Six Weeks To OMG Diet Review

The Six Weeks to OMG Diet is one that might appeal more to women, but it is still suitable for men as well. The diet was developed by British actor Venice Fulton. As well as acting, Fulton claims to have over ten years of helping many celebrities lose weight.

The diet focuses on five overall goals which are losing fat, getting toned, a slimming down of the thighs, a flattening of the belly, and keeping skin, hair, and nails healthy. While many of these approaches aren’t new, the way in which Fulton goes about each approach is somewhat unusual. For example, Fulton claims that the body cannot tell the difference between good carbs and bad carbs and even says in one section of the Six Weeks to OMG Diet book that broccoli carbs are worse than soda carbs. He also says that cold showers help burn fat, too much exercise is bad, skipping breakfast before working out is a must, and fruits should be avoided.

According to Fulton though, it is this unusual approach that makes the weight loss success for the Six Weeks to OMG Diet possible. If participants stick to the rules of the Six Weeks to OMG Diet, Fulton promises they will be “skinnier than all their friends,” all in just six weeks.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Six Weeks To OMG Diet?

Weight loss on the Six Weeks to OMG Diet is highly suspect. Though some short-term weight loss might occur, it would likely only be due to a restriction in calories as well as a pickup in the amount of daily exercise one does. However, as for the “tricks” that Fulton teaches, there is no scientific backing to any of the claims for either short-term or long-term weight loss success.

Is the Six Weeks To OMG Diet Easy to Follow?

The Six Weeks to OMG Diet is probably one of the most confusing diets on the market today. Everything that has been taught in regards to weight loss is all but thrown out of the window with this diet and the highly unusual methods suggested by Fulton in the Six Weeks to OMG Diet are not always easy to follow. Furthermore, the Six Weeks to OMG Diet calls for some meals to be periodically skipped as well as certain foods, like fruits, to be totally eliminated. This can lead to overeating and/or giving in to cravings.


The Six Weeks to OMG Diet really seems to take aim at the younger women of the world who wish to compete with their friends in the skinny department. The book itself retails for $24.99, but it is the safety of the advice given that should be the major concern. Some of the advice given seems to make sense, but some seems to make no sense at all and could potentially put a participant at harm. In the end, the Six Weeks to OMG Diet is just another in a long line of fad diets that probably won’t work all that well.


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