt she’s ever tasted it. No one also tells you that their food actually taste like cardboard and it is not as delicious as they make it sound in the commercials. No thanks to a Mari Osmond and that BS. The food in fact is quite horrible. They promised you a money back guarantee however when you try to cancel because it’s not working for you you are charged $125

    Why there hasn’t been a class-action lawsuit against this company I don’t understand!

  11. ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!!! I ordered this for my daughter at Thanksgiving. she did not like the food but it was only 143.00 so I figured lesson learned and moved on. I come home today and there is a box of food on my doorstep I did not order. the lady I talked to in customer service said that I could cancel my order ( I did not sign up for auto delivery but she told me that when I used the discounted rate I was agreeing to auto delivery. I think a lawyer could get some traction on that point) also she said that they were taking 125.00 out of my return for easy cancellation. I am allowed to return it but there was a charge for a return label. do you believe these people!!!!!!! I am taking this to UPS on Saturday and making my own return label. I am sure my problems are not over just from the treatment I have already received. I am sure they will “lose” my return and I don’t mean UPS. I cannot believe they get away with this. Never Again. I will shout it from the rooftops about how nasty the food is is how they treat their customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. This is an absolutely horrible diet program. I started this program a month ago and lost 4 pounds. 1 pound a week in the beginning is not fantastic. Our home is low sugar, low carb and mainly whole. I have two kids being recruited by Div 1 schools and my husband and I are former athletes. All I can say is shame on Marie Osmond and the scam she is peddling.

    First off, I felt like absolute sh*t the first week I started the program which I’m guessing was from all the chemicals in the foods that my body was not used to. Second, every day I kept wondering how in the world I would lose weight on a program that had me eating cinnamon rolls, pancakes and French toast for breakfast (which came in their “specially selected” meal plan). I haven’t eaten this many carbs in years!!

    But honestly the worst part of the program, and the reason I am writing this review is because they charged me $125 to cancel. Talk about a cult or just plain unethical!!! Super disappointed. Will tell EVERY person I know of the abysmal results and even worse business practice of this company.

    I had WAAAAY better results from Lindora and literally felt like I could conquer the world on that program when I did it 10 years ago! I will go back to that or try Arbonne but will NEVER do Nutrisystem again.

  13. Totally agree!! Tricked into 2 months of their product which I could not use. (how does the attorney general allow that .. tiny print on one of the screens?) & it was supposed to be for diabetics .. cookies, pizza, pasta .. are you kidding???

  14. Order # 899514280A

    We started the program 05/08/17 despite what others were saying about the Nutri-System program. In a nut shell, their customer service is horrible AFTER you place an order.

    As of 05/08/2017 and 06/01/2017 we had two complete orders (frozen/non-frozen) which was set up for Auto Delivery. They always sent an email out for the frozen portion to confirm if it’s okay to ship PRIOR shipping.

    The issue we had was with the order on 06/29/2017, 11:09pm Total 329.98. I received an email stating that the Frozen Food had ALREADY shipped (it was not supposed to ship till 07/15/2017) and that it will arrive in just 2 days on 07/01/2017 without any prior notice or confirmation from us. My wife and I were out of town for the BIG FOURTH OF JULY WEEKEND HOLIDAY TRIP. We did not receive any e-mail confirmation about this delivery as we did on two previous orders and it was shipped out two week early.

    Surprised, I called the Nutri-System customer service rep right away, she had told me that there was nothing they can do since it had already shipped, its perishable and would be just left in front of the door. However, after some bit of convincing and pleading, the customer service rep finally agreed and promised that I would receive a replacement shipment at no charge due to the lack of prior notification. And to call upon my return home from the long weekend trip for the replacement frozen food.

    When I returned home on 07/07/2017 I called the Nutri-System to resume my order. We waited and waited, two weeks went by; nothing happened. Called again on 07/21 to inquire about my replacement frozen food shipment? At this time they flat out told me that “There is no policy concerning this situation and that they would not be sending any replacement food.” Their whole attitude was take it or leave it.

    At that point I requested to cancel my account, she (customer service rep) flat out told me that I will be charged $140.00 for the frozen food, and only $189.00 will be credited to Amex CC.

    I did request a full refund several times but to no avail. As of 06/29/2017, non-frozen only was cancelled which was to be delivered on the 07/27/2017. I received a Text about the pending delivery, options: change the date of delivery; or cancel the order which I cancelled immediately.
    Today, I received an e-mail from Nutri-system that they will credit my Amex Card for $184.69, for the non-frozen portion of my order. So in the end, I am still charged $145.29 for the frozen portion which they had sent early without confirmation to ship.

    Truly disappointed,”

    I will never buy Nutri-System again for it’s lack of customer service and care.

  15. Reply
    loyalduckfan4ever July 17, 2019 at 8:11 am

    Buyers beware! It is almost impossible to cancel once you receive your first order. Their customer service is terrible and now they say we have to pay for month 2 food even though we don’t want it plus we have to pay back the $125 discount they gave us on first order for canceling the plan. This company is a rip off, the only reason a person loses weight is they are starved. They want you to sign up for life and eat their cardboard food forever. Do yourself a favor and never sign up!

  16. We were going to try this for a month but then realized we would be locked into 2 months.
    Costumer Service was terrible, so I am glad we canceled the entire plan. We are doing 1200 cal where I make our food and count the calories. High Protein Low Carb and plenty of water. Nutrisystem is so high in sodium and way too expensive.

  17. I decided to try this because I wanted to lose a quick 10 pounds before my cruise.I got gift cards from Costco for almost half the price so it was less expensive. I did stick to it even though the food was bland and they almost starve you the first week (don’t understand that). I lost almost 10 pounds. I knew I wouldn’t go a second month but to get their deal up front I couldn’t cancel right away. I did make sure I could switch to maintenance plan after first month and then cancel. I would not recommend this diet. I learned more from Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig. Weight Watchers teaches you how to eat. Jenny Craig has slightly better food and gives you menus and a personal consultant. Nutrisystem just dumps all this food on you and you have to figure out what to eat when. I still went out to dinner and lunch once a week and thanks to WW I knew how to order so I didn’t blow the Nutrisystem diet.

  18. DO NOT DO IT!
    I have to say that I started out feeling like I was making a good choice for my health and after 3 weeks of this and dealing with customer service I would advise everyone to do something else and don’t get on this plan.

    First, the food is awful. It looks bad and tastes bland. Most of the food is dry or processed and has a lot of calories and sodium. The tortilla soup smelled good but it was like eating flavored water with little bits of floating things. The frozen foods are all processed and cook up dry or mushy. The meat in all the products I tried looked like it had been chewed and spit out. I honestly don’t see Marie Osmond or Oprah eating any of this crap and liking it. Give me a break!

    Customer service is a joke. I got passed from person to person and told something different each time to the point of frustration.

    I never received all of the food for my month and I was shorted a week of everything plus didn’t receive a few items that were on the invoice.. The first time I called Customer service told me it was on the way. When I called to ask where it was 2 weeks later, I was told that I was mistaken. It was all sent and sorry, nothing they can do.

    After 3 weeks I gave up, and this morning I tried to cancel only to have Customer Service try to talk me out of it. Then they told me if I quit now I have to pay back any difference that I was given in the way of coupons or specials like free Crunch Bars or Turbo drinks and “free shipping” and it might be best for me if I get the second shipment at $525+ and then cancel, that way I don’t lose any money. (what!?).

    So after trying to eat bad food, dealing with customer service that is obviously paid to keep you on the plan, and not receiving a week of food, I get to pay an extra $125 to cancel!

    And by the way, thank you for being a valued Nutri System customer and have a nice day.


  20. Nutrisystem Buyer BEWARE. Read the fine print. The plan wasn’t working for me but I didn’t want a refund because I was three days past the refund cutoff. I just wanted to cancel future orders. I was immediately hit with a $125 charge. The customer rep. didn’t even want to persuade me. A review of the agreement revealed a line I hadn’t read. While I still wanted to discuss the charge, he ended the call. A check of my credit card showed that he had immediately processed the charge. Wonder why Nutrisystem spends millions on advertising? Because it is the price to overshadow irate, former customers.

  21. I am into day two of Nutrisystem and I am looking at it at a 270 dollar mistake. Too expensive to send back so I am donating the food to the local food bank although I cant conceive of anyone being hungry enough to eat it. I was eating Lean Cuisine for 2 weeks and doing pretty well and then I thought I would try Nutrisystem. Very bad decision. My dog will not eat any of it and he eats anything. They brag about eating pizza. Their idea of a pizza is a piece of flat bread the size of a large cookie with a couple of tbsp. of sauce and a little mozzarella. The reason you lose weight eating it is because it takes roughly half an hour to chew it. The rest of their stuff is on the same par. I tried 3 different times to cancel my next order but you cannot understand the recording at customer service and they will not allow you to cancel on line. These people are nothing but scam artists dressed as diet experts. Please do not buy into their scam.

  22. The worst customer service ever. I sat on the phone the rep taking my initial order for an hour. Together we picked the food as I am a vegetarian. I also told him I don’t ever eat bars or muffins.I get the much anticipated package and lo and behold, I have 3 muffins, four lunch bars, four breakfast bars, I get ham and beans, chili with beef and several chicken dishes. I am missing 7 breakfasts, 24 lunches, 17 snacks and 11 dinners to have a complete month worth of food. I call and call and nobody can send me substitutes. Customer Service refers me to Nutrition; Nutrition says only Customer Service can fulfill such a large portion of missing items, and thus goes the ping pong game. I finally ask to cancel everything and the email me a label. But at the same time they tell me that will charge $150 cancellation fee. Wow. That’s the first time they tell me that.

  23. YES>>>YES I DID…and I wish I didn’t. DO NOT BUY THIS PROGRAM !!! Read the reviews …they are correct… NO REFUND despite what they tell you…so I hope you used PAYPAL as they will help. My blueberry muffin was 10 months old…mold on blueberries and the texture of a bicycle tire. FOOD IS TERRIBLE, SMALL AND HIGHLY PROSSESED and as the review from LIVE STRONG…cancer folks say…”This diet, if continued, WILL KILL YOU… too much Preservatives, Chemicals, and Processed Crap ! DO NOT DO IT !!!

  24. Nutrisystem is not worth even considering. Way too expensive, they hook you and then auto ship you, the food is awful and hard to even eat. You would lose weight only because the food makes you sick. Complete fraud and rip off. DO NOT DO THIS unless you have money to through away. Terrible Customer Service too

  25. DIY dieting hasn’t ever worked for me. I have always been addicted to sugar and no amount of will power has ever been enough to shut down my cravings. I tried eating healthier, measuring my food, counting calories, but my brain always lied to me about portion sizes or I just was no match for the craving. I read reviews for various diets but premeasured portions and convenience were must-haves for me. I actually find myself making better food choices on nutrisystem because my choices are limited, and I lost 30 lbs so far. If I had total freedom, I would end up with a doughnut in my mouth. I like their flex recipes so that I can make healthy meals when I have time to cook. However, it’s a comfort that when I get home late at night, I will always have appropriate dinners and pre-purchased snacks on hand. It isn’t horribly expensive if you use coupons, sales, and Costco discounted gift cards. Try being an advantage member and you won’t even be stuck with auto-shipping and you get an automatic 25% off your order. I wait for 40% or 50% off coupons to stock up for 2-3 months. Costco also offers $100 gift cards for $56 a couple times a year (limit 5). Combine those for the best prices.

  26. I can’t believe all the negative reviews for this product. I have tried many diets and finally gave this one a try. I ordered the Fresh Start off QVC and have just received my second box. I have lost 13 lbs in one month so far. I have more energy and feel great! The food isn’t that bad and you get to enjoy cookies, muffins, and many other tasty snacks. I did order some frozen dinners off the website and they are delicious! Pizza and stuffed shells are my favorite so far. If you really want to lose the weight you’ll stick with it. I’m so glad I gave it a try.

  27. DO NOT DO IT!

    Food is horrible (unless you like small bland sodium filled pre-packaged meals)and customer service is the worse. If you sign up for a plan with an advertised discount and decide to cancel you have to pay the difference of the full price and the discounted advertised price signed up for.

    Customer service just keeps telling you to read the fine print. Shame on me for not doing that but bigger shame on me for trying this garbage they are passing off as food.

  28. This has got to be the worst diet we have ever tried. The food is awful, pizza tastes like cardboard. Too many bean meals that have absolutely no taste. The portion sizes are so small that you have to supplement with many extra store-bought vegetables and fruit. For over $1,000.00 for the two of us for their offer of buy one month, get one month free is a complete ripoff. You would do better buying the Weight Watcher meals in the grocery store, and there are many low fat, low carb selections in the frozen section of any grocery store that would taste far better than this tasteless food by Nutrisystem.

  29. This company is a total scam!! Food is terrible. They automatically set up an account for you with reoccurring charges, and do not tell they will continue to charge your account when 2nd month is supposed to be FREE. The only way to get rid of them is to cancel your credit card.
    This company is using Marie Osmond’s reputation to rip off people who want to loose weight. I can’t believe our country let’s this go on. I will report to Attorney General, BBB, Nationally, and local.


  30. I don’t trust the company at all. They have too many different plans going at the same time – like 50% off or buy one month bet one free – and each plan has different prices. For the same foods, someone might pay $75 more than another. Their website is confusing and they harass you when you call in to cancel. I had to answer certain questions before they would let me cancel. Stay away – not trustworthy and the food isn’t good!

  31. Nutrisystem touts 50% off deal if you buy the first two months up front. I paid over $660 for the first 2 months and 3rd month they charged me $328. That’s not 1/2 off but 1/2 off the 1st payment I made for 2 months they told me. I thought it would be 1/2 of the normal monthly cost of $328, not $660. It’s a misleading fraud on consumers.

  32. I purchased the 30 day plan. This is 30 days supply of food and counselors available at any time. I received my first months food and there was only enough food for 20 days and not a full 20 days. The plan also does not include the fact that you are supposed to eat 4 snacks a day that you have to purchase yourself – also recieved pancakes and bagels that have no syrup or cream cheese(which is suggested that i use Nutri systems) I am supposed to add meals with salads but no dressing is supplied (again suggested i use Nutri systems dressing) . This plan was advertised as “30 day plan for only $10 a day” but that is not the case when I have to add several items to my menu – at least another $300 worth. When I tried to call them – I got a message saying that due to pandemic the offices are closed and they are not taking phone calls (but even though there is a pandemic they had no problem taking my order and charging me for it- I sent emails that were supposed to be replied to in 24 hrs and they were not- I tried chat a few times and was on hold over an hour before I finally spoke to someone that said that they only supply 20 days of food and you are supposed to provide your own meals for the other 10 day!! why would i pay for that?? and how is that $10 a day!!!! When I signed up for this and purchased this plan everytime i tried to read what I was getting and what i needed to do I constantly had pop up adds popping up to distract me. Just trying to order this I had to deal with about 30 pop up adds. I was leary about this – why are they trying to sell me more food when they are supposed to supply me with what i need?? The answer (on the adds) was that once you achieve your weight loss goal you could continue to order stuff you liked. I dont have enough room to add about how terrible the food is. The pictures online are NOT what you actually get – NOT EVEN CLOSE!! So basically Nutri System is just an online shopping mall for Very Crappy Food. If you want to actually do the 30 day diet plan you need to know that it will cost the price of their food + 4 snacks/veggies a day that you purchase+ groceries for 10 days of food + add ons that nutri system offers for the meals that they sent you, unless of coarse you like your waffles, pancakes and bagels dry! and oh yeah they let you know that the shakes they have are needed for successful weight loss and diet- you also have to purchase those seperate. Over all their 30 day plan will cost you about $700 – take that in,,,,, that is terrible chincy food for one person on a diet for one month. If I knew that I had to purchase and prepare my own meals I would have just went online and looked up a good diet plan!!!!!!

  33. the food is not good.. Plus the fact I DID NOT reorder for the next month. Then they called to ask if I wanted to cancel and I said yes. The next day they emailed the frozen food was on the way. I called and told them I had not reordered. They said too bad it was on the way. Beware they are a rip off.

  34. I decided to give Nutrisystem a try and that was a mistake. The commercial you see on television are mileading when it comes to the quality of the food. The smores snack has the consistency of cardboard and probably tastes the same although I have never eaten cardboard. The food is expensive for what you get. I have tried other plans and the food is much better. I had tried to cancel my sibscription over the course of the last 6 weeks but due to the Cov-id19 pandemic there were extremely busy and everyting I was on hold for more that 15 minutes the call would automatically disconnect. I sent 2 email to customer service requesting the cancellation my subscription was not cancelled. I tried to cancel it on line, you can order online but they will not allow you to cancel online. I was finally able to get through today to request a refund for the order that I cancelled and was told that was not going to happen. There customer service agency Caitlyn was not the least bit helpful and said that they never got the emails to cancel and there would be no refund for the full amount. I would really think twice before I signup with Nutrisystem. I am very disappointed in my overall experience.

  35. Very unhappy!!! Similar to a previous post. I wanted to cancel. I could not reach anyone on the phone, but WAS successful in receiving a reply from my email that they would cancel my order. Saw on my CC statement that I was still charged $125. I was able to reach someone on the phone and was told that the $125 was a CANCELATION FEE. Apparently that is somewhere in the fine print. I am not a happy camper. Would not recommend getting into an Auto-Delivery!

  36. Tried to cancel after first month, 17 days after I started and because I prepaid $746 I cannot cancel it. “They don’t know how to refund it on a prepaid plan.” They gotcha. Buyer beware. Food is not bad but weight loss isn’t great. Hope homeless are looking forward to some weight loss food.

  37. Im not sure what Gourmet meals people ate used to or were expecting but the Nutrisystem food tastes fine. The cancelation fee is reasonable. Try returning a cart of groceries to your local grocery store. A simple way to avoid the fee is to finish 2 months and lose weight. I am only a week in and Im down 7 pounds. If you are following the 1000 cal per day program and not losing weight you should see your doctor.

  38. Wish I had read your reviews before I signed up. I was taking advantage of the 50% discount. still, one month is $317, and because of the discount, to discontinue was a fee of $275 “fine”!!! I decided to give it a fair try, so my 2nd month is here. However, I am quitting now. Food is pretty bad, and I don’t like their business practices. In one month, I only lost 3.5 pounds … very dissapointing.

  39. I have tried the nutrisystem diet. The first word in diet is die. The food portions are smaller than what they show on TV or those people had really small hands. Their burgers are smaller than a McD’s. It is somewhere in between McD and a White Castle. Some of the food the box tasted better than the food. I paid thousands and was starving. They do not provide enough food for maintaining your health. You have to supplement with veggies and fruit. I am not sure, but IMHO Japanese prisoners of war got more food than nutrisystem provides. SAVE YOUR MONEY.

  40. Food is TASTELESS!! They all taste the same, as if no one in the kitchen has access to any seasonings. In order to become edible, I have to find whatever I can in my spice cabinet to doctor it up. I’m sure you know how to use a salt shaker!!
    i wouldn’t feed this crap to my dog, who, by the way actually refused to eat it!

  41. Great program if you like heart attack and salt

  42. Not worth the money!
    Nutrisystem doesn’t help a person trying to lose weight. Makes it harder with tasteless food.

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