Positive Changes Hypnosis Diet Review

Positive Changes Hypnosis Diet Review



Update: May 26, 2019

Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers began in 2002, and their headquarters are in Washington State. They offer behavioral modification services to help people lose weight, stop smoking, and change their eating habits. They do not offer any supplements or pills to purchase. In total, they have eight locations worldwide, which makes their business suitable for some, but unavailable for others. With weight loss being their specialty, they teach people how to eat and think healthy to overcome bad habits when it comes to diet. You are paying a high price to get told what you already know. This is a walk-in business that is not readily available to everyone in the country. The sessions can continue for weeks and months, which makes this an expensive investment that you must literally “buy into.”* They scored relatively good with the Better Business Bureau, so that’s at least a positive! See it here.

When calling into the support center, I was immediately asked for my name and number. I do not like giving this away when I first start a conversation with someone. I simply wanted to know about pricing and programs to see if they were willing to give out this information, and if the consultation was even worth my time. The representative was pushy to get me signed up for a consultation, and did not answer my questions. I was told I could learn the information about which I was inquiring through an in-person visit. This was not customer service at its finest. This gave me an in-depth look at their business model, and how they try to sell people in person. No thank you, I will save my $1300.00.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight With Positive Changes Hypnosis?

There have been completely mixed reviews on whether or not this form of weight loss is effective. There is no scientific backing on the website as to how they came to the conclusion that hypnosis works for weight loss at the center specifically, with the methods they are practicing. However, there are an abundance of articles on the site talking about the power of hypnosis and weight loss. There were more complaints about the cost of the program and the inconvenience of the sessions than anything else.

Nicol H.* said, ” First off, when I arrived no one introduced themselves or greeted themselves a bunch of employees stood around behind a desk without greeting anyone. Then when I interrupted them to ask them what we were supposed to be doing, a lady asked us to fill out a sheet of paper with all of our information, I did so. When we entered the room where the class was to be held,  I noticed a video camera centered perfectly in the center of the room. I asked them about this, and you know what they told me?!? “It is a temperature gauge”. It felt like big brother!” She went onto say that the course was informative and the speakers kept her attention. The only problem was, the speakers were promoting the weight loss program but they would not give any details on the price even when asked. Overall getting the mere price of the program was a disaster, one that she would not recommend to anyone. Her overall assumption is that the people just want to get you into their office to hypnotize you to pay an astronomical amount for a program that may or may not work.

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Is Positive Changes Hypnosis Easy To Follow?

No, it is very inconvenient, and on top of that, it can be an extremely long time commitment. Because you have to physically go to a clinic and go through the sessions, it can be very costly and inconvenient. After doing research on customer reviews, there was a mixed amount of positive to negative reviews after going through the program. Regarding the positive reviews, when a program is so expensive, it is hard for people to outright admit that their investment was a complete waste of money. The customer has to be willing to spend an upwards of $1300.00 to go through the program, and they must buy into the concept of being hypnotized. You are paying a high price for a positive outlook. The programs can be long and expensive, some of them 18 months and up.

There are no side effects known with this program. They are encouraging positive and healthy thinking that does not harm one’s body. The other obvious side effects are the cost of the program, which could leave someone out of money, as well as the inconvenience of having to sign up with long consultations, drive into the centers, etc.

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When looking into their social media accounts, their Facebook and Twitter accounts were almost non-existent, with little to no activity from the followers they did have. The articles that were posted were irrelevant, and the content was poor all around.

With the steep cost for sessions to be hypnotized to make better eating choices, I will pass and save my cash. I am not impressed with their business model or how they attract customers in their door. I am glad that it has worked for some, but if you spend $1300.00 on a program you have to talk yourself into believing this will work! You can only get a refund after one session, so truly trying it out is a financial risk for all.  Sorry, but I will pass on this inconvenient set of counseling sessions.*

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    Tali Thompson Landry July 17, 2019 at 11:19 am

    What thieves!!! ZERO stars… I just signed up for positive changes last month. They took my ‘deposit’ money and when I went to attend my latest appointment, the doors are locked. No phone call, no notice, no moneyback. No one answers phone.
    TV news says they filed for bankruptcy. I’m so mad!

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    Dixie Dennis Randock July 17, 2019 at 11:40 am

    My account told me he went to Positive Changes and it was not the experience he expected. He was high pressured ito a $3000+ contract and had to go the their clinic for appointments. He said he and about 4 sessions and that was supposed to reprogram him. But, he lost no weight and his $3000. So he said a friend recommended Minus Method Hypnosis. It is a complete in-home HYPNOSIS program using a Virtual Reality headset with 52 different hypnosis sessions to cover every possible challenge to easy weight loss and it is only $499. He loves it and has lready lost 6 pounds first 2 weeks

  3. I spent over $3,000 at Positive Changes over the course of a year. I gained weight. And some of the “professional hypnotists” felt really hokey and not genuine. Like they were actors following a script. I d I didn’t feel like they had reputable credentials.

  4. This information is incorrect, I was an employee of Positive Changes Hypnosis in 2000. The company had been in business already for some time already in 2000 with many offices around the country. The programs were 6 months and 1 year for weight loss, which made sense, it takes awhile to lose weight in a healthy way.
    As a Hypnotherapist well trained, I was impressed with the program. I worked with about 8-9 clients each day and saw vast improvements in approximately 98%.
    I myself experienced Positive effects from working for this company and was happy to recommend the programs to many people.
    It is possible that things are different now 21 years later, so I can’t speak to how the centers are being run now. I only can say what I experienced and with that I recommend the program.

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