Rockin’ Body Diet Review

Rockin’ Body is a complete diet and exercise program manufactured and sold by Beach Body. The Rockin’ Body program features fitness guru Shaun T, and focuses on using high energy dance moves with awesome music to burn fat and tone the body. The complete system is seven various workouts and also includes a nutrition guide, as well as charts and graphs to track progress.

Rockin’ Body also comes with a 3-Day SlimDown. When followed properly, Rockin’ Body promises dieters will lose an unrealistic amount of weight in just three days.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Rockin’ Body Diet?

Rockin’ Body is almost guaranteed to produce some weight loss, especially for those who do not regularly exercise. However, long-term and overall success will depend on how willing a dieter is to follow both the extreme exercise routines and the specialized nutrition plan. Dieters can’t do one without the other, unless they want to see results that will be anything but spectacular.

Is The Rockin’ Body Diet Easy To Follow?

Rockin’ Body has all the workouts laid out, as well as a complete nutrition guide. However, it is going to be anything but easy to follow. Like many other Beach Body products, Rockin’ Body is one that focuses on extreme fitness – that means anyone who is not used to working out on an almost daily basis will have a hard time with Rockin’ Body.

In addition, the nutrition guide is just that – a guide. It is still up to each individual to take it upon themselves to implement better eating habits. This can prove difficult for some and all but impossible for those who do not have the time necessary to prepare the specialty meals required while on the Rockin’ Body program.


Rockin’ Body might work for weight loss, but it requires a commitment like no other. The workouts are frequent and extreme, and the diet plan is also one that restricts calories and requires special meals to be prepared.

While the cost for the program is now $19.95, plus shipping and handling, that is a reduced price from $79.95. In addition, the before and after photos on the website are all accompanied with the very small print that reads, “Results vary.” That might lead to the belief that the program does not work as well as advertised. Therefore, Rockin’ Body may be a hard program to implement, but the results may not be what many are after, and there are many other programs available that are not as intense, but may offer results that are just as good, if not better.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

So What Really Works?*

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*Individual results will vary.


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