SlimMe 1 Review

SlimMe 1 Review


Update: May 18, 2022

  • Weight Loss Technique: Weight loss supplement and nutritional program
  • Weight Loss Short-term: Good
  • Weight Loss Long-term: Poor
  • Safety: Generally safe
  • Price:$257
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SlimMe 1 is a weight loss system marketed to help you achieve your perfect 10, also known as YP10. The company is run by Kevin Kempton and is based out of Mesa, Arizona. It has been established in 2009 so it is not new yet isn’t too old either. When you purchase YP10 you are going to get their formulized weight loss drops, as well as a booklet to follow. If you purchase the basic package, you will receive a 30-day supply of the weight loss supplement and a nutritional booklet for $157.00. If you purchase the foundational package you will get a 30-day supply of the weight loss supplement, nutritional booklet, e-mail support, detox tea, and a vitamin+mineral supplement for $197.00. Finally, their ultimate package comes with a 30-day supply of the weight loss supplement, nutritional booklet, e-mail support, detox tea, and a vitamin+mineral supplement, boost drops, adrenal drops, and 2 cookbooks for $257.00.

The Facts

The three different packages offer similar items, but the products will expand (boost, adrenal drops, teas, cookbooks) the larger the package. There are no auto-ship services associated with this product, and they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for 100% of a refund. There are stipulations with their money-back guarantee, so see below:

  • You must be on the YP10 program for a minimum of 30 days and follow the program the way it is written.
  • You must provide us with your 30-day journal listing with both the foods and beverages you consumed daily as well as your daily weight.
  • You must reach out to us for support either by email or phone support a minimum of 3 times before the end of the 30 days.
  • You will engage in the Support Emails by filling out your start date when you receive the invitation via the email you provided us with.
  • You must be overweight or obese as defined by your BMI.

You must return your journal and the YP10 back to us with an RMA number. The refund will not be issued until we have received it. Refunds do not include the original shipping costs; only the cost of products is refunded.*

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Ingredients in the YP10 Drops:

  • Hoodia Cactus Leaf/Stem (Hoodia gordonii) Appetite suppressor.
  • Guarana’ Seed (Paullinia cupana) Strong adrenal stimulant.
  • Gymnema Leaf (Gymnema sylvestre) Ayurvedic herb.
  • Kelp Thallus (Laminaria digitata) Thyroid stimulant.
  • Bladderwrack Thallus (Fucus vesiculosus) Thyroid stimulant.
  • Fennel Seed (Foeniculum vulgare) Reduces gas and abdominal pain, reduces appetite cravings.
  • Gravel Root (Eupatorium purpureum) Diuretic, clears urinary/kidney tract obstructions and inflammations.
  • Black Walnut Hull (Juglans nigra) A high source of iodine and silica, and one of the best known of all anti- parasite-detoxifying herbs.
  • Uva-ursi Leaf (Arctostaphylos uva ursi) Strong anti- bacterial and diuretic action that clears and cools kidney/urinary tract inflammations and obstructions.

Senna Leaf (Cassia angustifolia) Stimulating laxative action, reduces constipation, cleansing and detoxifying action.

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What’s The Word?

Overall there were no actual outside reviews on the success of this product minus what was actually on their main website. There were a few below from the better business bureau below but other than that the reviews were few and far between.

Bonita* said, “Support is always there and weight loss just as promised. Couple negatives– I’m always at the grocery store and water intake is hard to do. Overall I am very pleased with the program and will continue with another cycle.”

“After having my second child this is exactly what I needed to help get the baby weight off.” Says, A.N.*I am very grateful for your products. I can’t wait to try more!

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What Does SlimMe 1 Offer?

Based on the different packages offered above (Basic, Foundational, and Ultimate) you are getting more products if you spend more money. You also will get more support if you spend more money. All of their packages come with the 30-day money-back guarantee and there is not an auto-ship program tied to their purchase order. They offer a variety of options with the larger packages such as a 2 book colored cookbook and the boost and adrenal drops that can add to your weight loss success. The bottles are small enough to take with you on the go, so there should be no worries about inconveniently large bottles.

There have not been any side effects noted from the company’s customers who have spoken out, but there are also no negative reviews, which has me feeling like it is unrealistic. There is no easy way to see why their weight loss formulas are meant to help you lose weight (no links for scientific evidence) but there are ingredients in their YP10 formula that have been proven to help someone lose weight.

  • Customer support available
  • No auto-ship program

  • Finicky Money Back Guarantee
  • Expensive Packages
  • A lot of products to choose from

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Bottom Line: Is SlimMe1 a Rip-Off or Worth to Try?

The different packages offered are overwhelming to look at upon first glance, and they are more expensive than a lot of other similar diet programs on the market. Their money-back guarantee is very weak, as many people won’t have time to get through all of the criteria to get their money back, as they have made it very complicated. The good news about this program is you will not get re-billed on the program without your consent so that is a strong positive amongst a bad money-back guarantee. The customer reviews were rather weak, and there were only positive reviews with not much depth to them. I wish there were more authentic options for the customer to look into, but there isn’t.

The company provides an all-inclusive ingredients list on the site, which is rare in the diet world, so they really don’t have anything to hide from their customers. If you are looking to get ahold of the company they offer an email:, or by phone 1-877-754-6631. Finally, the company does offer social media sites for the customers to enjoy, so take a look at what they offer to see if it will be the best fit for your weight loss and support needs.

4.5 Total Score
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  1. I have used this product a few times over the last 4 years and I lost 30 pounds on this diet twice. The last time was do to COVID weight gain, but I stayed on the diet strictly and lost 30 pounds. This diet plan is hard and takes a determined disciplined mind set to follow. It’s only 30 days and the weight loss of a pound per day helped me stay strict to the diet plan. This is the only diet that has ever worked for me to get the weight off. I am one who needs to see quick and steady results.

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