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Perfect Portions Review

Perfect Portions Review
6.3 Total Score
  • Nice system for portion control
  • Very affordable
  • Offers nice nutritional booklet
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Perfect Portions is a weight loss system that uses portion control containers as a means to get food consumption under control. These containers are perfectly portioned out for the customer so there are no question marks as to how much they should be eating. The specific containers are meant to hold an entire day’s worth of food in each of the seven categories. Once you are out of food in that specific container, that is your max for the day. The company markets, “no more calorie counting.” This product is sold at Bed Bath and Beyond, many retailers online, and in some grocery stores nationwide.

How Does Perfect Portions Work?

There are seven different containers that are different sizes and colors. Fruits (red), veggies (green), proteins (purple), healthy fats (blue), carbs (yellow), seeds and dressings (yellow and red) x2. The containers come with a meal plan and recipe guide which are encouraged to be used. The idea is simply that once you run out of food in the container, that category is done for the entire day. There is no restrictions as to what type of food you can put into the containers.

The containers are said to be made with a really durable plastic so that they will last long term, through many washes and uses. It is meant to be used for your entire day’s worth of food, but many people thought the containers were really small, making them a good “lunch set.” [1]

The Bottom Line
This product is supposed to be used for an all-day type of use for the food you are eating. There are 7 color coded and portioned containers to guide a dieter through their day of eating.
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Is Perfect Portions Safe?

There is nothing harmful about this diet product, and there are absolutely no side effects that come along with purchasing it. The cost is anywhere from $10-15.00 for seven pieces. If you want to buy more (21 let’s say) it will be triple the cost and so on. Perfect Portions was featured on “As Seen On TV” so it can come across as a gag diet item, but the idea is rather harmless and has helped those in search of portion control. The only controversial sight is how small the containers are for an entire day’s worth of food. No wonder the company says you will see weight loss in three week’s time.

The Bottom Line
This product is safe for the most part, but the portion sizes are tiny which may leave the customer really hungry throughout the day!
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Pros and Cons of Perfect Portions

I will just start this section off by stating the obvious. When you look at the Perfect Portion containers you will notice they are very small. Everyone who purchased these will most likely have noticed it, and those who left reviews mentioned the small size. So it is not realistic that an entire days worth of veggies, protein, carbs, fruits, etc. will fit into those containers. Another con is the fact that no one wants to eat the same meals for breakfast lunch and dinner. Meals are versatile, but the containers are not. Storing them and packing them along for an entire day out is tricky too. They take up a lot of space, making them not very user friendly for an office setting.

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A pro is the color coordination, and a nice system for portion control. If you are not leaving the house and can wash them out to change meals up this could be right for you. The price is also very affordable for many people, so if they get lost or damaged they are easily replaced. They are easy calorie control, and the company offers a nice nutritional booklet to go along with the containers which is nice. [2]

The Bottom Line
This product does have more realistic cons than pros, but it is affordable enough that some people may not feel the cons are a deal breaker.
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The Perfect Portions diet product is a clever idea, and they are sold in many accessible locations both retail and online. The price is affordable to most, and the concept is easy to grasp onto when you are looking for ways to start dieting and watching your portions. The containers are small, so it doesn’t seem realistic that an entire day’s worth of food fits into the containers. Aside from the pros and cons the company did a good job of making a product easy to understand and durable for many washes and uses.

6.3 Total Score
Perfect Portions Scorecard

  • Nice system for portion control
  • Very affordable
  • Offers nice nutritional booklet
  • Very small
  • Not versatile
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