Oxygen Diet Review

Oxygen Magazine, which is all about promoting women’s health and nutrition, decided to use their good name and team up with Dr. Susan Kleiner in order to build the Oxygen Diet Solution: 28 Days to Slim, otherwise known as just the Oxygen Diet. The idea behind the diet is to combine the right type of diet for each individual participant and combine it with an exercise regimen so you can be as fit as possible in only 28 days.

Because Oxygen says there are many different types of women, they have created five different diet plans that can be followed, depending on a participant’s overall weight loss goals. The diet plans with the Oxygen Diet include the Basic Oxygen Diet, the Quick-Fat Loss Diet, the Super Energy Diet, the Power Immunity Diet, and the Muscle-Building Diet. No matter what level of participation is undertaken, the Oxygen Diet promises to help shed weight and even reduce stress simply by eating a multitude of healthy foods.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Oxygen Diet?

Depending on the level that a dieter chooses, weight loss on the Oxygen Diet is quite likely, at least in the short-term. Of course, this all depends on the participant’s willingness to follow the plan laid out for them and also their willingness to work out on a consistent basis. Additionally, the Oxygen Diet is one that restricts participants from enjoying a lot of foods that they might otherwise eat on a daily basis. While this is fine for those with willpower, those who do not have a strong resolve may find long-term weight loss a challenge with the Oxygen Diet.

Is the Oxygen Diet Easy to Follow?

The Oxygen Diet is laid out nicely as far as what should be eaten and how to work out. However, this is not an easy diet for those who do not have the ability to restrict their calories, and do so with foods that may not be the most appetizing. The Oxygen Diet calls for a lot of bland foods and lean proteins which, while good for you, are not always the easiest to eat on a consistent basis. This can lead to cheating, but the Oxygen Diet is not a diet that will tolerate cheating as it will severely compromise weight loss success.

Add to that fact that a high level of exercise is required to achieve the full benefits of the Oxygen Diet. This may not be an easy commitment, especially if you are not used to working out on a regular basis or simply have little time to spare.

Another challenge is actually figuring out which of the five versions of the Oxygen Diet you might want to follow. The guidelines for each diet are rather loose and almost any woman would likely find at least two diet plans they may be interested in. However, without having some kind of knowledge about proper diet, pegging the right plan can prove to be a tough task.


The Oxygen Diet retails for about $25, but don’t think the costs stop there. The specialized diets all call for some of the most expensive foods in the grocery store. Beyond that, the diet is not one that is made for anyone and everyone, which leaves the participant with too much control over what type of meal plan to follow. For those who are seeking a diet that is all-inclusive and doesn’t play games, the Oxygen Diet misses the boat.

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