Oxycise Diet Review

Oxycise was developed by Jill Johnson, who claims it is possible to lose weight by breathing properly. Through a series of expansion and contraction exercises, Oxycise offers a way for people of all ages to lose weight. With the techniques taught on the Oxycise DVDs, Johnson contends that dieters will burn far more calories than with traditional exercising. Oxycise exercises can be done anywhere and at anytime, all without having to change personal lifestyle.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Oxycise Diet?

There is some validity to what Oxycise offers. Whenever the body is breathing in the manner laid out with Oxycise, there will be tightening of the muscles and an improved flow of oxygen as a result. This in turn can help to burn calories, which means some weight loss is possible.*

However, any weight loss that might occur would likely be small and short term unless coupled with proper diet. As with any other type of exercising, Oxycise only represents half the battle. Without proper nutrition, even the most extreme workouts can be all for naught.

Is The Oxycise Diet Easy To Follow?

Oxicise exercises are very easy to follow. The exercises are nothing more than an alternative way of breathing and small things that can be added in order to make breathing more effective. The workouts can be done almost anywhere and at almost any time.

However, there is no help when it comes to nutrition with Oxycise; therefore, the dieter would be on their own in that category, which can prove to be challenging and frustrating, especially for those new to fitness and nutrition.


Oxycise does get it right in that breathing is life, so it makes sense that proper breathing will bring about a better well being and life. Oxycise DVDs and books can be bought online at the official website, and range from about $13 to $30.

However, the biggest problem with Oxicise is that it only addresses activity. While there may be some soundness to the weight loss claims that Oxicise makes, there is simply no way that dramatic and lasting weight loss can occur without having to add a proper diet plan into the mix.

Since Oxycise does not offer any help in the way of diet, you might be better off finding a program that covers both diet and exercise together; then, you can add in Oxycise as an alternative exercise program if you so desire. As a standalone, Oxycise will do you little good.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.