Perfect Health Diet Review

The Perfect Health Diet was created as an alternative to the Paleo diet, which has gained popularity as of late. Unlike more traditional versions of the Paleo diet, the Perfect Health Diet allows for a bit more freedom, in that dieters are allowed to have some “safe” starches.*

As well as allowing for more safe starches, the Perfect Health Diet also allows for more lean meats – up to one pound per day. Allowable fats on the Perfect Health Diet include butter, olive oil, and coconut oil. Things to stay away from include sugars, legumes, grains, and vegetable oil. The creators of the Perfect Health Diet contend that the diet is the perfect diet for both men and women, saying that it allows for weight loss and also helps boost the body’s immune system, which can help ward off diseases.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Perfect Health Diet?

The Perfect Health Diet does offer suggestions and tips that will greatly reduce the daily calories of a typical dieter; therefore, a moderate amount of weight loss can occur with the Perfect Health Diet.* However, long-term success would greatly depend on the dieter’s ability to stick to the strict diet, as well as their ability and willingness to add exercise into the mix.

Is The Perfect Health Diet Easy To Follow?

The Perfect Health Diet will be easier to follow at first than it will be in the long run. While the thought of lots of lean meats might sound appealing, the fact is that the Perfect Health Diet’s allowable foods can get quite mundane, and because so many foods and food groups are eliminated, the daily cravings can become a real hindrance to weight loss when they are given into.

Additionally, there is not a lot of mention about fitness, but as with any other diet plan, only adding in exercise will allow dieters to see the results they will likely be after.


At around $15, the Perfect Health Diet does offer a nice alternative for those not willing to undertake the Paleo diet. However, the Perfect Health Diet is not all it seems.

When you look at what the diet plan is, it is really nothing more than a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. These kinds of fad diets have been around for some time now, but they all seem to fizzle out, as they typically offer only a limited amount of weight loss success that is then lost as soon as the diet is stopped. Therefore, you are far better off going with a program that offers a more balanced and sensible approach to nutrition.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.

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