Slim4Life Diet Review

Slim4Life Diet Review


Update: Dec 27, 2022

6.5 Out of 10
Slim4Life Diet Review
Slim4Life Diet Review
  • Counseling is part of the program.
  • The slim snacks have a lot of protein and very few calories.
  • The program plans their meals around real food.
  • There aren't any ready-made meals.
  • Each person's meal plan is made just for them.

Slim4Life is a weight loss program that has been in business since 1979, and they offer their program in two forms: one-on-one clinic consultations (if you live in Texas, Missouri, Kansas, or Florida) and at-home via telephone consultations. They claim on their website:

Our Weight Loss programs are designed to help you maintain optimal nutritional balance while you lose between three and five pounds per week and to develop healthy eating habits that you can adhere to long after you reach your goal weight.

Slim4Life Claims

Slim 4 Life promises that you will lose weight if you change your lifestyle, especially what you eat.

They also say that the ingredients in their diet plans are easy to find in grocery stores and can be bought and cooked by their clients with little trouble.

But this goes against a list on their main website of growing supplements and nutri-bars that you can’t buy with a membership.

The company thinks that their clients will lose about three pounds per week on average if they strictly follow their Slim 4 Life dieter plan and talk to a personal counselor who will keep an eye on their diet plan.

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How Does The Slim4Life Diet Work?

Slim4Life has weight-loss plans for men, women, and kids over 10 that are made just for them. Fitness and nutrition experts help members reach their fitness and health goals by teaching them how to eat in a healthy way for the long term.

During the program, each member gets personalized counseling. All weight-loss plans are made for each person based on their health profile and take into account any relevant medical conditions and food allergies or restrictions.

Overall, the Slim4Life program uses a well-balanced diet plan that includes foods you can buy at the grocery store, along with Slim4Life weight-loss aids and information on how to choose healthy foods. Members will be able to stay at a healthy weight for the rest of their lives if they know how to eat healthy foods that are easy to get.

The food plan lets you eat up to 1,500 calories per day, but each person’s daily calorie needs are different. It is also flexible and lets you make your own choices, though during the weight-loss phase, you can’t eat some things. Fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, starches, dairy, and fats are all part of the diet, but pre-packaged meals are not.

The membership also comes with Slim4Life supplements, anti-oxidant energy drinks, and snacks for the first four weeks, as well as phone consultations and a tape measure. There are also six-week and ten-week programs.

Exercise isn’t required, but it’s highly recommended if you want to lose 3–5 pounds (1.3–2.3 kg) per week.

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Slim4Life Products

Slim snacks – On the Slim 4 Life website, you can choose from a variety of slim snacks. These are the kinds of snacks that are available:

  • Snack bars
  • Chips
  • Mixes for pudding and soup
  • Crackers
  • Oatmeal

All Slim Snacks are high in protein and low in calories and carbs. Some of their snacks have a lot of fiber as well.

Weight Loss Aids: There are fatty acids, herbal supplements, multivitamins, fiber, sugar and starch blockers, and metabolizers that can help you lose weight. Metabolizers have chromium, niacin, and a mix of guarana, green tea, L-tyrosine, Bitter orange, and Asian ginseng.

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Slim4Life Ingredients


It is a plant that grows in Brazil. It is about the size of a coffee berry. It might help you lose weight by making your metabolism work faster (it contains caffeine). More research has shown that guarana can help with decision making, time management, and task performance. It can also help with working memory.

Green Tea

Catechins are the chemicals in green tea, and epigallocatechin gallate is one of them (EGCG). These catechins, especially EGCG, have been linked to a lower risk of getting cancer, diabetes, and atherosclerosis. They also kill bacteria and viruses.

As for preventing cancer, it has been found that green tea makes cancer cells die by a process called “apoptosis,” which means they die on their own. People with diabetes can’t make or respond to the hormone insulin, which causes their blood sugar levels to be too high. Green tea can help people with diabetes because it acts like insulin and makes the body more sensitive to insulin.


L-tyrosine is an amino acid that is made in the liver and brain. It is not an essential amino acid. Tyrosine is made from the essential amino acid phenylalanine. The catecholamine neurotransmitters in the brain are made from tyrosine, which is an amino acid. Because of what tyrosine does in the body, studies have been done to find out if taking the amino acid as a supplement is helpful. Research has shown that it can help people think better when they are stressed.

Bitter Orange

Some studies show that bitter orange can help people lose weight, but other studies are still not sure. Syneprine, which is found in bitter orange, may raise blood pressure and heart rate. Blockers of both sugar and starch: Salacia oblonga, mulberry, Gymnema, and cinnamon are all in this.

Salacia Oblonga

There is no evidence that it helps people lose weight, but it may help people with type 2 diabetes lower their blood sugar and, in turn, their hemoglobin A1C levels. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition did a study that showed that Salacia oblonga lowered postprandial glucose levels by 14–22% compared to the control group.


Gymnema comes from an Indian, African, and Australian shrub. In the journal Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition, researchers looked at Gymnema to see what benefits it might have, especially for people with diabetes and obesity. In this study, they found that it makes it take longer for the intestine to absorb sugar. Also, the Gymnema molecules stick to the receptors on the taste buds and stop sugar molecules in food from activating them. Also, since less sugar is absorbed, it may cause blood sugar levels to go down.

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Pros and Cons of Slim4Life

Long-term healthy eating is always a great goal for any program to have, especially when it encourages regular grocery foods. And the two-option basis is good as well.

But $400 for one month of supplements and phone calls, six hundred dollars for eight consultations without the supplements and snacks…none of it refundable if it doesn’t work…that’s an awful lot of money for a personalized grocery list! The science isn’t exactly groundbreaking, either. There are enough sources of the same basic information for free on the Web that Slim 4 Life is basically there to get you to buy supplements, snacks, and drink mixes.

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What Users Are Saying

Most people who have tried the Slim4Life program have good things to say about it. Some people have complained, though, that the consultants were more interested in selling the Slim4Life products than in hearing about their allergies.

Read on to see some real member reviews.

(Note: The Slim4Life success stories are where you can find the good reviews, and the Better Business Bureau is where you can find the bad reviews.)

At the age of 48, Scott lost 140 pounds.

I just kept getting heavier and heavier. On the plane, I could barely get my seat belt on. As a paramedic, I need to be very active. People would always say things to me. They called me “the big boy.” Now that I’ve lost 140 pounds, it’s so much easier for me to move around at work and I can fit into tight spaces. My doctor was so happy and happy that I was feeling better. People I know and work with say I look great. The best thing about Slim4Life® is that it has helped me become a better person. Several people have also done this because of what I did. I love how friendly the counselors are. They are really there for you and share your journey.

Valeria, 17, lost 73 pounds.

I was so sad, and because I was so sad, I used to get angry. My parents made comments about how big I was. Because prom was coming up, I wanted to lose weight. When my mother got home, she told me, “You’re going to Slim4Life®.” I feel pretty now that I’ve lost 73 pounds, but I didn’t feel pretty before.

My outlook has changed, and now I feel great and sure of myself. I have a very different view of myself. I used to feel so insecure when I went to school and saw all the pretty girls. Now, everyone tells me I look great and wants to know how I lost all that weight. I wanted to get thinner for prom, and I did! I enjoy the counseling a lot. I was a size 16 when I started Slim4Life®, but now I’m a size 8.

Rose, who is 60, shed 67 pounds.

I didn’t like who I had turned into. I wanted to get away. I was embarrassed by how big I was, so I didn’t do fun things or buy clothes. I went to SIim4Life® and lost 67 pounds. My mind has changed, and now I like myself! I want people to notice me. Now I can walk and go hiking. My knee no longer hurts, and I’m no longer worried about getting diabetes.

My doctor was very happy. Did I want to lose weight for something in particular? Yes, that’s the answer!! I am the big thing!! Now I feel great. “Where did you go?” ask my friends. Only half of you is left, that’s crazy, wow!!” My husband thinks I’m great. We look at old pictures of me, and he can’t believe how big I used to be. So much has changed in my life. I have fewer aches and pains and a very different outlook. I believe in me. I wear a size 4, and what I see in the mirror makes me happy.

From November 2019, Anonymous

I went to Slim4life because I wanted to find a way to lose weight. I told them I have problems with my thyroid and can’t drink coffee. They told me that their products, which contain caffeine, are natural and can’t hurt me. I tried it, but my shoulders and neck hurt too much and were too stiff, and I felt too lightheaded.

I was told that I can’t get my $397 back, which I don’t think is fair because their products seem to have hidden ingredients and too much caffeine. I want to get my money back. I can send their stuff back since it hasn’t even been a week. Thank you.

From June 2019, Anonymous

FALSE ADS AT THEIR BEST. What they’re doing must be against the law, because they’re advertising on all the radio stations that for $66 and 6 weeks, you can lose a lot of weight. Well, I went to a center to ask about that ad, but the manager said she didn’t know anything about it. Then they tried to sell me a plan for more than $500, but they didn’t tell me that the only way for the next 4 months to work for me was if I gave them another $300 each month.

This company is very shady. Yes, they say that if you do exactly what they say, you can lose weight quickly. However, you can only do that if you buy their terrible products, like their snacks, which you have to buy at least three times a week for $17 and up each box. I hope they get in touch with the right lawyer, because it’s sad that they’ve been in business for so long. People have been getting robbed by them for years.

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How Much Does Slim4Life Cost?

The at-home program costs $299 for four weeks, $399 for six weeks, and $599 for ten weeks. The in-clinic is even more expensive, costing over $600 for just the in-person meetings over the course of eight weeks; that price doesn’t include the supplements, vitamins, and snacks. The costs are non-refundable, a big up-front risk.

The company claims the diet is low in fat, sugar, and refined carbohydrates, and high in vitamins, minerals, proteins, fruits, and veggies. Each nutritional plan is individualized to hit your target needs as a dieter, and it can change over time. Exercise is strongly encouraged in the program, increasing activity levels as part of a healthier lifestyle. Slim 4 Life claims an average loss of 3-5 pounds per week. (Most health professionals agree 1-2 pounds a week is ideally safe)

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Is The Slim4Life Diet Safe?

There is nothing inherently dangerous about fresh vegetables and fruits, complex carbohydrates, and lean proteins. And unless you have a soy or MSG allergy, the snacks won’t hurt you, though they are highly processed (ironic from a diet plan touting “regular grocery store foods”). The cost is very high, with no money-back guarantee. Actual reviews from people on this program were generally positive.

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What Can You Eat On Slim4Life?

One reviewer gave a sample of one day on the Slim4Life program:

This is what my diet consists of each day:

  • A TON of supplements: vitamins, metabolizing herbs, essential fatty acids, and carb blockers.
  • I can eat 2 servings of protein a day: lean meat (limited red), chicken, turkey, fish, and limited eggs.
  • 2 servings of starch a day: diet bread, brown rice, or 2 tbsp bran flakes.
  • 2 small fruits.
  • Basically unlimited green veggies, ½ raw, ½ cooked.
  • 2 tbsp of fat-free salad dressing.
  • 1 serving of “lite” fat: mayo or margarine.
  • Herbal tea.
  • Diet seven up.
  • 80 oz of water per day.
  • 2 specials made from the program supplement foods: one is sweet, the other a soup or juice.
  • 2 cups of coffee, with just skim milk and Nutrasweet (only 2 pkts of that per day).
  • ½ tsp low sodium salt (nothing else can have salt in it).
  • Unlimited apple cider vinegar (salad dressing).
  • The juice of 1 lemon.

The user quoted didn’t give their calorie count for the day, but that does seem to be within a reasonable amount to rack up 1500 calories. Slim 4 Life claims its plans are safe for teens and children as young as 8.

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The Bottom Line: Is Slim4Life a Rip-Off or Worth Trying?

In short, Slim4Life has the right message—fresh whole foods, accountability, and physical activity. But their program packaging leaves much to be desired. Some users complained to the BBB website that consultants either did not listen to specified allergy statements or ignored them in favor of pushing S4L products—which can be injurious or even fatal to allergy sufferers.

Their snacks are highly processed soy. They push large amounts of supplements, which should be covered by the fresh foods in the meal plans. And it costs a lot for information already widely available.

That said, if you need the accountability factor and can afford it, Slim4Life is probably not the worst choice out there.

The company is headquartered in McKinney, Texas, with 35 clinics in the above-mentioned states. The company as a whole is not rated on the Better Business Bureau site, though some individual clinics are. Some have A-plus ratings (which simply means they’ve responded to all complaints) and some have no rating (one assumes because there are no complaints on the profile).

6.5 Total Score
Slim4Life Diet Scorecard

  • Counseling is part of the program.
  • The slim snacks have a lot of protein and very few calories.
  • The program plans their meals around real food.
  • There aren't any ready-made meals.
  • Each person's meal plan is made just for them.
  • The slim 4 Life program is made to help people lose between 3 and 5 pounds a week. (It is suggested that you lose 1-2 pounds per week if you want to keep the weight off for good.)
  • At least at first, the amount of calories that is suggested may be too low to be able to follow.
  • Both the products and the program cost a lot of money. (You can easily follow a low-carb, high-protein diet at home for a fraction of what it costs at a health club.)
  • Dietary weight loss aids may interact badly with medications or cause other problems.
  • Due to the cost, it might be hard to keep this program going for a long time.
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  1. u dont have to pay over priced money for the program i did the program and paid only 300 for two months i did and i lost 30 pounds of it. its all about u keeping the weight of when u are done with the program. u have to eat healthy and workout after. Thats what i did. i stopped following their food and ate healtheir because i started lifting weight and needed more food than was in the program. please dont blame the program for paying ridiculous amount they dont force u to pay such. u make such decision as i did.

  2. And the degrees in nutrition and kinesiology, bariatrics, etc of these consultants? If you think salespeople who are “taught” a program are qualified to provide “individual” counseling or have any expertise you really need to learn to be a responsible consumer before giving advice.

  3. I worked there. I was successful. However, I found it is all about money and a cutthroat environment. Employees fight over “the good” clients, those who spend. Employees were shaming struggling clients and we got yelled at if we went over the allotted 10 minute session. I left because I am ethical and took the position because I believed the hype. Employees are not happy and can never have a Monday or Saturday off. I would never recommend program and I did the program. I was thin and looked horrible!

  4. This program is a scam! I went a few months ago; wanted to lose 10-12 lbs; after a ‘conversation’ with the ‘manager’, she even complained they could not keep people and therefore, the staff is not really ‘trained’ right. I signed up for a 6 week program. Before I left, I was stupid enough to drop $344; each week, no loss; the ‘consultant’ never recommended “any” changes to my meals; I followed all their ‘instructions’, no loss. After 4 weeks, I stopped even going in for my “consultations”; waste of my time and money. People that are over weight, if they would change their eating habits/life style, they will lose weight without dropping ‘tons of $’. So Jane, you continue with on with your positive results; I did the research—I did the program! NO LOSS—

  5. I was skeptical about this program at first but I quickly realized that in order to do the unimaginable (lose the weight for good), I had to fully commit. The accountability and support is what this program is all about. Yes, you have to follow the plan but when you commit to something fully, you stick with it. I go to the Lewisville, TX center and they are absolutely the best. Whether we are working through my challenges or celebrating my successes, the Consultants are always right by my side. I couldn’t do this without them, I’ve tried before – Weight Watchers, weight loss surgery(LapBand) and many other programs, pills and exercise regimes along the way. Slim4Life was a great decision for me because i needed the accountability and support. If you are like me, then you should “bite the bullet”, put yourself first for a change and commit to being a happier person and the best person you can be. To date, I’ve lost about 80 lbs and have another 50 to go. I know I can do it, especially with the help of my friends at Slim4Life – Cindy, Allison and Lisa have helped me realize I’m important, my health is important and I am worth it!

  6. I went in for a “FREE” 30 min consultation as advertised on there web site. After arriving I was given there sales pitch and by the end the program was going to cost me approximately $866 for a full year based on the weight I wanted to loose. I wanted to think it over and said I would come back tomorrow, and was told if I didn’t join at that time the price would go up the next day. So in saying it is an aggressive sales oriented program, I would agree. My husband who was with me at the time said no, but I am a spontaneous person, plus I didn’t want to pay a full price, so I joined for the 30 day summer promotion, which ended up costing me approximately $366. I am guaranteed to loose 12lbs in 30 days. I figured why not give it a try. It is very expensive, but I have tried all other diets and have failed. In my 1st week I have lost 8lbs. I am excited and happy about the weight loss, but I will not lie and say it has been easy. first off, they give you a sheet of paper telling you what to take during your fist 5 day cleans, but the information is not organized and really all over the place, so I had to spend a few hours making my supplement and meal plans in advance. After my 5th day, I got a book showing me what plan I would be on and what I was allowed to eat, that too is not very organized, so I had to make my own supplement and meal plan, go shopping and searching for specific foods, and then just learning to eat and take there products correctly. I honestly do not like the taste of the bars,shakes or drink mixes that I required to have each day. I am thinking it is going to have to be an acquired taste, but one i really do not want to acquire. I am a stay at home mom, so I feel it might be easier for me to do this plan, but feel it would be hard for my husband or son, unless they have me cooking and preparing all there foods for them. That in itself is very time consuming. I am going to do my 30 days and learn how to eat properly and exercise. I have seen the results I wanted and if I were able to afford the program I would possibly continue. I have heard you can find the same or comparable supplements they sell, at yoru neighborhood market for a fraction of the cost. I will have to look into that.

  7. I had a horrible experience with Slimgenics. I felt judged but the counselors when I needed their help. Why don;t they hire people that are good and gentle with customers that are going through a very personal and painful experience of dealing with an addiction? Would you say to an alcoholic “too bad, just suck it up!”?

    They have insisted I had to lose 40 pounds to be healthy, which at my age (59) is way more than I would be comfortable or would look good with. I felt like they were set on only making the most money out of me and did not have my best interest at heart.
    I decided not to go with it and simply found a trainer who has been so inspirational and great with helping me in getting healthier. It will be a long road but I am not in any hurry.

  8. Very, very expensive. My daughter and I tried this and lost 25 or more pounds, not in the time they promised, but we did. Then I developed psoriasis and a dermatologist ordered me off all the products. The psoriasis improved dramatically in one day. The Slim4LIfe staff refused to admit fault. My daughter and I also developed anxiety and panic attacks, we were taking ALL their products. They refuse to take responsibility and continued to claim all the while that they are highly trained counselors. Well, their highly trained counselors ignored all our complaints of rashes and panic attacks and anxiety and insomnia. I strongly feel that this program is dangerous. Someone could take their life from the mood swings.

  9. I went from 255 to 198 lbs in 15 weeks. I think eating smaller portions and eating more fruits and vegetables helped as much as the supplements. I am going to stop taking the supplements completely and see if I keep the weight off with proper diet and exercise. Slim 4 Life worked for me but it is expensive like a car payment. The people at Slim 4 Life Shawnee in Kansas are very nice, never pushy or short with me or my wife, who is still successfully losing weight on the plan.

  10. First off- be prepared for high pressure sales people! It is not $99…I ended up purchasing a very basic plan for 8 weeks and it cost me $1300! I only wanted to lose 25 lbs. I do not know why more people don’t complain about this program. I rarely leave reviews but felt compelled to this time. The way they get you, is they sign you up, then tell you, you must purchase all of their supplements and snacks or your guarantee is voided. It is a nightmare if you travel for work, or are vegetarian. I asked about these items and was assured the program would still work. It. Does. Not. Work. Save your money and look into Keto. Peace.

  11. Currently on the program. Have lost 70 pounds and been extremely satisfied with my counselors and the much needed encouragement necessary for weight loss. The program is quite expensive. I have taken advantage of “free week” challenges and plan to continue the program through maintenance. My goal was to safely, not quickly lose weight. I have set my own goals and stuck to it. I needed the personal counseling. If you are self motivated you need not spend this much in order to lose weight. For me, it has been the answer.

  12. I think the program could be better. I was offered a program but they didn’t have all the supplements available for me to begin and didn’t have an expected date for arrival. Also, the supplements I was given weren’t enough for the duration of the plan. I was told I would have to re-purchase supplements in order to finish successfully. This made me anxious but I started the plan with what I had. If i had it to do over, I would wait because it now seems like it’s about money more than my health.


  14. Great staff especially Alex and Courtney are exceptional. One issue I have is the water in the restroom only runs cold how are we supposed to stay safe and slow the spread of Corona if there is no hot water. Also I think all restrooms should have paper towels if not when you exit you have to touch the handle of the people prior to you. What do they have on there hand? Other than that all good!

  15. They charge so much money for just a diet and they charge you to sign in on their program and then they force you to buy there pills and their snacks and everything and if you don’t want to by them they give you an attitude it’s just a rip off. That first day they at so nice until they get your money and then they don’t even know you. Don’t waste your money..

  16. Accountability is main reason I chose Slim4Life; That said it is very expensive; (1700.00 plus) when I went in for initial consult; emphasis was placed on guarantee you will lose the weight; able to eat regular foods HOWEVER one must purchase their snacks and supplements to substantiate the guarantee….AND you will be given the idea that if you sign up that day how much you will save….a very nice sheet is presented with cost……I realize staff is trained to use these tactics and I am sure they have to meet a quota but just be real…..AGAIN I chose this program; another thing may want to ask is if supplements are FDA approved and compatible with prescribed medications

  17. I went to Slim4Life in response to their TV Ad-
    6 weeks for $66! I was so excited to try the program!! $66 was affordable and if it worked could sign up for longer time!!! But–;

    When I told lady, I was interested in that special I was quickly deterred from that discussion and only talked to about another option and was quickly convinced that it was what I needed!!!

    I told her I couldn’t afford the additional cost of all the supplements each month $350-$400 in addition to the SEVERAL hundred dollars for the program itself!!!!
    I was told it was ok-that I could purchase supplements and snacks as acceptable substitutions from grocery store!!

    But, Later, after non-refundable payment was made, I was informed that not really any supplements or snacks can be used as substitutions!! That for guaranteed weight loss–have to purchase their products!!!

    I have a lot of weight that I need to lose and they played on that fact!!! I fell for their unfair tactics- (bait and switch)–hook,line and sinker!!
    Shame on me for being trusting!! By the way, the supplements had serious side effects and couldn’t use them!!!

    I’m only posting to inform people to just BEWARE!!!

    I just saw another tv ad that people can lose up to 100 pounds for $99!!

    If you’re interested in that special to try the program– please be sure to stay on only that discussion!!! Be sure to get what you’re interested in!!! Stay focused and don’t allow the discussion to be changed!!!

    Don’t get pulled into a very costly mistake like I was!!! Thank you!!

  18. What is your phone number I do not want this product

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