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Slimax Garcinia Review 2020 - Rip-Off or Worth To Try? Here is Why..

Slimax Garcinia Review
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Slimax Garcinia Overview

And Nutra-whatever is back again with another Garcinia Cambogia supplement.Slimax Garcinia markets fat loss and weight loss, energy and your dream body, blah, blah, blah, because it’s just too darn hard to get up off the couch and eat an apple instead of a donut.

They lure you in with a promise of a free trial for “just the cost of shipping and handling”—$4.95 in this particular case. But then they nail you with a scam buried in the fine print

This pill is manufactured by the company Slimax, but the photos and text on the rather bland website are the same as several other of these supplements. When you click on more information, it leads you to Nutra Support. No supplement label, no ingredient list, just an unknown amount of 60 percent concentrate G. cambogia.   They lure you in with a promise of a free trial for “just the cost of shipping and handling”—$4.95 in this particular case. But then they nail you with a scam buried in the fine print:

Your membership starts off with a fee of $4.95 to enroll you in the program and receive your first 30 day supply. After that you will be billed $74.73 plus $4.95 shipping per month until you call customer service at 855-205-2446 to cancel your membership. [1]

This is actually ten dollars cheaper than most of Nutra-whatever’s pseudo-brands. I suppose they think occasionally they should break up the monotony or something. You have fourteen days from the day you order, not receive, to cancel before they slap your credit card with that $80. This is called “negative option marketing” [2]  Company Contact Information: Nutra Support, New Castle, DE 19720. Phone: 855-205-2446. Email: [email protected].

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Slimax Garcinia Claims

Slimax Garcinia Cambogia solves the weight loss dilemma without diet or exercise! This formula may seem like it is cutting edge, but the key ingredient is an ancient remedy. …

“…the claims Slimax makes stretch the credibility of even the most consummate denier.”

Imagine that all you had to do to lose weight was take a pill? Sounds pretty far out and futuristic right? Well, the future is now and Slimax is the solution. … The modern age is far too busy and tiring for those without excessive energy and motivation to adopt a fitness lifestyle. Thanks to Slimax Garcinia Cambogia you can burn fat effortlessly! [3]

While I realize we seem to live in a world of “alternative facts” these days, the claims Slimax makes stretch the credibility of even the most consummate denier. When you can choose an apple over a donut at any Seven-Eleven on any corner in America, when you can simply park ten spots further out at the mall, when you can take the stairs once a day over the elevator…our “modern age” has plenty of easy ways to start a “fitness” lifestyle. There is no miracle pill, and by now we all know that.

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Slimax Garcinia Ingredients

The only ingredient Slimax touts is its 60 percent HCA (hydroxycitric acid, the active ingredient in G. cambogia) extract, but doesn’t say how much of that extract is in each pill. There’s no supplement facts label available, and no pictures of the back of the bottle. Never a good sign.

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The Science (or Lack Thereof) Behind Slimax Garcinia

Slimax’s wild claims to the side, let’s look at some general G. cambogia science.  From a scientific standpoint, G. cambogia isn’t a miracle pill. It’s not a fat melter. It’s not speed for your metabolism. But it’s not entirely useless, either.

What many of the studies compiling this meta-review also found is a short-term effect for appetite suppression

What G. cambogia does seem to be is a mild-to-moderate appetite suppressant as a result of HCA’s ability to stimulate production and release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter in our brains usually associated with “feeling good.” Serotonin can also send messages to our brains that we’re “full.”   A meta-study (review of all current literature for the purpose of a summary) published in the 2011 Journal of Obesity states

HCA is usually marketed as a weight loss supplement either alone or in combination with other supplements.  Some authors have suggested that HCA causes weight loss by competitively inhibiting the enzyme adenosine triphosphates-citrate-lyase. HCA has also been reported to increase the release or availability of serotonin in the brain, thereby leading to appetite suppression. [4]

What many of the studies compiling this meta-review also found is a short-term effect for appetite suppression and some help with weight loss—though more as result of appetite suppression and not so much as a fat burner in its own right.

“G.cambogia did come under fire in 2009 when the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) identified the consumption of an HCA-containing supplement as a possible cause of liver damage.”

It might be called a fat inhibitor,though. In several studies HCA has been shown to inhibit an enzyme—ATP citrate lyase—whose primary purpose is to convert carbohydrates into fat. If I understand the science correctly, this is the result: by inhibiting this enzyme, the carbs apparently stay carbs and get burned before any stored fat gets burned (the body always burns carbs first). So while that does nothing for weight loss—you still have to reach the point where the body has no carbs left to burn before it starts burning fat—it might help in preventing further weight gain[5]  But even this conclusion has a few issues left to resolve.

None of [the studies reviewed] have shown whether these effects persist beyond 12 weeks of intervention. Therefore, there is still little evidence to support the potential effectiveness and long-term benefits of G. Cambogia extracts. [5] (emphasis added)

G.cambogia did come under fire in 2009 when the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) identified the consumption of an HCA-containing supplement as a possible cause of liver damage. But several studies have indicated that HCA itself, and thus G. cambogia, may not be the culprit. Dr. Sidney J. Stohs, Pharmacy PhD from the University of Nebraska, and colleagues reported that while some cases of toxicity and specifically liver damage had been associated to the consumption of this brand of products, it was premature to blame HCA for that damage; mainly because some of the products tested did not contain HCA, but did contain up to 20 other ingredients. So while HCA might be involved, there was no conclusive evidence of such. [6] [7] [8]  Other studies, by Dr. Stohs and others, suggest that a moderate dosage of G. cambogia (HCA) by itself—with no other added ingredients—is safe, barring other pre-existing health problems: the maximum daily safe dosage was determined as 2800 mg/day (I assume 60 percent concentration, the most common concentration used in supplements, but the abstract didn’t specify). Of course, research is ongoing. [8] [9] [10]

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Word On The Street About Slimax Garcinia

Like all of the Nutra Support and Nutra Pure pseudo-brands, the only direct reviews you get are on the sales page itself, which are automatically suspect because the marketer controls them. Slimax isn’t sold on Amazon or anywhere else except their website. So I went looking in the comments section of other reviews.

I just went through hell and back for them to offer 50 and 75% off future orders, and never give me a refund.

Not surprisingly, I found folks angry over being suckered out of their money. On the SupplementPolice.com review comments, one stood out, from “Debbie Brown” (2016):

Just took 4 days of the product and saw the large amount that was taken out of my CHECKING account. The guy told me the 14 days start at the time ordered. I have to say they have it down on how to stick it to you. [11]

On the YourWeightLossAidreview, “Dani” (2016) was even more irate:

Trust me, they aren’t gonna give you anything back. I just went through hell and back for them to offer 50 and 75% off future orders, and never give me a refund. I begged them to cancel my account and it took a million offers and no’s for them to get the point and cancel the account. Still will never get the refund for two 80$ purchases. It’s a load of crap and I want everyone to know about it. All they want to do is scam you!! [12] 

“Kathleen Meehan” (2016) offered a ray of hope, but caution as well:

“If you click to an order page, scroll down. If you see Nutra Support or Nutra Pure, run away immediately.”

“I too fell prey to this scam. I called the number listed above and they offered a 35% discount, then 50% discount, finally agreed to give me back the money and ‘close the account’. I should have known better, but i was quite frankly sucked in by the endorsement by Melissa McCarthy. I would even pay them if it worked, but I have lost zero weight! When you call you must be assertive that you are returning the product and contacting your bank to reverse the charges. Each time the operator puts you on hold to talk to the supervisor they come back with an offer for a discount, until finally they agree to remove the charges. Don’t take no for an answer.” [12] 

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The Bottom Line: Is Slimax Garcinia Worth A Try?

Definitely, definitely not. If you click to an order page, scroll down. If you see Nutra Support or Nutra Pure, run away immediately. G. cambogia supplements can be found at Amazon.comGNC.comVitaminShoppe.com and in practically every pharmacy department at the store of your pick. For less than $20. To be safe, try to find one without other ingredients added (the supplement label lists only G. cambogia), and stick to a maximum of 2800 mg a day. But be aware it’s not anything even remotely close to a miracle pill. Slimax Garcinia lies.

3.5 Total Score
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