Omega XL Review

Omega XL Review

Omega XL is a pain and inflammation supplement said to be 22x more potent than a regular omega 3 fish capsule without the side effects. The company touts that the special ingredient that sets it apart from a plain old omega 3 capsule is the ingredient called Perna Canalicilus, otherwise known as PCSO-524. Within this ingredient there are over 30 fatty acids found just from the lipped mussel extract out of New Zealand. The company that creates this product is called Great HealthWorks, and they are located out of Fort Lauderdale, FL. The return policy for all of their products including Omega XL says,

You have thirty (30) days from the date you receive your product to request a refund of the purchase price. If you purchased a bottle of OmegaXL® on the Great HealthWorks’ online store, Great HealthWorks’ will honor the OmegaXL® 90 day money back guarantee.


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Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312

How Does Omega XL Work?

In each bottle you will find a total of 60 soft gel capsules, and the instructions for taking those capsules is as follows: “Take 2 soft gel capsules 1-3 times per day, preferably with food.” There is said to be no fishy aftertaste when taking the small capsules, and they claim the product is 89% more effective than standard fish oil capsules at reducing joint pain in the body.

Other than just taking the capsule as directed there is nothing more to this supplement. It is not marketed for weight loss of any kind, rather just for reducing inflammation in the body more effectively than your normal omega 3 capsule. For one bottle which lasts anywhere from 1-2 months depending on how frequently you take it, it will cost $79.99 plus shipping costs.

The Bottom Line: This product is supposed to be taken 1-3 times per day with food. Easy and simple. There should be no fishy aftertaste.

Is Omega XL Safe?

This is one question that might be persistent when looking at this product, because it is different from just a normal fish oil pill. Green lipped mussels are high in Boron if they are gathered from the right area. According to a study,

“The NZ green lipped mussel extract that is claimed to relieve arthritis was originally gathered from White Island, a volcanic island with vents under the sea.  The mussels absorbed boron from the sea in this way and this was the secret to their success.  Mussels gathered from other areas do not have the same effect as they lack the boron.”

 The key here is the source is extremely important when looking at the effectiveness or lack thereof of Boron which is supposed to relief inflammation and pain in joints. Without it, there is little success. Boron in large quantities is not safe, so be mindful of that. There is no boron present in this supplement, which makes me question its overall effectiveness.

The Bottom Line: This product is safe, but it might not be as effective as it is marketed to be!

Pros and Cons of Omega XL

The pros are slim, but the ingredient list is clean so that is a positive. It is also sold on many different channels, making it easily accessible if you like the product. Other than that, there is no tried and true evidence that it really does work and many of the reviews state otherwise. As mentioned above, boron is an important ingredient that is missing in this product. It is also very costly, at $79.99 for barely 1-2 months depending. It might be a better idea to just go out and buy some ionic boron for much less!

The Bottom Line: There are far more cons than pros when it comes to the effectiveness of this product! Starting with cost, quality of the green lipped mussels, and lack of boron.


This product is okay, but it is not worth $79.99 that is for sure! If a product claims to be over 22 times more effective than an omega 3 capsule it better not disappoint! From what I have seen, this product hasn’t had the results it claims, and it lacks a very important ingredient: boron. There was said to be no fishy aftertaste, but overall it does not do its job of taking away inflammation. Some people say the product has helped, but not enough to really make it worth the large cost!


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