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Skinny Magic is a diet pill manufactured by the company Herb Shop, and it is one of several different diet options that they have available to the weight loss seeking customer. The official website from Herb Shop is very cheap looking with no real information about the diet pills offered, so I decided to call in for more information due to the lack thereof. The good thing about Herb Shop is that they do offer a support line to call, or e-mail into regarding Skinny Magic: 1-706-270-0185 or [email protected]. The irritating thing about the company is their lack of professionalism when it comes to knowing the product and the policies. When I asked about a simple return policy, it was like I had asked a question only a mere genius might know the answer to. The representative said that no one had ever returned before, and they most likely would just switch out the product for a similar one if you were unhappy. I really just wanted to know how I could get my money back, and this was not an option unfortunately.

So what are the ingredients in Skinny Magic and what does it claim to do? The company claims these diet pills will energize your day, and control your appetite. It also is said to be a fat burner as well as an effective weight loss supplement. As you can see the claims are not very deep, and there is absolutely no marketing strategies in trying to sell this product other than offer free shipping. Most importantly, they do not provide any studies done as to why their very long ingredient list helps with weight loss.

Skinny Magic Diet pillsIngredients: Niacin, Vitamin B6, B12, Calcium, Magnesium, Chromium, Sodium, Glucurononlactone, caffeine anhydrous, beta-phenylethylamine hydrochloride, citrus aurantium, synephrine, coral calcium, stinging nettle leaf extract, inositol hexanicotinate, apple cider vinegar, theobromine, caffeine, polyphenols, barley grass, kelp, trace mineral complex, vanadium, L-carnitine tartrate, L-glutamine, protease, amylase, lipase, and maqui.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight With Skinny Magic?

Upon calling in, I was uneasy about out right buying the product without knowing if I could get my money back from the actual company that distributes the product. The representative said that if you buy it from a third party distributor such as Amazon you can maybe get your money back a little bit easier. They offer sample packs, which are 10 small packs for $24.00 to try out the supplement. Regarding actual weight loss, when looking at authentic reviews from real customers it was apparent that this diet pill is less than effective for losing weight and gaining energy. Take a look below at what customers had to say about the Skinny Magic Diet pill.

Melissa Monteiro* said “Did nothing for me. Just needed to lose 5 pounds. Waste of 60 dollars.”

I've tried a few of the sample packs and absolutely LOVED the product, gave me lots of energy, didn't get the jitters or that light head feeling.” Abetterme* then went on to say,

“When I purchased a full bottle $59.95 I was very disappointed felt jittery, didn't give that energy I got from the sample packs it just made me feel totally different and not in a good way.” When she then decided to return the supplement because it really did not make her feel well she got no response and was unable to refund. She will not be recommending this product to anyone.

 LB* says, “After taking this product for week I started to have a lot of trouble burping. I felt like I always had trapped air in my chest and it made me feel really uncomfortable, even hurting sometimes.” LB then went on to say that the moment she stopped taking the pills, the burping stopped immediately.

 My friend suggested this weight loss product after she saw results. I can only assume that it, like many supplements or diet pills, affect everyone differently. Not only did I see absolutely zero results from this pill, it made me feel TERRIBLE!” says MerryBerry*. She goes on to explain that she would get chronic dry mouth from the product, which forced her to drink constantly. On top of frequent urination, which was not very convenient being a teacher, she also felt very jittery and miserable. To top it all off, she felt extremely weak and irritable from the pill, and she made a strong point to say that she would not be recommending this diet pill to anyone out there!

Is Skinny Magic Easy To Follow?

Skinny Magic Diet AnxietyYou would think a simple diet pill would be easy to follow, but the directions on the bottle make the supplement seem way more complicated than it actually is. As a recap to what the instructions on the bottle say, you simply will be taking one supplement the first two days 30 minutes before breakfast. During days 3-4 you can up your dosage to one supplement before breakfast, and one before lunchtime. Due to its potency, many people found that two gave them side effects such as frequent urination, upset stomach, jitters, dry mouth, anxiety, and increased heart rate. You are not supposed to take more than three capsules per day, as it could impair your sleep due to all of the caffeine.*

When looking at the Skinny Magic Official Website, it is so basic they do not even tell you why the formula was created, and who the supplement is aimed toward. There are absolutely no clinical studies, or any research for that matter shown as to why this product will help with weight loss in the long term. Overall, it is a very weak showing for both professionalism, and trust when it comes to actually purchasing Skinny Magic.


Skinny Magic Diet Unhappy CustomerThe website alone would deter me from purchasing this diet pill, as I could tell not many bottles were being sold and people just frankly are not losing weight with Skinny Magic. Social Media? No way, they can hardly provide adequate customer service to a simple question upon calling in. On the bright side, they answered the phone, which is better than some other diet companies on the market today. For almost $60.00 dollars a bottle, this pill is overpriced and not proven to be effective toward any weight loss. There were more unhappy customers than happy, which tells you right there that Skinny Magic is a waste of time and money.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary

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