Practical Paleo Diet Review

Practical Paleo is a informational book on the paleo diet written by Diane Sanfillippo, and it has been available to Paleo lovers since 2012. We all have heard about the paleo movement that has changed the lives of the hard-core converts for years now. But what about the people who do not necessarily buy into the whole paleo movement, but just want to become healthier versions of themselves?

This book claims to give you 480 pages of informational history on why the paleo diet will make you healthier. It also gives you 14 meal plans and over 150 recipes to choose from. This book is not essentially a diet, but it is more a way of life to those following it specifically. Said to be the “squeaky-clean” approach to the paleo diet, it does impose challenges as anytime you change your diet significantly it will require some work. You can order this book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or any large bookstore nationwide.

Practical Paleo Diet ReviewDo Dieters Lose Weight With the Practical Paleo Book?

Overall, a good solid addition to our paleo cooking bookshelf. The first quarter of the book is focused on paleo education, the second quarter on various meal plans for different ailments. The last half is dedicated to recipes. Some parts of the book are a bit of overkill.” Brian H.* then went onto say that there is a six page long description of how to cut vegetables which was ridiculous. The recipes overall are said to be really user friendly, and they do not requite a lot of exotic ingredients.

 A Whitwam* said, “This is one of a handful of Paleo/Primal Books in our Kitchen and I must say that it is by far the most in depth explanation of the Paleo approach. The bulk of the book will give the reader a great idea of what to eat and why. It also explains what not to eat and why which in the long run will leave the reader better prepared to think outside the cookbook.” Whitwam said the book lists that there are 120 recipes listed, but it surely does not feel that way when it is all said and done.

 Cathy A.* explained, “If you are a recipe person, this book is great. If you are looking for guidance on paleo do's and don'ts, this is not the book for you. All you need are the last 6 pages.” She said that she read the entire book from front to back and picked up a few things that were useful but already knew a lot of the information. Her sister was skeptical as well, but ended up spending an entire day reading it and decided it was going to work, so be purchased. Everyone’s reaction will vary a little bit.

 Is The Practical Paleo Book Easy To Follow?

Weight loss is not the only goal when purchasing the Practical Paleo book. Many times folks are just looking to get healthier and provide more nutritious meals for themselves and their families. This book is long, and there is absolutely no hiding it! The overall read has been said to be average, but not stellar from many different readers. For those of you who are 100% paleo, it has not been a favorite but not hated either.

Paleo diet supplement substitutionIf you are looking to be guided on how to start the paleo diet, this is not going to be the book to purchase. Much of the book is filled with recipes and supplement substitutions. For some parent’s the diet is just too expensive for their budgets. Lamb, shrimp, and veal are not always available fresh in some parts of the country. With kids especially, this is going to take some major planning and research to become successful with your new eating habits.


This book has been said to be very educational. It teaches people why it is important to eat nutrient dense foods that are still somewhat easy to make. There has been word of too many supplements being thrown at the reader, which essentially strips those “real” foods down.

For around $20.00 the author tries to hit the main points of the pale diet. The main points include recipes,  while providing research on health conditions such as hypothyroidism, and hyperthyroidism. The information given on these health conditions is not entirely accurate. This causes a little bit of doubt toward other claims made in the book. Many of the recipes were reported to taste good, but the ingredients at times are expensive and hard to find fresh. For that point alone it isn't very easy to follow long term.

Paleo book readingThere were many happy readers, and a few disappointed ones regarding the pickiness of the recipes and cost of groceries. All in all, this is not a stellar “diet” book. Nor is it the best paleo book we have seen, but it is not horrible either. Get ready for a large read, because this book is not small!

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