QuickTrim Diet Review

There aren’t many people these days who don’t know who the Kardashian sisters are. This has proved to be a good thing for the makers of weight loss supplements QuickTrim. QuickTrim has a line of different weight loss supplements that are said to help kick the body into overdrive when it comes to burning fat. In fact, Kim Kardashian herself went on television to proclaim that the QuickTrim supplements helped her quickly shed her unwanted weight.*

While the various products can be purchased separately, it is recommended that some, or all, of the QuickTrim supplements are used in unison. For this reason, there are many packages that are offered for QuickTrim supplements, which is said to make finding the right mix of QuickTrim supplements to use a breeze.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The QuickTrim Diet?

Because QuickTrim supplements are supplements, then that means they are to be used with proper diet and exercise. So, if a dieter is eating right and exercising regularly, then the likely result is going to be at least some weight loss.

Long-term and overall weight loss would therefore depend on each individual dieter. As long as a dieter stuck to their guns and followed their proper diet and exercise regimen then the weight may continue to come off. But, this doesn’t mean that QuickTrim supplements alone will cause weight loss and in fact, if taken without proper diet and exercise being implemented, the results would more than likely be little to no weight loss.

Is The QuickTrim Diet Easy To Follow?

QuickTrim supplements are convenient in that they come in liquid, powder, and even gel form. This makes the supplements easy to take and gives participants the freedom to choose their style of preferred supplements.

However, it should be noted that some of the QuickTrim supplements contain caffeine. While this is nothing new in the world of weight loss supplements, there are many who are sensitive to caffeine and would therefore not be able to use certain products from the QuickTrim line of supplements.


QuickTrim promises a lot, but the products are riddled with concerns. The first concern is with the price. Because there are many packages available, it makes it hard to pinpoint exactly how much an individual would have to pay in order to effectively use the products. However, the biggest concern is with the celebrity endorsement itself. While the Kardashian sisters might say the QuickTrim supplements are the best thing since sliced bread, the $5 million lawsuit filed against the two last year for false claims in regards to the QuickTrim line would suggest otherwise, making the QuickTrim supplements products that are mostly celebrity endorsed hype.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.