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The diet pill “Regal Slim” is manufactured out of California by the company called Regal Nutra LLC, and they have turned some heads recently. They claim the diet pill with make you leaner, more confident, and help you get rid of fat quickly. The company makes it seem like you are going to get a free bottle of the Regal Slim diet pills and only pay for the shipping and handling, but beware of the 18-day rule. If you do not call and cancel your subscription, or request “more time” to try the supplement by the 18th day your card will be billed $99.97 for another bottle to come in the mail.* It will continue to happen until you e-mail or call in to cancel [email protected]. They quote, “If you wish to cancel your order before the 18-day trial has ended, simply contact us by phone at 1-800-398-3087 and return the product back to us and you will not be billed anything further. Unless you contact our customer care department at 1-800-398-3087 to cancel your monthly auto-shipments, you will continue to receive product every month and be billed the full price respectively.”

Regal Slim CaliforniaBe aware of the fact that you have to cancel your subscription and send the product back in order to not get charged for not sending the product back. “If you wish to cancel your account without returning the product you may incur a small fee to avoid having to return the product. This fee is a small one time charge and may vary but it will always be lower than the full price of the product.”

 The Facts

This product is simply a Garcinia Cambogia diet pill you are supposed to take it once in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast, and once at night about 30 minutes before dinner. They do not give the reader any additional information on the ingredients inside of the capsules minus the Garcinia Cambogia. The company is not clear on their dosage amounts, because on the website you will notice they claim there are 1,000 mg of greatness per capsule, but the product label only shows 766mg.*

Ingredients: Garcinia Cambogia or better known as Hydroxycitric Acid. There is no other information given to the public about the rest of the pills ingredients until you sign up for their very risky trial offer.

Regal Slim Garcinia CambogiaWhat’s The Word?

There are more scam reports on this product, than anything else I have seen on the market. Sadly, this company offers no customer testimonials, and bans any reviews written from outside sources. They are really just looking to make a quick dime off of the person who is not willing to read there sneaky terms and conditions. As mentioned above, there is only customer support to cancel your auto shipment that you were not aware you had signed up for. The e-mail tactic is shaky at most, so it is best to try and call into the customer service line to get any cancellations done.

What Does Regal Slim Offer?

This company offers up a lot of confusion, and contradictions when taking a deep look into what they are actually offering to the consumer. You are getting a bottle of pills that you have to pay shipping and handling for upfront, as well as your name and credit card auto enrolled into a very expensive re-order program. You hardly have any time to try the product out and cancel before the 18 days is up, or else a monster charge will hit your account month after month. The company makes claims that the pill will boost your metabolism, remove fat from your body, and give you more energy but the customers have not spoken.

They do have legs to stand on with the research done on Garcinia Cambogia, and the science behind its potential to help with some weight loss, but they do not go into much detail behind this information.* It is briefly mentioned, and then the company goes back to trying to get the reader to sign up for the trial offer.

  • All Natural
  • Science behind Garcinia Cambogia
  • Expensive Auto Ship Policy
  • Unreliable Customer Service
  • Scam reports done on the company
  • Ingredients are not shown to the customer

Is Regal Slim Worth A Try?

There is no real ingredient list for the customer to see, so all they know is that the pills contain Garcinia Cambogia. They are not told if the pills contain anything else, and I think the company Regal Nutra did this on purpose. The cost for one bottle of pills is outrageously expensive if you do not cancel your auto ship order, and this is strategically done on purpose for obvious reasons (to make quick money). The results have not even touched the Internet, which tells me that the company sees more upset customers than satisfied customers. Most of the customer service calls they take are more than likely irate people trying frantically to get their money back.

Regal Slim PillDue to the lack of customer voices, there was no word of side effects either good or bad so they are also guarding themselves from any negative feedback in this way too. On the website they show social media page icons, but when you click on them it doesn’t take you to their company page, it creates a post for you to endorse their product and trial offer. I would say with confidence that Regal Slim is not worth a try, and you should proceed with caution when looking to sign up for a program such as this one.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary

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*Individual results will vary.



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  • Anni

    I just got into a HUGE argument with the rep on the phone. He was insistent that I agreed to the terms & conditions of the trial offer & said that it is an 18 day trial & if I had not canceled on or before the 19th day, I would be billed for $89.95. He insisted that the product needs to build up in your system to see the results. I told him that this was hypocritical to tell people that you have 18 days to try the Regal Slim but you’re going to have to build it in your system for months. I told him this company is a scam & it’s bullshit. After heavy arguing & threatening to blast this company on social media, he finally refunded my $89.95. I offered to send back the bottle & he refused. He told me that once the bottle was opened, it could not be returned. Good luck to everyone who is going through the same issue. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

  • Anna

    I Love Consumers Compare!! I always check out products here before I buy them and saved a lot of money by being warned about scammers and inferior products! You do a wonderful job warning consumers and are my go to source for unbiased information. Thank you!

  • Christine

    Oh boy, I wish I had seen these testimonials BEFORE I ordered the “FREE” trial! At the time, I was just going to order the one bottle of Regal Slim but then it said you will automatically order the bottle of Regal Trim too when you order the “Slim” bottle! I ALMOST didn’t do this order just because of this, but somehow my desire to “REDUCE MY FAT AND LOSE WEIGHT” took over; so, I went ahead and ordered the so called “Trial”!!! I’m going to cancel and talk to my bank and see what my options are now!! I haven’t even used the product!!! Argh!!

  • Shawne Walker

    If you a company called twinkle brands I need to know why you are taking money out of my account. I did not authorized this transaction at all and I will appreciate my money back. I’ve been trying to get a hold of this company which has no number so I will appreciate if so one can call me back so we can discuss this unauthorized transactions

  • I just got my bank statement with the same charges on it as well .They charged for each bottle 89.00 dollars .!!!! I called them immediately and told them I will contact the State Attorney General’s office in the state of Nevada and in the state of California these people are Crooks. there was nothing in my paperwork that was saying that they were charging me $90 a bottle it was a trial I haven’t even got to try the bottles yet and I’m already being charged $90 dollars. No this is not happening I told them they said 3 to 10 days to get my money back I don’t think so I’m contacting the bank tomorrow and telling them what’s going on and then I’m going to contact my State Attorney General’s office and the Better Business Bureau. And possibly Channel 8 News to warn everyone of this company.

  • jim

    I’m glad I used one of my prepaid cards so it won’t come out of my bank account.

  • Gabriela Cierra

    It sucks they charge membership without asking it they are a fraud of 360 dls instead of 4.99 that is the offer please note buy this product

  • Lura Harris

    Rip off. There is not a no risk free trial. You have to get both supplements then they take almost 180.00 from you. Didn’t work either

  • Lura Harris

    This is a rip off! They promise no risk free trial then 3 weeks later take almost 180.00 out of your checking account. Thieves! Stay away from this scam!

  • Lura Harris

    This product is not worth 180.00 a month. No risk trial my foot. Took 89.00 out of my account twice. You have to get both! Rip off!

  • Malina Lucas McGinley

    The first thing I saw was a page adv. A phony university in the next town, that tells you right there it’s a scam! Please save your money, if you must do it, get a prepaid cc and only add the 4.95$ or whatever the initial is, that way they can’t zap your bank! make sure to cancel quickly and then give THEM the finger instead of getting one!! 😉

  • Christine 🐾 Cox☮🎀💎🎶🎸🇺🇸

    I have contacted my bank in regards to this place this morning & received my money back tonight. They are also going after this company for bad business practices.
    Good luck everyone

  • Christine 🐾 Cox☮🎀💎🎶🎸🇺🇸

    Contact your bank or credit card company. You’ll get your money back right away & they will go after them for you.
    Good luck, friend

  • Christine 🐾 Cox☮🎀💎🎶🎸🇺🇸


  • It’zmee Simone

    (800)6920435 OR (800)2186705

  • It’zmee Simone


  • Tambela Holmes

    First of all it hasn’t been 18 days yet since I ordered to try out the regal nutra. 2nd the sales pitch is misleading and untruthful, I did not give anyone permission to charge my card for$87.74. My card was only used to pay for the shipping & handling to send the 30 day tryout bottle of Regal Nutra. 3rd
    I called customer service to ask them why was my card was charged , when I spoke to someone 2 weeks prior to cancel the 30 day trial ,they claim that they had nothing in the system that I called, I asked to speak to a supervisor and a rude unprofessional supervisor by the name of Cindy (if that’s her real name) she hung up on me! I contacted the Better Business Bureau and filed a formal compliant. Social Media and my following will know what a scam artist this company is. They will be hearing from my Attorny .PERIOD

    • Christine 🐾 Cox☮🎀💎🎶🎸🇺🇸

      Contact your bank or credit card. They will help you out. Give you your money back & go after these crooks. I did it this morning & have my money back tonight.
      Good luck, friend.

  • Melody Joiner Quave

    I want to just ditto what the ladies are saying…this company is a major rip off. They are very sketchy making you think you get this product for free just pay shipping and handling. Imagine my shock when I received an additional charge for $89.99. I was pretty ticked off…I called them at once. I must have missed something because I thought I was judging giving the product a try. When I did get a refund they only returned $74.89 of my money so I called…I was told by one person they did owe me 15$…when the money was not in my account by when I was told I called again only to be told by someone else that I was charged a $15.00 restocking fee. I never open the bottles. My question is….for the ppl that tried the product how do you “restock” a bottle that has been open?
    Just a company taking advantage of ppl so desperate to lose wait. Shame on them.!!

  • Sonia Vazquez

    DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT it is a HUGE SCAM!!!. I ordered this product from pinterest and once they have your credit card information they will continue to charge you!
    Mike was the guy that took my call and he could NOT pass me through to
    a manager!? I had to ask him for his name three times before he gave it to me.
    I bought my product online for less than five dollars and now I am being charged, well actually not even charged because the money has been taken from my account without notification. Suddenly I am being notified by my bank that I owe a fee for being negative on my account.
    To my surprise I also have to pay shipping to send the product back and then wait for my money to be refunded into my account as well. As a single parent this really pissed me off because not only are some of my bills not going to get paid on time but my checks are going to bounce as well because I had no idea I was negative on my account.
    These people are very sneaky because when I paid it did not say there was going to be a fee every month. Then Mike tries to offer me his own employee discount that is “only available for today” blah blah blah “special promtion and limited time offer” yeah right!! It is complete BS because I paid $4.95 for a bottle and I am now being charged $90 dollars for a bottle I was told was “free!” Only pay shipping!!!

  • Julia Dean

    what was the company they used to pull the monies out of your account? I am trying to find it in my bank account because I want to cancel also. Was it a click bank?

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