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5.1 out of 10

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Around for almost 40 years, Slim4Life provides nutritional advice, a diet plan and numerous required supplements and other products as part of its weight loss program. What exactly is the Slim4Life Diet and what does it claim beyond, you know, being slim for life? [1]

Besides the costly and requisite supplements and foods, what’s distinctive about this diet is it’s best done in one of the Slim4Life centers, given it’s the coaching that most users agree makes it doable. While Slim4Life corporate headquarters is in Independence, Missouri, there are 35 locations in four states, so unless you live in four US metro areas, you’re doing this diet online (which has its pros and cons.) The Slim4Life locations are in:

  • Florida (five in the Jacksonville metro area)
  • Kansas and Missouri (10 locations in the Kansas City metro area)
  • Texas (20 sites in the Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio metro areas.) [2]

Slim4Life Centers have their own Better Business Bureau ratings, which range from B-minus in Florida to A-plus in Kansas City, but there’s no information available on the customer complaints—though most of them were marked “completed” without any details. The review ratings are generally positive.

Costs for the plan vary, depending on your tailored program, but it’s pricey. Some details are below under “The Plan.”

Slim4Life Diet Claims

“It works! It’s fast! Lasting Results!” [1]

“Our weight loss programs have been designed by a team of medical doctors, nutritionists, and counseling psychologists. Slim4Life Weight Loss originated 38 years ago, in 1979. Since then, we have helped thousands of people to lose weight and achieve the body they deserve – and to create good eating and lifestyle habits to keep the weight off. Our systems have undergone many improvements since their inception, and we continually strive to better serve our clients to overcome their weight loss challenges. We are well known in our communities by the numerous doctor referrals as well as doctor participation in Slim4Life.” [1]

“Slim4Life works because our custom weight loss plans are plans worth following. Programs are tailored to meet your individual weight loss needs and lifestyle. This includes eating regular grocery store foods that you can prepare at home with your family or eat out at most restaurants. Programs include one-on-one counseling at our weight loss centers, as well as programs for those who prefer to do it all from home.” [1]

If you live near one of the Slim4Life centers, you get a free consultation so you can “learn how Slim4Life Weight Loss can help you lose weight and keep it off.” Claimed to be done without pressure, an assessment is done based on your weight loss goals and off you go…after swiping your card for a chunk of money. That, too, we’ll get to shortly. [1] claims you’ll “lose up to 3 to 5 a week with one-on-one individual programming supports, personal counseling” and they guarantee results if you regularly visit a center and buy all the supplements. [3]

The Slim4Life Diet Plan

The process begins with a personalized consultation with an “expert” (whether this person is a qualified dietician or nutritionist is unclear) who educates clients on healthy eating and making good food choices. Okay, fair enough. But only this initial consult is free; going forward things begin to get pricey and dicey.

Because following the consult—where weight loss goals are explored and a calorie-restricted diet is planned—comes the “no pressure” sales pitch for the required supplements, which are not cheap. Quite the opposite.

Besides an eating plan and coaching, the foundation of the program is Slim4Life products; supplements, meal replacement drinks and shakes, bars, and snacks. [4]

Slim4Life supplements include: [4]

  • The $150 Metabolizer with ingredients include guarana, ginseng, and nutmeg. It’s supposed to kick-start your metabolism, burn fat and get lean muscle tone, which sounds suspicious as the program has no exercise component.
  • The $40 Slim 700 carb blocker, which is generally known to be ineffective
  • The $40 Slim EFA, essentially fish oil; fatty acids-Omega 3, 6 and 9, which in this case—based on their labeling—may come from anchovies or sardines. Honestly, you’re better off eating fresh fatty fish a few times per week.

And plenty more.

For the at-home dieter, there’s the $463 4-week pack of supplements, meal replacement drinks, and Slim4Life snacks. The 6-week package is $677. The 10-week program, $1046, comes with a phone consultation and individual calories-per-day diet plan, and phone counseling (it’s unclear how often those sessions last and their frequency), a nutrition planning booklet, and a measuring tape. And the kit comes 10 weeks’ worth of the supplements, a multi-vitamins, some energy drinks and ‘Slim Snacks.’ The at-home programs packages are not refundable and you cannot substitute anything in the packages. Shipping is free with Slim4Life if your order is more than $150. [4]

Then there are snack bars, soup mixes, salad dressings (packaged in single portions), pudding mixes, smoothies, water flavor mixes, hot chocolate mix, cracker- and chip-type snacks, and even a cappuccino drink mix. Not a one of which runs for less than $17 for seven servings. [4]

Also, if you check out the Nutrition Facts on the labels, the sodium content of most of these products is pretty high. [4]

NOTE: Slim4Life’s “guarantee” is only good if you purchase all the supplements they “recommend” for you.

At the time of enrollment, your Slim4Life Weight Loss Service Guarantee is calculated based upon your medical history and goal weight. Your Slim4Life Weight Loss Service Guarantee is valid as long as you visit the center regularly, take treatment weeks consecutively, and follow all the guidelines as instructed. If, abiding by these conditions, you do not reach your goal weight in the amount of time specified in your Slim4Life Weight Loss Service Guarantee, Slim4Life Weight Loss will continue your program until you have lost the amount of weight specified without any additional charge for our services. Please note that the cost of nutritional supplements and other weight loss products are not included in this guarantee. [5]

So they won’t reimburse you for anything. They just won’t charge you any more consultation fees until you reach your goal. And you’ll still be buying the supplements and foodstuffs.

The Science Behind the Slim4Life Diet makes no bones about it: diets that include myriad dietary supplements are suspect and should be avoided.

Dieters are always searching for the food, pill, or potion that will help them lose weight, but unfortunately, there are no such miracle ingredients. Be leery of any plan that recommends a shelf full of supplements enzymes, or potions, especially if you purchase them from the diet book author or company. [5]

“You don’t need expensive supplements” says Dawn Jackson-Blatner, RD (Registered Dietician), a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association (ADA). “If you want to take a once daily multivitamin for nutritional insurance, that is fine, but otherwise, we recommend you get your nutrients from food.” [5]

Word on the Street About the Slim4Life Diet

Since Slim4Life has a pretty active Facebook page with several thousand followers, going there for Slim4Life reviews and commentary made sense. There’s lots of information and they post regularly. The page also features reviews. I’m often dubious of these, because anything can be removed or deleted. Of the 100 reviews, 84 are 5-star, which makes you go, “Hmmm.” But there are a handful of critical reviews, and those are particularly pointed and detailed. [6]

Like “Monica,” who said she felt abandoned by the program she attended in Texas. “I lost 40 lbs. and never reached my goal by 1 lbs., so I never was given instructions to maintain and keep weight off. I felt I paid a lot of money and they gave up on me. Very disappointed.” [7]

“Brian” was also displeased:

Very disappointed. Very expensive. Well short of the guaranteed loss, consistently hungry, no energy, and crabby. 6 weeks 15 lbs but gaining now even on 1000-1200 calories. The counsellors are great people, very kind. Don’t expect them to understand metabolism and what a very low calorie does to it. They are led to believe that the supplements prevent the drop in metabolic rate. Sorry but how else do you explain gaining weight on 1200 calories a day? [7]

“Teresa” was candid and her experience was perhaps a cautionary tale. She said she spent $1,700 and “regret it every day.” Her review is detailed, long and very critical and accusatory. Because the guaranteed weight loss is only guaranteed if you make all the supplement purchases she admits “… fell for it. So I’m out $1700 …I feel stupid and very disappointed.” [7]

Quite a few people commented on her post commiserating and agreeing.

“Sara” said Slim4Life is “a total bait and switch scam! They should just be honest about the cost upfront and it really costing at least around $4,000…” [7]

Many people, even fans of the program, complain about the cost—which seems to run anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

“Donna” said,

Not sure how to rate the company but as far as advertising I would rate that poor because I was misled to believe that $40 included the entire weight loss service. But after the consultation and again stating $40 for everything the price drastically went up, $366 the low end and. $546 the high. I just wish they would cater to folks that are on a budget. And then the lady told me once I leave out the door the price will go up to $1,200. SMH. [7]

But others praised both Slim4Life products and the diet, like “Bob,” who encouraged dieters to stick with it.

Lowering your intake of food is only part of what you will learn. Don’t forget it’s a total lifestyle change, you will gain it back if you don’t change your habits. That is why I recommend you try and stick with it for at least 6 months. Old habits are hard to change. Good habits will last you a lifetime. [7]

Bob is a fan. As are many others. In fact, the vast majority of reviewers loved the diet. But, of the forty or so reviews  read, most people agreed that actually going to a Slim4Life site for coaching and encouragement was the reason they’d stuck with it. Not unlike Weight Watchers, which has been consistently ranked as one of the all-time best diets, it’s the real-life support of real people in a real location that seems to make a big difference.

Slim4Life Texas locations have quite a few fans that have even posted photos with their reviews on Yelp. [8]

Like “Julie C.” After seeing her pictures, you’ll be a believer. “Julie C.” documented her stunning 120-pound weight loss and swears by Slim4Life—but in particular, her weight loss coach at the Mesquite, Texas, center. She started the program in December of 2015 and as of her last update in March of 2017, she said her previously very high blood pressure is normal, she no longer has back pain and gives all praise to a particular person. “I feel and look great! Thanks to all my Slim4Life counselor in the Mesquite office for helping me change my lifestyle.” [9]

The Bottom Line: Is the Slim4Life Diet Worth a Try?

Risky. Stay away unless you live in one of the regions where there’s a center and you find an awesome coach. Or you have a lot of disposable income. Otherwise, eat healthy food and exercise. With the thousands you’ll potentially save by not doing this diet, you could hire a personal trainer.

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  • Lola Igga

    u dont have to pay over priced money for the program i did the program and paid only 300 for two months i did and i lost 30 pounds of it. its all about u keeping the weight of when u are done with the program. u have to eat healthy and workout after. Thats what i did. i stopped following their food and ate healtheir because i started lifting weight and needed more food than was in the program. please dont blame the program for paying ridiculous amount they dont force u to pay such. u make such decision as i did.

  • celticcoll

    And the degrees in nutrition and kinesiology, bariatrics, etc of these consultants? If you think salespeople who are “taught” a program are qualified to provide “individual” counseling or have any expertise you really need to learn to be a responsible consumer before giving advice.

  • Judith Williams

    I worked there. I was successful. However, I found it is all about money and a cutthroat environment. Employees fight over “the good” clients, those who spend. Employees were shaming struggling clients and we got yelled at if we went over the allotted 10 minute session. I left because I am ethical and took the position because I believed the hype. Employees are not happy and can never have a Monday or Saturday off. I would never recommend program and I did the program. I was thin and looked horrible!

  • Mitchell Seffens

    I lost about 80 lbs. in 30 weeks however it cost me a lot of money and when I stopped using their products I gained it all back within a couple of years.

  • Ali

    I went in for a “FREE” 30 min consultation as advertised on there web site. After arriving I was given there sales pitch and by the end the program was going to cost me approximately $866 for a full year based on the weight I wanted to loose. I wanted to think it over and said I would come back tomorrow, and was told if I didn’t join at that time the price would go up the next day. So in saying it is an aggressive sales oriented program, I would agree. My husband who was with me at the time said no, but I am a spontaneous person, plus I didn’t want to pay a full price, so I joined for the 30 day summer promotion, which ended up costing me approximately $366. I am guaranteed to loose 12lbs in 30 days. I figured why not give it a try. It is very expensive, but I have tried all other diets and have failed. In my 1st week I have lost 8lbs. I am excited and happy about the weight loss, but I will not lie and say it has been easy. first off, they give you a sheet of paper telling you what to take during your fist 5 day cleans, but the information is not organized and really all over the place, so I had to spend a few hours making my supplement and meal plans in advance. After my 5th day, I got a book showing me what plan I would be on and what I was allowed to eat, that too is not very organized, so I had to make my own supplement and meal plan, go shopping and searching for specific foods, and then just learning to eat and take there products correctly. I honestly do not like the taste of the bars,shakes or drink mixes that I required to have each day. I am thinking it is going to have to be an acquired taste, but one i really do not want to acquire. I am a stay at home mom, so I feel it might be easier for me to do this plan, but feel it would be hard for my husband or son, unless they have me cooking and preparing all there foods for them. That in itself is very time consuming. I am going to do my 30 days and learn how to eat properly and exercise. I have seen the results I wanted and if I were able to afford the program I would possibly continue. I have heard you can find the same or comparable supplements they sell, at yoru neighborhood market for a fraction of the cost. I will have to look into that.

    • consumerscompare

      Hi Ali, thank you for your honest feedback, we appreciate it and hope you can find something that works for you and is a little bit more reasonably priced. Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with.

  • consumerscompare

    Dear Lori, please contact Slim4Life at 1 816 730 7546 directly.

  • consumerscompare

    Dear Jane, thank you for your comment. No, we have not tried the program ourselves but our reviews on Slim4Life or any other diet program are based on collecting customer experiences and information provided on the official site. If you see any inaccuracies please feel free to post a reply and we will be happy to reflect that on the Silm4Life review.

  • Howard Lund

    Let me give you the perspective of someone who has gone through the Slimgenics program, not just inquired and making conclusions. I have lost over 150 lbs on the Slimgenics program.

    I will start with your false statements:

    1st, the cost of Meal Replacement Drinks, they are priced at $25 for 7 drinks, not $29 each.

    2nd, would be your “more of a hassle than a help in the long run” statement, that is absurd for you to say, you are clueless of how much of a “Help” Slimgenics is for us that complete the program.

    3rd, “they have a high turnover rate, so customers don’t trust them.” FALSE! The centers like to rotate the Advisors among the different centers to allow the clients to gain perspective, advice and general guidance from different people. This was great for me as I could pull certain pieces of advice from the different Advisors, helping me make a more complete educational experience.

    You keep going back to cost and money. I do not regret or question one dollar I paid them for the service, snack and supplements. The education that I received to make me continue to make healthy eating choices was well worth the money alone. I think the cost is very inexpensive when you look at what you get. I too made the decision to buy everything up front to take advantage of the savings. So yes, I gave them 6K to get started and change my life forever! Best decision ever made and worth every red penny!!

    4th, ” it is a serious investment and takes willpower and commitment on the buyer’s part”. Well NO SHIT! What the heck do you expect? Can you just write a check, snap your fingers, and live at a healthy weight forever??? Of course not. This might be the most ridiculous statement you made in the entire post.
    If you are tired of living over-weight, and need the assistance of One-ON-One counseling, Nutritional education to learn to make healthy food choices and the support of others going through the same struggles as yourself, I highly recommend the Slimgenics Program as a Safe and Healthy approach to losing the weight and maintaining the new you forever. Do not take the above article for nothing more than the opinion of an under-informed member of this website.

  • Greg

    Thanks for the insightful info. Very helpful!

  • Patricia Logan

    I had a horrible experience with Slimgenics. I felt judged but the counselors when I needed their help. Why don;t they hire people that are good and gentle with customers that are going through a very personal and painful experience of dealing with an addiction? Would you say to an alcoholic “too bad, just suck it up!”?

    They have insisted I had to lose 40 pounds to be healthy, which at my age (59) is way more than I would be comfortable or would look good with. I felt like they were set on only making the most money out of me and did not have my best interest at heart.
    I decided not to go with it and simply found a trainer who has been so inspirational and great with helping me in getting healthier. It will be a long road but I am not in any hurry.

  • Beth Ross

    Very, very expensive. My daughter and I tried this and lost 25 or more pounds, not in the time they promised, but we did. Then I developed psoriasis and a dermatologist ordered me off all the products. The psoriasis improved dramatically in one day. The Slim4LIfe staff refused to admit fault. My daughter and I also developed anxiety and panic attacks, we were taking ALL their products. They refuse to take responsibility and continued to claim all the while that they are highly trained counselors. Well, their highly trained counselors ignored all our complaints of rashes and panic attacks and anxiety and insomnia. I strongly feel that this program is dangerous. Someone could take their life from the mood swings.

  • Bonnie Feldgreber-Feldman

    I just started it and it is expensive, not sure how long I will last but it does work. I am just wondering if there are other alternatives to their pricey products ie:snack, and suppliments?


    I want these asshole to stop sending me unsolicited e-mails about this shit product. I didn’t ask for them and they are illegal in Canada

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