Slimgenics Review

Slimgenics Review


Update: Jul 11, 2024

5.7 Out of 10
Slimgenics Review
Slimgenics Review

Is SLIMGENICS Effective?

They have an organized business model with advisors, meal plans, and supplements. On top of that, they provide counselors and support groups along the way, but don’t be fooled because that will cost you a pretty penny. There are a couple of factors that could make Slimgenics harder to follow than other diet programs. Cost is a huge factor here, as many of the snacks and supplements can be expensive. For example, 1 Thermo Meal costs $29.00 for one meal. If you need two of these per week, you can see how it can add up. This cost is on top of your grocery bill! A few of their products involved in the STEP- At Home Program solely Slimgenic Products:

  • Nutritional guides with instructional videos, product catalogs, and food journals
  • Powders
  • Protein Bars
  • Detox Shakes
  • Liquid Vitamin D
  • Omega Slim- Fish Oils (EFA’s)
  • Daily Multi Vitamin, Vitamin D, and Calcium+Magnesium
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Does SLIMGENICS Have Side Effects?

Everyone’s bodies are going to react to changes in nutrition differently. Every one also is going to be on a different plan, so the food and supplements will vary as well. Some have spoken out about the lack of exercise Slimgenics promotes, which can essentially be a side effect in and of itself with results, energy, and overall appearance.

Slimgenics sells over priced supplements and processed food. It is expensive (several thousand dollars). Many of these supplements cause gas and bloating, and sometimes diarrhea, but sometimes you can get used to it. The people who work there assured me this is normal but it is not pleasant.

Some of the reviews that go a bit more into detail about their experience can give us a better understanding on how the program works.

The staff are repetitive but friendly. They say things that cannot be supported by current research, but they are trying to help so it’s not their fault. They are not medical doctors and some of their dietary advice is old-fashioned, but since they are mostly genuinely kind, it’s not so bad. The staff are pushy about selling products and about insisting how much you lose. Sometimes it seems that they are forcing you to commit to a very low weight. They will write all over your contract and the amount they expect you to lose will be adjusted up and up and up. Beware of this tactic. You can go to other cheaper services to be weighed and be accountable for weight loss. This approach is expensive.

Managers wanting you to push clients through doors fast, even if they need to vent.[

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The Bottom Line

Overall the structure of the company seems very organized and well put together, but you are signing your life away in a sense. Because they do not offer any refunds what so ever, it is a serious money commitment. I do not like the major cost involved in the program, and the fact that you need to be evaluated and seen by an adviser before getting your plan is scary. I believe there are many other hassle free programs out there, that can get you the results without all of the fuss.

Founded in 2003, “Slimgenics” or formerly known as “Slim4life” offers a personalized program to help individuals reach their weight loss goals. This program promotes “support” with their program advisers, nutritional plans, and supplements to purchase. While this sounds great, it is very expensive and can be more of a hassle than help. It is more of a financial investment program with an adviser, and expensive supplementation and snacks. There is a no refund policy, and you have to go in for consultation meetings to get “sold” on why you should invest an incredible amount of money. There are a few red flags when taking a deeper look into their business model as I will explain below.

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Slimgentics claims that they provide a nutraceutical grade of nutritional substances to go along with the personalized food program. For those of you who are not familiar with the term “nutraceutical” it simply is the combination of two words: Nutrition and Pharmaceutical. The term has connotation with a range of herbal products, isolated nutrients and dietary supplements. Or in better terms, it is a fancy word to throw around to make your product seem more credible. You do not get any more information on these supplements (you personally will be needing) until you sign a contract to go ahead with the program. This makes me feel uneasy from the get go, because I do not know how expensive these products will be. However, they do provide these substances as claimed.

They claim (generally speaking) that while on their program, you can lose and average 1-2 pounds per week. Which is also a true statement, if you are following their nutrition plan.

While their website was user friendly, it simply “dripped” instead of “poured” information on their personalized program forcing someone to call in for more information. There were samples of what the program could look like, but it was rather hard to find. Another down side to the entire program was the convenience factor of knowing your price, and quickly getting started. You have to schedule a consultation meeting so they can evaluate your needs, and from there they will give you the costs involved. Because their locations are only in Colorado, Minnesota, and Ohio it left questions in my mind to whether or not I would even be able to move forward with Slimgenics.

There is also an initial trust factor involved once you get scheduled to meet with an advisor. They will evaluate your specific needs, and then they will give you the cost break down afterwards. How does the customer know they are really getting the best bang for their buck?

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SLIMGENICS Scientific Backing

The company has been in business since 2003, and after digging a little deeper there was nothing that set this program apart from any other diet program. They protect themselves by making the customer go through the consultation meeting and signing a contract before they give away any other information. If I were to sign any contract, I would want to specifically know the ingredients in the supplements, and their costs. To their credit, they do show their line of products on the “Shop Online” section of their site.
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What Is SLIMGENICS Support Like?

I called into the Slimgenics support line, and spoke with a representative. She was eager to get me signed up right away, and did not get frustrated when I turned her down wanting more information. She however was not very informational, and did not know basic answers like costs of the programs, and if there was a money back guarantee. When she could not answer my question, she diverted me to the person who could sign me up by getting my e-mail address. After reviewing other articles, the program’s cost however was very expensive! An upwards of $1000.00. Ouch. No thank you! It seemed like they were only caring about getting you signed up vs. really answering your basic questions and concerns. I still have not received my e-mail either. Lastly, their social media is almost non-functional for how long they have been in business. With Facebook being their largest at 130K followers, the minuscule amount of comments and likes was embarrassing to say the least. Overall, people were either satisfied with their weight loss, or they were raging about how expensive this program was. You can reach their main support line by calling 855-843-1200.
5.7 Total Score
Slimgenics Scorecard

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  1. DAMN. I stopped working as a Slimgenics program advisor about 4 months ago and let me tell you, what a crazy ride that was! My dream/passion in life is to have my own health coaching business so I figured after I earned my health coaching certification and I finished my bachelors in holistic health and nutrition that this would have been a great opportunity and it was because I loved connecting with the clients BUT there was SO much training, SALES training. I was literally trained to tell possible future clients if they cannot afford the program then to go to the bank and take out a loan as an option…. This position was posted as $17+ an hour but the base is $10 so if clients don’t buy the expensive supplements/snacks every visit then my paycheck was pathetic. Not to mention the weeks of training I had to go to and sit in a classroom having to memorize A LOT of pointless/repetitive sales info and only get paid $10 an hour. I really wish the best for that company but I don’t see them surviving this next year

  2. I could not agree more!! This program is HORRIBLE!! I tried the home program, and before I purchased the program I emailed to ask about vegetarian options, which I was assured that there were many and this would be a really great program for vegetarians. After I purchased the program, I saw that the entire program is focused on the supplements and needing to buy these supplements, and that the program in fact was not as vegetarian friendly as I was promised. When I wrote to them immediately after purchase to let them know that I was given false information, and asked for a refund they did not respond, I had to write several more times to even get an answer, which of course was No. I was told that the policy does not allow for refunds. So basically I wasted my time and money, and I would strongly urge everyone to stay far far away from this program.

  3. Spot on! Except a lot of the staff is NOT friendly, especially the management. If you don’t lose as fast as they want you to, their solutions are to take away some of your daily allotment of food–never THEIR food, however. They give these quizzes that are supposed to target your supplementation, but the questions are ridiculous and, of course, they point you to needing more. For instance, to show you that you need their Slim Repair (I called it Gold in Can because of the expense), one of the questions asks if you’ve used Slim Repair in the last [whatever time frame]. Really? If you haven’t used it, of course, it’s going to point to needing it, and if you have, of course it’s going to show it’s “good for you.” They didn’t like me because, although up to my hundred pound mark for loss, I was one of their most successful customers, and faithful in buying, I researched and called them out on their bs. Then they started making bigtime trouble for me. I lost 100 pounds between the beginning of February and the end of October, but then, only another 17 until the following February when I got fed up from their harassment and quit the program.

  4. I started the program last October it’s my second round with Slimgenics. I was a member of where I can get five dollar a week program. I can’t believe how it turned out into a nightmare I’m glad I read these reviews cause I thought I was going nuts. It was very insulted as I had to have surgery and said I wouldn’t be there for three weeks they said. No way we can stop the program even though I have pre-paid for all of the weeks. I also just left they are crying on my birthday cause she said unless your mouth is wired shut we can I give you a break and then continue the program when you came back she said this in front of the whole office and a client sitting there. The manager as I walked outside and older person said all she does is sell me the products I haven’t use them I don’t like them. And she never even showed up for a measuring meeting because she was busy with the manager. I literally left there and started to cry that day I had lost some weight but was going up and down. All their answer is to continue on even though I could not even make it into their office for three weeks and was out of state with a bad surgery. It really goes to show it’s a moneymaking scam guilt trip and humiliation which they totally changed to me as a very poorly run . The manager as I walked outside and older person said all she doesn’t sell me the products I haven’t use them I don’t like them. And she never even showed up for a measuring meeting because she was busy with the manager. I literally left there and started to cry that day I had lost some weight but was going up and down. All their answer is to continue on even though I could not even make it into their office for three weeks and was out of state with a bad surgery. It really goes to show it’s a moneymaking scam guilt trip and humiliation which they totally changed to me as a very poorly run andAnd abusive treatment of clients who are vulnerable.

  5. DO not waste your money!! I signed up for slimgenics on March 9, 2020. A week later Covid happened and they stopped seeing people in the center. The main reason I signed up is because I had to go in to the center and weigh in. Not only could I not go in to get weighed but there was no telephone support. The center totally closed down in St. Anthony, Minnesota. I disputed my charges with American Express. Slimgenics sent them a totally false receipt copy and pasted. BEWARE of what you’re signing with them. They are a total scam!!

  6. Slimgenics is closed and no longer give you what you are paying for PER THEIR CONTRACT! Their model is to give in-person counseling, but now they do not have to abide by their contract and will not refund anyone’s money, EVEN Partial refunds. The program is way too expensive to not get what you are paying for. The customer service does not return calls or acknowledge people on an individual level. DO NOT join. Try other weight loss programs before you waste your money. In this type of process you NEED good customer service and caring and THEY DO NOT have that at all.

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