Pritikin Principle Diet Review

The Pritikin Principle is a book written by Nathan Pritikin, and it focuses on both diet and walking in order to shed weight and keep it off. According to Pritikin, those following the Pritikin Principle can lose up to seven pounds of fat per week and do so safely.*

The goal of the Pritikin Principle is to eat foods that are very low in fat. Fruits, vegetables, beans, and very small portions of some lean meats are all on the menu. Pritikin doesn’t encourage calorie counting per food item, but rather as a meal.* He refers to this as his calorie-density solution, and with it, he teaches dieters to combine low-fat foods for healthier meals. When combined with the daily walking, Pritikin says weight loss is a sure thing.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Pritikin Principle Diet?

The Pritikin Principle is a very calorie-restricted diet that requires dieters to also walk up to an hour each day. Therefore, should a dieter follow the plan to the letter, they are almost assured of weight loss. However, that weight lost would only stay off if the dieter stuck to the low-calorie meals and to the daily walking required while on the Pritikin Principle.

Is The Pritikin Principle Diet Easy To Follow?

Dieters undertaking the Pritikin Principle will likely find it hard to implement into their lives, especially if they do not have a lot of spare time. First, the special meals that are recommended while on the Pritikin Principle will take a good amount of time to prepare. Then, there is the matter of the daily walks, which can last up to an hour. For busy dieters with no time to spare as it is, this diet plan will prove to be almost impossible to do.*


The Pritikin Principle is sound in its lessons, and the book can be found online for around $15. Those who follow the program will probably lose weight, but this is not going to be an easy diet to do.* While it isn’t purely vegetarian, the small amount of meat you are allowed to have does not add up to much. This can lead to cravings on an almost daily basis.

In addition, the expectation to walk for an hour each day is a bit much. While exercise is an absolutely essential part of weight loss, it may be hard for you to spare an hour each day, but if you can’t, then the Pritikin Principle will not work as well as it might, making it a program you might want to compare to others that are a bit more realistic in their expectations.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.