Sacred Heart Diet Review

Sacred Heart Diet Review
3.6 out of 10
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The Sacred Heart Diet is one that supposedly came from the actual Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital where it was used to help overweight patients. However, the actual hospital has come out since the diet started picking up steam to disassociate itself with the actual Sacred Heart Diet.

The Sacred Heart Diet is a diet that is centered on soup and is a lot like the Cabbage Soup Diet. However, with the Sacred Heart Diet, participants can eat other things besides soup and the soup that is consumed is made up of more than just cabbage and water, but it is still based on a specific recipe. When followed properly the claim with the Sacred Heart Diet is that 10-17 pounds of weight loss can be expected within one week’s time.


Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Sacred Heart Diet?

It is quite likely that dieters on the Sacred Heart Diet will lose at least some weight while on the diet. This will be due to a large cut back in an individual’s normal daily caloric intake. However, it should be noted that a lot of the weight loss will be water weight and that is the type of weight that comes back almost instantly when this type of diet is ended. So, for a long-term weight loss solution, the Sacred Heart Diet is probably not your best bet.

Is the Sacred Heart Diet Easy to Follow?

The Sacred Heart Diet is only easy to do if you are an extreme lover of soup. Additionally, it depends on whether or not you are a lover of the special soup that is required with the Sacred Heart Diet.

When combining the calorie restrictions with the monotonous soup regimen, many find that it is simply too much to take. Cravings kick in almost instantly which leads to cheating which can then lead to weight loss results that are far less than expected.


The Sacred Heart Diet has been shunned largely in the medical community including the American Heart Association and the Sacred Heart Medical Center itself. While some weight loss might come as a result of just eating soup, the Sacred Heart Diet’s claim of 10-17 pounds of weight loss in one week is one that can’t be made without also noting that an individual’s well-being can be risked in the process.

In actuality, the Sacred Heart Diet is another in a long line of fad diets. Like many other fad diets, the Sacred Heart Diet claims that there is some “magical” scientific formula that accounts for the weight loss you might enjoy while on the diet. However, the truth is that you will only lose weight due to the restrictions of calories and nothing more.

So What Really Works?*

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*Individual results will vary.

  • Tracy

    If you love soup, which I do, this is the diet for you. This diet is no quick fix for those that need to lose 50lbs but I love this diet to jumpstart weight loss. I do it every spring to get ready for summer because I am horrible at eating right and exercising in the winter. I will admit it is a rough 7 days and by day 4 I want to throw that soup out the back door but it does work. I discovered this diet right when I was preparing to go on vacation 10 years ago. I purchased clothes 2 sizes too small to force myself to lose weight but failed to start in a timely fashion and was 1 month away from vacation. What to do, what to do!?! A friend had passed along this diet to me months ago and I tucked it away in a drawer and forgot about it. I did 2-a-day workouts and restricted my diet for 3 weeks and lost 15 pounds. The last week before vacation, I found the paper with the diet on it in my drawer and decided to give it a try. I followed it very strictly and worked out and loss a whooping total of 22 pounds in a week! I only used the diet once that year but loss 50 pounds that summer by continuing to workout and eat better, not perfect but better. Again, this diet is rough for seven days but I find that if I make it to day 5 which is MEAT day… I coast through the last 3 days.

  • Glen

    Let’s face it. No “diet” is going to be a permenant solution. Changing your eating habits is. With that being stated, I’ll tell you my experience with this diet.
    It is by far the best diet I have ever tried. Why!
    Easy to make and follow.
    Easy to make variations.
    Was great for my blood results with lower colesterol, trigliserieds, A1C, etc.
    Lost 13 lbs first week and forty lbs in two months.

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