Right Size Smoothies Review

Right Size Smoothies Review



Update: May 25, 2022

Right Size Smoothies are a meal replacement smoothie product that is said to be packed with protein, fiber, and many essential vitamins and minerals. The company that produces the smoothies are by Right Size Nutrition and the only way of contacting the company is through a form on their website. The concept of the smoothie is simply replacing one or two meals each day with a Right Size Smoothie, significant weight loss is promised. In fact, the home page of the company website states that participants can lose weight in just 12 weeks by using Right Size Smoothies.*

Right Size Smoothies are said to be very filling, which is the secret behind their supposed success. By replacing breakfast and lunch with a Right Size Smoothie then eating a healthy snack, the company claims participants can get to dinner time with ease all while cutting their caloric intake dramatically. The Right Size Company is not a Better Business Bureau certified company, take a look here. Currently, they are under new management, which means a lot of bad had to have happened in order for the company to take such big turns.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Right Size Smoothies Diet?

Dieters implementing Right Size Smoothies will likely lose at least some weight, especially in the short-term. This is going to be primarily due to the fact that their daily caloric intake will be cut so drastically. In fact, it’s quite simple, going from loads of food throughout the day to two liquid meals that are calorie controlled means calories are restricted and weight loss should occur at first. But, keeping any weight off will all depend on how willing a dieter is to stick with using Right Size Smoothies for the long haul.

Chris* said, “For the amount of gunk inside this that keeps the ingredients from sticking together and tasting good: SOY LECITHIN, SILICON DIOXIDE, CARBOXYMETHYLCELLULOSE, XANTHAN GUM, SODIUM CASEINATE and a few others, this stuff tastes worse than european ovaltine and sticks together horribly. It is inconsistent and you will have a very hard time mixing it even in a blender. It left me bloated and extremely hungry every time I used this product.” Chris went onto say that the amount of sugar for a health supplement is unacceptable, and that there should be a standard for this kind of regulation. It is more than likely worse for your health to take this supplement in the long run versus taking it daily. Fresh smoothies are a better and healthier chemical free way to go.  

“I tried Right Size Smoothies after seeing the results of other people on TV. However after consuming it for a period of one month, I lost nothing! I actually ended up gaining weight which sucked. I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone. The smoothies taste good but I don’t think they should be advertised for weight loss.” Delila*

Chevalier* said, “I ordered this product from its website. I have friends using it. When I received the product my 1st problem: the expiration date on the canister was expired; then to add injury to insult, the coupons they sent with the product were expired too! I called the toll-free number (888-217-5359) listed on the paper work. The customer service rep (Donta, ID# **) I spoke to, told to send it back (at my expense). Once they receive the product they would send me a fresh canister.” This customer was so disappointed in the customer service experience that they decided to not invest anymore time and money toward them. The product eventually just ended up in the trash,  and no refund was ever given sadly.

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Is The Right Size Smoothies Diet Easy To Follow?

Right Size Smoothies are easy to use and implement into an everyday diet. Simply shake up the Right Size Smoothies serving, which comes pre-determined, and enjoy. There is even a recipe guide on the website to help participants come up with new ways to make the Right Size Smoothies.

However, eating only one solid meal a day can, and will, get tedious. No matter how good the liquid in a liquid diet tastes, and no matter how creative a participant gets with the flavors, the end result is often a craving of foods that are not so good to ingest. It’s that kind of temptation that, if given into, can spell disaster for weight loss success. No where on the website did it show any reasoning or scientific evidence behind the actual formulation for Right Size Smoothies, nor did users react positively when they noted the product left them bloated and hungry.

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Right Size Smoothies can be purchased online and the more you buy, the better the price gets. However, even at the lowest price break, Right Size Smoothies cost nearly $162 for a two month supply. This is far more expensive when compared to other meal replacement diets on the market today. They social media presence is rather bleak, almost non existant which doesn’t deem this smoothie very popular amongst dieters today.

Additionally, the weight loss claim made by the company may be one that is true, but it is not one that is typical. When looking at the claim an asterisk can be seen. At the bottom of the home page there is a note that says, “Results not typical. Weight loss was achieved by replacing two meals a day with Right Size Smoothies while following a reduced-calorie diet.” So, it appears that Right Size Smoothies are a diet product that must be looked over carefully, with all the fine print read in great detail.

  1. I think right size smoothie is awesome I went from size 160 to 135 by substituting breakfast and lunch and the proper portion at dinner time and nutritious snacks that contains 100 calories drinking plenty of water and fruit and I am very disappointed that I can’t find it anywhere it is worth the money to me if you want to lose weight you yourself have to control what you eat and not overeat and then blame it on the product because far as me because right side control my appetite by decreasing but I was eating I thought I was been cheated out of whatever I want to eat and kept eating but then I thought to myself if you’re full stop eating so the product could work and that was how I lost my weight by not eating if I’m not hungry it’s simple you want to lose weight stop doing what you normally do and that’s eating a lot because you love eating again I am disappointed because I can’t find the product

  2. I used right size,and I lost a lot of weight with it,and used the vanilla and I added in fruits and spinach and other greens! Tasted great! Was hard to find the berry mix,and find a reasonable price for it!

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