Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit Review

Shaklee as a company is known for their tiered way of doing business in the Multi Level Marketing world with the shakes, bars, and nutritional products they offer. They are located out of Pleasanton, CA and they distribute their products worldwide. They have many different products that are used on a daily basis, but this review is going to take a deeper look at their featured 180 Turnaround Kit which is offered in their weight loss section. All over the website, they boast about they products being scientifically tested and proven to work time and time again.

Shaklee 180 Multi Level MarketingShaklee 180 Turnaround Kit The Facts

The 180 Turnaround Kit will cost you anywhere from $$285.00-$320.00 depending on if you are a member or not. Most of the time you HAVE to be a member, so err on the side of the more expensive number for this 4-week weight loss kit. You will receive three canisters of the protein powder better known as “ Life Energizing Shakes.” Two different flavors of “Meal In a Bar” boxes, one box of healthy snack bars loaded with fiber, one box of energizing tea, one metabolic boost supplement, and different program support.

If you want to buy any of the products, you must find an online distributor to go through because this company is a multi level marketing company, which means that people are getting paid a commission when they get new business. These distributors are tied into a monthly auto shipment and must pay to keep their “business” going which can get very expensive if you do not find customers.

Shaklee 180 protein powderWhat’s The Word?

There were reviews done from people who were distributors, but not from actual customers. Overall, the CEO seems to be liked and respected in the company and he has a “do right” mentality. The products are said to be good products, but when you are buying quality you are going to be paying a little more for it. The products and starter packs are very expensive to purchase over and over again. Many people who work with Shaklee stay a long time, as there are good benefits but the work like balance is said to be very poor. If you are looking to be just a customer then you will be fine, but get ready to pay a lot of money for shakes and bars.

Many of the Shaklee customers said they were willing to pay more money for a product that helps them lose weight, but these products are not really guaranteed to work for you (just like anything). The overall vibe was that the reps are just more interested in getting your money, so that they can make money of their own. It becomes less about the person and their weight loss journey and more about just getting a commission check.

Shaklee 180 research on certain ingredientsWhat Does Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit Offer?

On their main website, they offer you an inside look to their research on certain ingredients, but not their products as a whole. I do appreciate the fact that they are providing any research at all, because many companies out there don’t even care. While there are not auto shipments for the customer (thankfully) there are auto shipments in place for the distributors to ensure money is being spent by them each month. This is pressure to sell! The products have been said to taste good, but weight loss was rather hit and miss with people. When you are spending that much money for weight loss it better work! Which brings me to their refund policy on the website. Stated “Shaklee Corporation will accept returns under the Shaklee Guarantee when the products were purchased directly from Shaklee. A refund will be issued for the full amount paid less shipping which the customer is responsible for.”

As you can tell there is no “day limit” on their website which does not make returning clear to the purchasing customer. In order to get your refund you will need to call into 1-800-Shaklee.

  • Quality Product
  • Happy Employees
  • Unclear MBG
  • Expensive Products

Is The Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit Worth A Try?

This kit is very expensive when it is all said and done, so it does not make the purchase as appealing to everyone. The bars, shakes, teas, and snacks are tempting but it is scary to not really know if you will like them before you buy 4 weeks worth. You will be drinking shakes, and eating bars for an entire month! That is a lot to handle for anyone, especially when you are trying to deal with the new change of your diet. Overall, for how expensive all of their kits are running and how much pressure is placed on employees to sell product it just does not seem like the greatest investment long term. While some people like the taste, others sure don’t like the price tag that comes with the products!

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