Realdose Diet Review

Realdose Diet Review
5 out of 10
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Dr. Steven Sisskind founded RealDose in 2008, and the headquarters are based out of Boulder, Colorado. The company sells expensive weight loss supplements such as a bottle of pills, fish oils, meal replacement shakes, and an antioxidant blend of real reds. The pills in general are said to decrease your appetite and remove the four fat burning hormonal barriers. One bottle of RealDose pills cost $67.00 for a 30-day supply. When calling into their support line it was rather long and drawn out. At the beginning of the call it is a long automated script with different numbers to push for what service you need. I simply wanted to speak with a live representative. I hung up, and called in again. When I called back in, I was immediately routed to a representative whose phone line was cutting in and out. I mainly wanted to know about their auto refill program and details about this. You have to sign up every 1-6 months and you will get a notification ten days before the shipment sends out. To cancel you have to manually log into your account and “pause” as they call it.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On RealDose?

The problem I see with the company and their overall vision for weight loss, is the fact that they don’t value proper diet and exercise. They claim that you will lose double the weight in place of proper diet and exercise. This makes me feel like the company’s products are trying to be a cop-out to the alternative, which is educating someone on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.* There is no quick fix; there is education about supplements and hard work, amongst a healthy diet and exercise. There is no scientific evidence behind why the product works in the body to cause weight loss, but there is a blurb about their doctor and his background on the website.


There were a few reviews outside of the website that seemed genuine and helpful regarding the RealDose Products:

“I have taking these pills now for a week and they have caused me nothing but diarrhea, nausea, stomac cramps and on on top of it I have GAINED 2 lbs! I’m a healthy woman who wants to shead 10 lbs and hoped this would be helpful. I’m not on any prescription drugs and have never had any problems with my stomach. I don’t know what’s in these pills, but I don’t want them so I will return them hoping for a full refund!”Bman*

“I walked 10,000 + steps a day, ate healthy, low-fat meals, and lost no weight with this product. Thank goodness for the refund!” C Brittsan*

“Had no effect on weight loss or energy or appetite. It did, however, give me heartburn.” Vicky Shanley*

To see the reviews click here.

 Is RealDose Easy To Follow?

The weight loss pills are easy to take just like many other supplements out there. You take three pills a day, 30 minutes before your meals. Because the weight loss portion of this company does not promote exercise or healthy lifestyle habits, the pills are going to be easy to take but the weight will not come off and stay off long term. This seems like another quick fix to the health crisis we are in, and I would not waste time or money on the investment.* If you need more information when going through the bottle of pills, they sell a book, which includes more information on how to use their supplements for weight loss.

The backing for RealDose is in the three natural ingredients, but the way they conducted their clinical research is confusing to say the least, with sources and definitions everywhere. There have been numerous reviews about the single products not doing their jobs without incorporating proper diet and exercise.* Because this product is all natural there are no major side effects reported, except for the infrequent set of upset stomachs and digestive problems when taking the supplements.


When taking a look into their Facebook page, I noticed a large number of followers with little to no activity. The company posts daily on the page, but receives a small amount of likes, and no comments on any of their posts. Many times, Facebook “likes” will be bought to make the company seem more credible. RealDose products can be purchased on their personal website directly, and on Amazon. They do offer a great money back guarantee, which takes the initial risk off of the customer when the product does not work for them. Overall, this company promotes fast acting quick fix diet pills, and I would not recommend their product for future health, and keeping your pounds off long term.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

Review Sources

So What Really Works?*

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*Individual results will vary.

  • Trey

    Thanks for the honest feedback. It’s hard to navigate through all the deception these days.

  • roguemodel .

    OK, found the answer. This site is an affiliate of Pure Slim, so they do make money off of people that click the link to the Pure Slim Site. This is noted in the “disclosure” section of this site. So, anything noted about Pure Slim is SKEWED and may NOT be truthful as the is site has a financial incentive to sell it. BUYER BEWARE, and RESEARCHER BEWARE OF THIS SITE.

  • roguemodel .

    I find a diet review site to be very suspect when they have a link to buy Pure Slim 1000, a product that they rank as #1, but do not have links to any other products. It is one thing to legitimately review a product, it is another to “push” or provide easy access to a product listed as “#1.” SO, the question that then must be asked, does this site have any financial interest in Pure Slim 1000?

  • Marcia Miller


    This is Marcia with RealDose Nutrition. We appreciate your feedback on Weight Loss Formula No. 1. Because we continuously strive to improve our products and customer experience, we’d like the opportunity to provide additional information.

    Let me start by saying there is proven science behind Weight Loss Formula No. 1 posted directly on the RealDose website. The double-blind, placebo-controlled studies on Weightloss Formula No. 1 ingredients shows that in two groups of people (not mice) following identical diets, the study group experienced double the weight loss results compared to the placebo group. RealDose goes the extra mile by purchasing their ingredients from the same supplier and using the same quantity as in the studies, rather than substituting with a substandard replacement.

    RealDose agrees that there are no “magic pills” for weight loss — this is why choose not to advertise our product as a “stand-alone”. We know losing weight is about more than just taking a supplement and requires commitment to healthy lifestyle changes. This is why our nutrition and activity program comes free in every order….And because we know losing weight doesn’t have a “one size fits all” solution, we also offer additional phone and email support, free online support classes with our health coaches, and an entire library of healthy living information to anyone (not just our customers), as they work towards their health and weight loss goals.

    Lastly, we realize there are unseen factors that slow down weight loss. For some people it can take extra time for their body to respond to the changes they’re making and unfortunately some may give up too early. So while our Weightloss Formula may not work for everyone, we do offer other great products focused on providing weight loss support as well as services to provide individualized nutrition and activity guidance. Ultimately, we do everything we can to connect with our customers and help them be successful in achieving their health related goals.

    Have a happy, healthy day!


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