Slim4Life Diet Review

Founded in 2003, and based primarily out of Colorado, Slimgenics – formerly known as “Slim4Life” – offers a personalized program to help individuals reach their weight loss goals. Because this program demands someone to enroll and have a consultation meeting to get started, the website simply “drips” instead of “pours” information to the viewer. The three phases of their program are:

  1. The Step Plan: This is where the client receives guidance for step-by-step meal planning.*
  2. Personalized Supplementation: The client’s program advisor will evaluate their weight loss needs and recommend certain supplements to aid weight loss.*
  3. One-On-One Support: The client is able to meet with their advisor for sessions and support.*

I called into the Slimgenics support line and spoke with a representative. She was eager to get me signed up right away, and you could tell the company was very sales focused. She was not very informative, and did not want to answer basic questions like costs of the programs and if there was a money back guarantee. When she did not want to answer my question, she diverted me to the person who could sign me up by getting my e-mail address.* After reviewing other articles, the program’s cost however was very expensive! The program can cost an upwards of $2,000.00 to get started. Ouch.*

counselingIt is very expensive and more of a hassle than a help in the long run. It is more of a financial investment program with an advisor, and expensive supplementation and snacks. There is a no refund policy, and you have to go in for consultation meetings to get “sold” on why you should invest an incredible amount of money.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On Slim4Life?

If you are willing to invest the money to have the side-by-side help, you may lose weight in the process. When you are spending thousands of dollars to participate in a weight loss program, you better see some weight come off! Nowhere on the website does the company provide an in depth explanation on why the program works scientifically. The real question is if it is worth the investment, as it has not been proven to work better than other more cost effective diets out there.* The reviews outside of their website seemed genuine and informational:

Jenna* said, “Honestly, it can get VERY expensive. I signed up a few weeks ago and I paid a total of about $3,400. The initial charge was $646, which covers the one-on-one consultations and the help from the counselors, and SOME of the thermo snacks and supplements. Depending on the plan you would be on, you would have to eat 2-3 “thermo snacks” per day and those can get expensive.” She then went onto say that they will offer you a discounted rate if you buy them in bulk at the very beginning to save money. The problem with that was the fact that she did not like the food at all, and she is now trying to sell it all on Craiglist to reclaim some of her lost money.  

There is a review that we found from Tammy who was actually a true insider working for the company.

I applied to be a “weight loss counselor” with Slim 4 Life because I thought I would actually be a “weight loss counselor”, when in reality, I became a sales attendant. After reading all about LA Weight Loss on this site, I began realizing something; the practices are all the same. Every single client that comes through the door is a dollar sign, not a person.

scamThey used deceptive marketing practices I couldn't agree with. For example, when someone calls to ask a question on the cost, the correct way to answer that question is to ask other questions and go into the phone script. Then, if there are still cost questions, the answers are all supposed to point to the famous, “Service fees are only $9 a week!” But then when someone comes in for their “free” consultation, they find out that they have to pay it all up front, plus buy $270 worth of products, as the “starter kit”.

Then, there was this person who wanted a refund because she was allergic to something in the bars, or supplements as they are called at Slim 4 Life. No one would give her a refund, or an exchange for other products, because she didn't have a doctor's letter telling what the allergy was. She was expected to sell the dang bars to people in the lobby! How absurd is that??

The owners wanted their employees to go along with the whole charade and lie to the customers. It's all about who can sell the most. Even when someone sold a lot of products and services and was with the company for 6 years, they fired her because she wanted to make the company better and make positive changes. “It's been this way all the time, so we can't change it now”.” – Tammy – Oakdale, Minnesota*

A former advisor mentioned there is a high turnover rate at the Slimgenics locations, so the customers could lose an advisor halfway through their 28-week course. Slimgenics is a sales-focused company and they have a high turnover rate, so customers don't trust them with their health long term.

Is Slim4Life Easy To Follow?

There are a couple of factors that could make Slimgenics harder to follow than other diet programs.* Cost is a huge factor here, as many of the snacks and supplements can be expensive. For example, one Thermo Meal costs $29.00 for one meal. If you need two of these per week, you can see how it can add up. Because you meet with a counselor, they take the thinking out of it for you. In the long term, if you are solely reliant on this program to lose weight, it will cost a lot of money for the personal advisors and counseling sessions.

This may be a good short-term fix, but it is a serious investment and takes willpower and commitment on the buyer’s part. The next reason is simply convenience. The Slimgenics program requires weekly meetings and check ups (if you live in the locations of the clinics). This can be time consuming and inconvenient for those with busy schedules. Regarding the side effects from this program, each individual is going to be on a different plan, so the food and supplement effects will vary. Some have spoken out about the lack of exercise Slimgenics promotes, which can essentially be a side effect that results in low energy and an overall out-of-shape appearance.*


When looking into their social media accounts, it was rather shocking to see the low number of participation and likes the company got on Facebook. They post every few days, and only get a couple of likes per post. Mirroring Facebook, Twitter had a low number of followers and activity, based on how large the company is in general. Finally, Pinterest had a small number of followers, and an even smaller number of pins and boards. This company clearly does not take their social media accounts seriously.

social mediaBecause Slimgenics is a program-based clinic, it is not offered anywhere else but at their locations in Colorado, Missouri, Ohio, and Minnesota. Because they do not offer any refunds whatsoever, it is a serious monetary commitment. I do not like the major cost involved in the Slim4life program, and the fact that you need to be evaluated and seen by an advisor before getting your plan is just the beginning to the large time commitment. I believe there are many other hassle free diet programs out there that can get you the results without all of the fuss.*

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.