Seattle Sutton Diet Review

“Seattle Sutton” herself founded the Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating Diet in 1985. The headquarters is based out of Ottawa, Illinois but they also have offices in New Hope, Minnesota as well. This program is a meal delivery service, and the customer will not need to set foot in their kitchen. All meals are pre-made at a facility, and shipped out weekly. You receive 21 meals per week, and the meals are made in bulk resulting in no choice of the food you will consume. If you have additional questions, their support line has low volume due to the number of clients they are now serving so they are helpful when asked. In 2006 the company was catering to 8,100 clients and in 2015 their numbers have dwindled to 3,000 clients which shows that the popularity and demand for this business is dying.* This business is also not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) see link here.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Seattle Sutton Diet?

The customer has the option to choose between a 1,200 or 2,000 traditional calorie-a-day meal plan. Or they have the option to choose a 1,200-calorie vegetarian plan. The small amount of people that have been able to eat the food provided to them saw weight loss. The poor taste of the food has left bad customer reviews and dwindling customer numbers. For one individual to eat on the Seattle Sutton Diet for roughly one week it will cost $150.00 dollars. This is very expensive, as many people can feed a family of four for $100.00 a week. It is mentioned on their website, that the overall knowledge when choosing the foods are from certified dietitians, not doctors. There is not however any evidence that this style of eating is meant to help you lose weight. There are no real studies done on the site telling the dieter why the program was formulated the way it was for weight loss. The testimonials on the website are rather cheesy, and they are hit and miss as far as success is concerned (but you will only see the good on the website).

Is The Seattle Sutton Diet Easy To Follow?

Because this is not a diet program that you have to follow, it is easy to eat the meals you pay for. The program can be 1 week with 21 meals, or it can be 1 year depending on what you need it for. If you are looking for long-term help, they offer a multi week ordering system so you do not have to place orders every week. It is very expensive however, and would not be easy to follow knowing the service costs a lot just to have meals cooked for you. This might be a good short-term fix for someone ill, or unable to cook for themselves. After one round you could understand the basis of what you are supposed to eat, and grocery shop for those items yourself to save money. There are no known negative side effects from this eating program. Some complaints have been around the freshness and quality of the meals, and the inability to choose what meals you receive. This program serves the same meals to all of their customers with a 5-week rotating menu. All in all, the idea of eating pre-made foods that have been said to taste okay will not be a long term thing. This in and of itself is extremely hard to follow, especially for picky eaters who are particular about their food. There haven’t been any real side effects noted, but there have been people just saying they could not stomach the food or it just made them feel ill overall.


  • Way too expensive long term
  • There have been reports of the food tasting horrible
  • Customer base is dwindling
  • Unable to choose what food you receive
  • Takes the social out of cooking and eating meals with your family
  • They only have one social media, and that is Facebook. On Facebook they have 36,862 fans, and little to know activity with their likes and comments.

I would not spend money on this program personally, because I like to know what goes into my food. Having all of my meals pre-made at a facility and then shipped to my door does not sound appetizing at all. There have already been reports of the food not tasting good, and you are paying a pretty penny for those meals! They have a no refund policy, which leaves the risk on the customer’s shoulders.* If you do not like the meals, you are stuck eating them for an entire week, while losing $150.00. While some people like this convenience, it is not something to pay for long term as it will get pricey. There social media presence is rather low, with little to no activity on any channels. You can order the products right on the website, as it is not offered in stores or online. I would not call this company a scam, but there are much easier and tastier ways to eat healthy while losing weight, and this diet is not one of them.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.


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  • Allyoop

    Sorry, just saw this response. Hope you are doing well in general, and with SSHE. More and more of the pick-up stores in our area are closing right and left and delivery to us from the SSHE kitchens in Ottawa will add on about $60-$65 a week for mine and my husband’s food…..which will probably mean we will have to go off it unfortunately.

  • MarieJ

    Quite frankly you’ve NEVER been on the program AND time has no value to you, whomever you are that wrote this garbage. I’ve read your other reviews and it is obvious to me that there is a bias to “do it yourself & be frugal”. Everything you rated high was read, follow, and go it alone mentality. Look,I’ve been on hundreds of diets and lifestyle changes, some which were prepared and some that I had to cook up to 6 times a day for myself and then turn around and cook for my family. Every “diet” you rated above SS (Seattle Sutton) stinks as it takes way too much time for little to no benefit/outcome. And the PS1000 is just another paleo-like diet with additional drugs they want you to buy and become addicted to…nothing natural there.

    This (SS) is a time saver, it is all portioned and is all eatable nourishment. If you are ever a care-giver and work for a living then you know time is important and a precious commodity. Those family members I care for, do not eat as I do, as they have special needs, which take time to prepare, and they like having sugar/sweets. I want to eat healthy and organic and Seattle Sutton’s provides me this, as well as, no need to plan, shop, cook, and so forth…I just have to heat it and eat; then carry on with my day.

    I was on this plan for 6 months and lost over 60 pounds, but that’s not the benefit, that was just a side-effect. I went completely off all Meds because my cholesterol, blood pressure and insulin needs disappeared. Why? Because all the preservatives and processed foods were no more and my eating was healthy. They have a small and large portion and you can even do a half week, if money is your only concern. Do they advertise all this? Are they certified for all this? Did they do clinal trials? Why would they need to when they have actual customers for decades that can provide real, truthful stories that are from actual people in the real world and not some multi-week controlled test just to get a piece of paper that quite frankly most people could care less about, because they don’t live in a test tube.

    Also BBB is seriously overrated today (not the same as it was in the early days). I’ve been a consumer with companies on the A+ rating list and they just deny any claims a consumer submits. The BBB ALWAYS sides with the business, not the consumer. I’ve also been on the business side and it is extremely easy to keep your rating by just paying them money (they call it dues/fees). That money isn’t just sucked up into the air, it has to be factored into the cost of doing business. So, if you think they (SS) are expensive now, then what would it cost if they have to buy (pay fees to maintain) useless things like this? The people that SS provides their services to, would tell you they are good. That said, are they a 10 out of 10, NO! I’ve gotten meals I hated, and I cannot change it for something else; I’ve gotten frozen salads; I’ve gotten meals that has sides or dressing missing and so on. This is because they are prepared by hand, by humans, but by humans that stand behind their quality. Just call them and they’ll give you a credit on your next order. They are great with customer service! How many of the programs you rated, have GREAT service from start to finish? Most are just books or plans not a service so they don’t!

    Your comment about it being created by dietitians (by the way “registered”) and not doctors is just …well let’s just let the facts speak…Mayo, volumetric, medifast and others were done by doctors that are old fashioned, tasteless, and some use artificially processed foods which we know are no longer viewed as good; they haven’t understood the changes in the world with GMOs and man-made fillers that didn’t exist in the old days, but they think we can still eat that way and lose weight. The best are those like Seattle Sutton, Weight Watchers, Haylie Pomroy which are led by dietitians, experts in the food industry, that stay current with the garbage going into food or not into the food, because it is genitically engineered. If you go to your doctor for your weight, the doctor is going to refer you to a registered dietician because the doctor is not the expert.

    So in conclusion, Seattle Sutton isn’t about the food, the diet, the money, or the quality; it is about the service, the continuous improvement, and care that goes into what they do; a good service can overcome any obstacle! It’s about the time I save and can allow me to focus on more important things other than feeding myself. Let’s not forget the added benefit of being healthy.

  • Cindy

    I was on this 10 years ago in Chicago and it worked. I had gastric bypass two years ago and lost over 200 pounds. Lately, been struggling with a little gain. I only get a half week of food (for me) and it is working again. I like the food, much healthier and better tasting than processed food you get in restaurants. I do cook but am living in a one person household and the food goes to waste. This is perfect!

  • Jack Jackson

    Been useing them for 4 months. Food is good. Program works IF YOU Work it. , it’s too easy … just eat what they send you.
    … but, the people/family that run it ?..!,,?? Horrible Folks ! Come off as “too big for their britches” type. Way to stuck on themselves. They are text book Family runs successfully business into the ground. Give em a few more years and there will be nothing left.
    What was 80k folks is 20k … why did 60 k folks leave ’em? …, I post this because of selfishness… I need to find another outlet, but they have best program out of all I’ve tried. 230lbs to 190… 40″ waist to a 36″… it’s a shame it’s controlled by folks that have no business dealing with the public. O well.

  • John

    6’1, 39 year old male
    I live in NYC and SS is not an option for me here. However, when I lived in Chicago, I did the 2000 calorie plan religiously for 6 week and went from 205 down to 165- a 40 lbs difference & all this without working out!

    Some of the meals are better than others… frankly some are really unappetizing but I found that after the first couple weeks you are significantly less hungry and the quick results motivated me to stay on track.

    When I finally started eating regular food again, I realized that health foods like salads, etc. tasted a lot better than I remembered. At that point I started running a mile to the gym and back and incorporating a 1/2 hour of weights and pull ups when there. Within 4 months I had gone from a tubby 205 to 165 and then gained 10 lbs of muscle… I was RIPPED! Seriously, I looked like an action figure. Renewed confidence came in abundance. My social life and dating in particular took off. I really owe it all to Seattle Sutton.

    • consumerscompare

      Hi John, thank you for sharing your experience, sounds like you have found something that works great fro you, congratulations!

    • Cindy

      Hi John: They have gone national now. I now live in Indiana and get the food cold packed. The delivery only cost me $15.

      • Allyoop

        Hi, can I ask what you pay total, including tax and shipping for what I am assuming you are on a 7 day, 1200 calorie traditional plan? The local pick-up stores keep going out of business near me and getting it shipped from the Ottawa, IL. SSHE kitchen to me in Orland Pk., IL. will cost me $30-$35 more a week, which will be difficult.

      • Allyoop

        Also, I noticed that you had suggested to John in NYC that they deliver nationally. I spoke to a chef in NYC who had done a YELP review for SSHE after he had tried it and although he liked a lot about it, he said national delivery for him on the East coast was outrageous. This was from his experience from about 2014 and he said he was paying nearly $13 a meal! As you can imagine, that is high, especially the little breakfasts. It’s looking like I would be experiencing something close to that also, and I am in the same state as the SSHE kitchens!

  • Daniel Stephens

    I have been on Seattle Sutton’s for just about a month now. I have been getting the meals paid for by a Health Partners weight loss study called BestFIT. Before I get into the details, I’d have to say I would not pay full price for the Seattle Sutton’s service.

    The food is not terrible, but it is not great either. I frequently add hot sauce, or a little salt and/or pepper, I have to track my calories for my weight loss study program and I have noticed in the nutrition facts that the meals are typically high sodium, over 1000mg. which would be higher than the recommended amount for a day after three meals.
    I typically enjoy more exotic food, which is well represented in the meals with plenty of tex-mex, southeast asian and vegitarian meals. My biggest complaints are the unripe/over ripe fruit, salads with all greens but a few shreds of carrot, got sick from a baked potato, the lack of any curry dishes and all breads are served dry (I’m not allowed to add butter due to the study)..

  • Kie Kohl

    I have been using Seattle Sutton sporadically for the past 8 months, and I have found the food to be, for the most part, very edible/tasty, and, that said, they have recently changed some of the (presumably less popular) meals for the better. In addition, the food is of the highest quality of freshness (with fresh fruits and vegetables that meet my ultra high standards of pristineness), and it is REAL food, NOT loaded with artificial ingredients. Yes, it’s a bit pricey, which is why I skip a week or two between my SS weeks. BUT, it is SOOOOO easy to stay on this diet — you don’t have to expose yourself to the temptations of shopping at the supermarket or eating out; instead, you just “go shopping” in your fridge, looking at your SS choices for the week and picking what looks appealing at the moment. I’ve had very good results with the 1200-calorie traditional menu of meals, and have rarely felt overly hungry or deprived. It is important to note that these meals are low fat, low cholesterol, and sodium restricted, and that they contain no harmful additives, no high-fructose corn syrup, and NO trans fat. My weight loss during my “on” weeks eating the SS meals has been very impressive; it almost seemed that there was some kind of chemical reaction going on with the combination of foods that led to even more of a loss than would be expected on a 1200-calorie diet. And on my off weeks, when I try not to undo my progress by eating a lot of big salads and not being “bad,” I haven’t regained much , if ANY, of the weight I’ve lost with Seattle Sutton. As for the low numbers of customers SS serves, that is probably because they don’t seem to market very heavily outside the area where their plant is located. I’m fortunate to live close enough to the Illinois HQ so that meals are delivered by truck twice weekly to my local distributor where I can pick them up. People who aren’t so lucky have to pay (about $18 per week, I think) to have their meals shipped directly to their home. THAT makes the price pretty prohibitive. For me, though, the price is $136 per week (base price of $146 less a $10 coupon my distributor runs regularly). That’s actually less than I’d be spending eating out as much as I would otherwise do. [I believe the Minnesota operation, while following the SS menus, is independent from the main company headquartered in Illinois, and even has its own production plant. I’m pretty sure that offshoot only serves Minnesota.] As you can see, I’m totally sold on Seattle Sutton (which I affectionately call my “lady food” — long story), so I’ve questioned why they don’t expand to having more production plants in other locales so that the diet would be accessible to more people (without the costly shipping expense). Such a fan am I that I traveled to the Ottawa, IL plant from my home in Indiana for their 30th (?) anniversary open house and celebration. Some of Ms. Sutton’s family members are involved in the business with her in Illinois, and I get the impression everyone is content to stay small and just keep doing what they have been doing very well for many years (the above review notwithstanding). Expansion is risky and costly. I just selfishly hope they continue in business in Illinois so I can continue to benefit from the only diet that I have found to be sustainable and successful for me in the long term, and the only diet with prepared foods I could actually stand to eat! I would encourage anyone and everyone needing to lose weight or needing a restricted diet for other health reasons (e.g. diabetes or heart disease) to check out Seattle Sutton online and to try it for a week, even if you have to pay the shipping cost. (If you find it helps you, you can do as I do and skip a week or two in between your SS weeks to cut down on the expense.) It will be well worth your expenditure of $146 – $170, and it could save your life!

  • Chris

    Does not taste good and there is no way to pick and choose deliveries.
    The customer service needs major improvement. When I called to complain they said that I am being unreasonable as this is a small business run by a family. Wait, what??? I am a customer and have they not learned that customers come first always?I mean I do understand some people can be unreasonable and treat you like garbage but all I was asking was to postpone the delivery for a few days as I had to leave the state for a family emergency. I was talked down to and simply wanted to notify the company about the way I was spoken to. If that is how you treat your customers this business will never survive or grow.Was disappointed and would not recommend to anyone!

  • Brian K.

    I did lose weight. I also lost in my waist. I pulled in my belt three loops while on Seattle Sutton. Yes, it is expensive. That is the only reason why I gave it up. I was on the 1200 calorie plan. No, you do not get to choose what you eat but when you cook for yourself, what kind of variety do you cook? The same here and there.

  • Stella

    I like their food…..well prepared and tasty. Nice variety….fresh….fresh…..fresh. I’m on the Vegetarian meal plan.

  • Kim

    actually the cost for 21 meals at 1200 calories from my local distributor is $139.00. They now have a 1500 calorie menu that costs me $149.00. I’ve done it & lost weight. I still go back every now and then when I just don’t feel like cooking and want to eat healthy.

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