PS1000 Program vs Alternatives

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There are so many options to choose from when looking into starting a new diet program, and it can be hard making the commitment to changing your life in positive ways with too many choices. With all of the options out there, how does PS1000 stack up to the competition? When I was doing my own research on diet programs, I found differences and similarities between a few of my top picks, and I want to share that information.

Skinny Fiber vs. The PS1000 Program

There are both differences and similarities between these two programs. Skinny Fiber is simply a diet pill but claims to do similar things that the PS1000 formula can. There is no nutritional program to go along with Skinny Fiber, nor are there recipes, menu plans, and support groups to refer to. If you are interested in just a diet pill, it got okay reviews but there are side effects such as cramping and bloating that might come along with it. PS1000 offers a better overall program that can set you up for healthy habits past being on the actual program which is something I liked.

Slim4Life vs The PS1000 Program

Slim4Life is an all inclusive diet program that has an advisor, snacks and meals, as well as a three tiered program to follow. Like PS1000 there are steps to success, and support is available which makes it comparable. Unlike PS1000, the Slim4Life diet costs over $2,000 when it is all said and done, which is something I cannot afford so I quickly moved on. PS1000 will cost $195.00 when it is all said and done which makes it a clear winner. I am not big into having to go in and set up a consultation meeting, so regarding price and convenience reasons Slim4Life just seemed too high maintenance for my schedule.

Jenny Craig vs The PS1000 Program

Similar to Slim4Life, Jenny Craig requires in person meetings and foods that you can purchase directly from the company. It is comparable to PS1000 because it offers a diet program to follow as well as different support channels. There are menus and recipes too, as well as encouraged exercise which can all help for weight loss. What is different than PS1000 is the cost, due to Jenny Craig costing around $560 per month. Once again, this falls out of my budget and I am not sure I would like all of the packaged food that I would be paying for due to my picky nature.

Slimgenics vs The PS1000 Program

This is essentially Slim4Life but with a different website, as the costs are nearly the same and the claims are similar. You will be getting “coaching” from a nutritionist who may or may not be certified, and you have the option to go through the program online. You will get a personalized diet plan similar to PS1000, but it will just cost a lot more. The nice thing about PS1000 is the cost difference, and they do not make you enroll or sign up with anything after you purchase one time only.

Whole 30 vs PS1000 Program

The Whole30 program promotes a lot of the same foods (not all)  that the PS1000 diet does (aka- real food!) but there is only one program to follow which lasts for 30 days. There are no sugars of any kind allowed, or grains which does differ from PS1000 program a bit. There is also no dairy products allowed, which is also different as PS1000 allows greek yogurt and cottage cheese. You will pay for a subscription to get recipes and meal ideas for $99.00 per year, and with the PS1000 program you will pay for the program and the recipes for an unlimited amount of time with your first purchase. While similar in food items, the actual Whole30 program does not offer any supplements. PS1000 also has more support and it offers a variety of recipes, and menu plans with no subscription to renew.

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