Oxyselect Pink Diet Review

The Oxyselect Pink diet pills market themselves as the #1 Intense Thermogenic Amplifier for women on the market today.* This diet pill is manufactured by the company Advantage Nutraceuticals, and they claim right on their website that losing weight is both an art and a science. Yet, at the same time they say that losing weight does not need to be complicated, and that their formula is simple and “bare bones.” There are two different messages being communicated to the potential customer here, which does not set trust up to high standards at this point already. The Oxyselect Pink diet pill is marketed toward women only, which is maybe why they added the color pink to the end of the name.

When looking to get ahold of the company, they made it rather easy to either call 1-866-478-0942, chat, or e-mail them at [email protected]. The company offers a 90 day money back guarantee. So what are the ingredients in this formula?

Oxyselect Pink Diet pillsIngredients:Chromium, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Irvingia Gabonensis, Caffeine Anhydrous, Raz-beri Ketones, Ginger Root, Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Niacin, Vitamin E, C, and D.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight With Oxyselect Pink?

Sadly, this supplement got more poor reviews than good from its loyal customer base. No one seems to lose weight with these diet pills, and it truly is making them feel sick. Some of the side effects have been noted to be severe stomach cramps, diarrhea, jitters due to the amount of caffeine in the pills, headaches, and no weight loss. On their website, there is another mixed message when they say, “Just because a diet pill needs to be effective doesn't give it the right to make you feel miserable.” Many people are feeling miserable when taking their diet pill, and they are not losing weight, which makes them feel even worse.

Oxyselect Pink Diet stomach crampsLuisanna Valenzuela* expressed, “This supplement did absolutely nothing for me and the seller wouldn't even refund my money. I was watching my foods and working out and I didn't even drop a pound.” She continued to say that the supplement was actually holding he back from losing any real weight and that she would not recommend this product to anyone looking to lose weight.

“Like others, I bought these just hoping they would work. And like others, they made me jittery, sick, I got terrible headaches and didn't lose weight!!” Margorat* went onto say that she feels embarrassed for even having to write a review, and that she should have been smarter. She is sending her product back, because the company said they would refund the unopened bottle of supplements for her.

“I honestly wish I could rate this product with no stars…This product didn’t make me shed a single pound, in fact, I gained 4 pounds. I cut back what I ate, had a healthy diet and still no pounds shed.” The undisclosed Amazon Customer* also said they did not workout on a daily basis which may have hindered the results. The pills made them nauseous so working out was hard to do at the time. Finally, amongst the jitters and headaches from the amount of caffeine in the pills put this customer over the edge and ready to return.

Heidi Marks* said, “This product gave me gut pain, discomfort and diarrhea. (I have dieted and taken diet pills before and never had this reaction) The company does not honor their money back guarantee! I contacted them after 9 days! Up to this point I also had zero weight loss!” She then went onto say that she was on a restricted diet and still didn’t see any weight loss, yet with other weight loss products she has seen results. 

Is Oxyselect Pink Easy To Follow?

The directions on the bottle state: “Take one capsule 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch, or 30 minutes before any physical activity with 12 oz. of water. Do not exceed more than two capsules in a 24-hour period. Do not take Oxyselect Pink with any other stimulant or caffeine containing supplement.”* So what this tells me, is that the product is extremely easy to take, but it has so many stimulants and caffeine that you do not want to take anything else that may get your heart rate beating fast for many obvious reasons.

When I was looking on their website for any articles written, or scientific studies posted on why they created their formula the way they did I could not find anything. With all of the claims they make on the website, you would think they would back it up with a little evidence as to why it could work in the body for weight loss. When a company can’t provide you any background to why and how their formula was created, there is a problem. There are too many side effects, as well as empty claims associated with the Oxyselect Pink diet pill, that I do not want to spend $50.00 on a bottle of 60 capsules due to the formula being completely bogus.

Oxyselect Pink Diet caffeine diet pillConclusion

Everything looks great on the outside when looking at this diet pill from a far, but when you look a little closer at the actual details, ingredients, and policies you will come to find out that this diet pill does not do what it says it is going to do long term. On top of those facts, there are many negative side effects actually linked to taking the pills. With many upset and disappointed customers, do not be fooled by their many empty promises on their website, as they will only let you down. Naturally, there were no social media channels to dive into for customers to get additional support, which was another huge letdown. I would not recommend purchasing this diet product for weight loss due to the fact that many people were severely let down by all of the company’s large claims and flamboyant marketing strategies.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary

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