Salad for Dinner Diet Review

Salad for Dinner is a book that contains a vast amount of recipes for salads that, as the title suggests, are to be eaten for dinner. The idea behind the Salad for Dinner book comes from Chef Tasha DeSerio. She contends that the book is more than just learning about the leafy green stuff, and that it introduces dieters to specific types of salads for the various seasons.*

The Salad for Dinner book is separated into four sections, each focusing on a specific type of salad. Included in the section are simple salads, leafy green salads, fruit and vegetable salads, and grain and legume salads. In this way, dieters never get bored with having salad for dinner and can eat salads that are filling and still allow for weight loss.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Salad For Dinner Diet?

Weight loss with Salad for Dinner would largely depend on the dieter. While the salads that are featured in the Salad for Dinner book are indeed healthy and robust, if the other meals the dieter consumes throughout the day are not of proper nutrition, then the salad for dinner will likely make little difference with weight loss. The activity level of each dieter would also have to be considered and would certainly lend to the amount of weight loss achieved while using Salad for Dinner.*

Is The Salad For Dinner Diet Easy To Follow?

The Salad for Dinner book is laid out very nicely and the recipes are easy to follow. The book covers preparation, making croutons, making dressings, and more. However, what is not covered is exercise. The Salad for Dinner book is more of a companion book, or could even be considered a recipe book, so there is no guidance in the fitness department, which means dieters will have to already have a handle on that. Dieters will also have to have somewhat of a handle on nutrition, as Salad for Dinner only covers dinner, and not the rest of the meals throughout the day.


Salad for Dinner retails for $19.95 and certainly lives up to its name. The number of ways in which it shows you how to prepare a salad for dinner is staggering, but it is not a complete program. Really, it only covers having salads for dinner, as the name implies. While it may be a book worth picking up, it needs to be paired with a comprehensive nutrition and fitness program if your goal is serious weight loss.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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