Slim In 6 Review

Slim In 6 Review


Updated on Aug 08, 2019

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Who is it for?
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Slim in 6 is a diet and exercise regimen that is produced by Beach Body and features fitness guru Debbie Siebers. Beach Body has made a name for itself in the fitness world with such popular programs as P90X, Insanity, and Turbo Fire. Like most Beach Body programs, Slim in 6 comes with exercise routines on DVD and a diet guide for participants to follow.

Slim in 6 is primarily meant for women, though there is no mention of men not being able to use the program. The goal is to target the buttocks, thighs, and stomach with the end result being as much as 25 pounds of weight loss in six weeks, all while transforming your body.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Slim In 6 Diet?

If the Slim in 6 program is followed to the letter, then weight loss in the short-term is all but a sure thing. However, long-term weight loss will all depend on a participant’s ability to stay on the healthy eating track set forth by the diet guide as well as to maintain a healthy level of daily exercise. Because the Slim in 6 is such a rigorous program, only those with an iron will likely stick with it for six weeks, let alone a lifetime.

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Is the Slim In 6 Diet Easy to Follow?

Slim in 6 lays everything out in easy to understand language. From what to eat and when, to what workouts need to be done and how, there is nothing lacking in the explanation department. However, that does not mean that Slim in 6 is easy to follow.

The program calls for a very drastic shift in everyday living. This comes first in the form of rigorous exercise, which might be too much for those with little to no exercise experience. It also comes in the way of having to eat in a particular manner, which might also be too rigorous for those who have never been on a healthy eating plan before.

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At only about $50 after shipping, Slim in 6 is a program that could be considered a value, but it would seem to be more fitting for those who are either already used to living a healthy lifestyle or for those who have a good deal of willpower. The majority of those who can successfully change their lifestyle for the better, generally only do so in a manner that is more gradual. They typically have a hard time doing so in the drastic way that Slim in 6 calls for.

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