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SmartShake Review

SmartShake Review
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Reading Time: 5 minutes SmartShake is marketed as the world’s smartest shaker bottle, due to its different compartments and mix/match tops and bottoms. This is not just any ordinary shaker cup; it comes in a variety of sizes and colors, so if you want to buy a couple you can toss together a multicolored one. SmartShake is used both as a drinking cup and a food container in one, which means fewer food containers and baggies.   SmartShake is headquartered Vasteras, Sweden, but they have US offices in Pennsylvania. The company started back in 2009, and originally targeted bodybuilders and gym users.  The BPA-free plastic cup system offers a large compartment at the top (17/20/27/33 ounces) for liquids, and the middle container works well for protein powder storage. The very bottom container, a divided compartment, is ideal for either vitamins or small snacks like berries, nuts, and seeds. This product seems ideal for someone who is going to work out and needs to have protein right away as well as a snack for afterwards.   SmartShake cups range in price from 8 to 13 Euros (approximately $9.36 – 15.21 US).  Company Contact Information: SmartShake Headquarter Slottsgatan 27, Tr 4 SE-722 11 Vasteras, SWEDEN [email protected] Phone +46 21 444 10 90.   SmartShake US, 200 First Avenue Suite 101, Pittsburgh, PA 15222. Email: [email protected]. Phone: (412) 227-0400.

SmartShake Claims

SmartShake Original. Strategy, willpower and technical perfection. The original SmartShake—and the inspiration for all our products. SmartShake Original is an incredibly versatile, all-in-one drinking and storage solution. Three smart containers give people the freedom to carry everything they need for their day. Ideal for use as: Water bottle, Shaker, Snack box, Lunch box, Smoothie cup, Coffee cup, Fashion accessory. [1]

Fashion accessory? Okay. But the rest sounds pretty decent so far.

SmartShake Original2Go. Designed for life on the move.Designed for people of any age on the go, SmartShake is an incredibly versatile, larger all-in-one drinking and storage solution. Three smart containers give you the freedom to carry everything you need for even your longest days. [2]

Honestly, the only difference I saw between the two of these was that the carabineer clip had been moved from the liquid compartment to the lid, and the mixer insert was a little deeper.

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SmartShake Slim. A little smaller. But every bit as smart.Designed for people of any age on the go, SmartShake Slim is an incredibly versatile, all-in-one drinking and storage solution. It gives you the freedom to carry everything you need for a whole day… all in one handy unit! [3]

So no divider container on SmartShake Slim and only a 17-ounce liquid compartment. For kids and folks with smaller hands, one would guess.

SmartShake Lite. Less is More.Designed for people on the go, SmartShake Lite offers a single container with our unique strainer and leak-proof lid. Simple—but still smart, solid and safe from leaks. Sometimes less is so much more. [4]

The largest of the liquid containers at 33 ounces, SmartShake Lite has no extra compartments, only the mixer insert.

SmartShake Signature Series – Made for champions.Proudly presenting our series of high-quality shakers, developed for and, in collaboration with, some of the world’s most outstanding athletes. [5]

SmartShake Signature is the most expensive, “elite” version, but honestly the only difference from the Original is a 27-ounce liquid compartment and a fancy paint job with an athlete’s signature on it. They offer three different bodybuilders: Jay Cutler (Jay has a 20-ounce version as well), Phil Heath, and Ronnie Coleman.  The bottles are both microwave- and dishwasher-safe, though the company does warn about superheated items popping the lid and leaving room for expansion if you’re freezing something. They even offer solutions if the bottle starts to smell: newspaper, crumpled in the bottle and left overnight. Other ideas are lemon juice, charcoal, baking soda, and coffee grounds, also left overnight.   Their return policy: “Our return policy lasts 14 days. If 14 days have gone by since you received your product, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange.” [6] (emphasis added)

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SmartShake Accessories

Because this is a physical product, there is no ingredient list to look into, but they do offer a variety of accessories to purchase alongside the shaker cups themselves. They offer gym card lanyards, mobile phone holders for the inside of your vehicle, padlocks, drawstring gym bags, reusable ice cubes, sunglasses, wristbands, and headbands—all with the SmartShake logo. All of the items cost anywhere from 2-10 Euros ($2.35 – 11.76 USD) before shipping. These items cannot be found outside of the main website.

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The Science (or Lack Thereof) Behind SmartShake

This bottle was designed with efficiency in mind, and they’ve done pretty well. BPA-free plastic is always a plus, and there don’t seem to be any hard-to-wash nooks and crannies. That it can also serve as a lunch box is a plus, as we’re slowly learning as a society that it really is healthier to pack our own home-prepared food.  There are no clinical studies done on how the idea came to be, or how efficient the product was before testing. But according to some customers, in one particular area maybe there should have ben.

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Word On The Street About SmartShake

Because SmartShake is marketed to the fitness demographic, there are plenty of outside reviews. Bodybuilding.com offers SmartShake containers in their store, and 43 reviews gave it 8.2 stars out of ten. But there were some problems as well.  Let’s start with something positive: “Ebostogaite” (2017, 9 stars of 10) especially liked the power mixer insert:

I was looking for a smaller shaker for pre-workout so that it would take up less space in my bag. This is perfect and there’s no blender ball rattling around in my bag, which is a plus. [7]

But there were also reports of the cup cracking and not being leak-proof (which is a big claim SmartShake makes, and a lot of customers rebutted it). Others did not feel the bottles were indeed dishwasher-safe, as the plastic would warp and change shape, which eventually ruined the bottle over time.   “Crandall19” (2017, 5 stars of 10) said,

Nothing special about these shakers; They are pretty average. As far as blending my shakes, they work just as well/bad as the free BB.com ones I get with my orders. The top can be a pain to line up when putting on. At first I accredited this to its leak-proof claims but it definitely isn’t leak-proof. Its a decent shaker bottle. Nothing about it is great and nothing about it is terrible. [8]

SmartShake bottles are also available on Amazon.com, where you can always count on the unvarnished truth. “Kimberly Falkenhayn” (2015, 3 stars of 5) said,

I want to love this product. It seems like a great idea. … I don’t like to pre-mix the whole shake unless I have a fridge handy. The problem? The main part of the bottle isn’t leak-proof! If you actually put water in it and then throw it in your gym bag, you’re going to have a gym bag full of wet clothes. What a letdown. If I can’t pre-fill it with water, what’s the point of having the two compartments? I might as well use a regular bottle and just put the dry powder straight in. [9]

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Again, there does seem to be a design flaw in the lid. “Matt P.” (2016, 3 of 5 stars) said,

Great cup. Not-so great lid. The cup’s storage is great. The two compartments are why I prefer this cup model over most other variations. The main construction of the cup and 2 mini-cups is solid. The lids however are made of a much softer and less durable plastic that will shear/crack after not very long. Not even 2 months after buying this the spout cover that you lift/close in order to drink out of it started tearing. Soon it will tear completely and I’ll be unable to reopen the spout without taking the entire lid off because the plug maintains a good seal. I end up replacing lids every couple months. [10]

But overall SmartShake bottles scored pretty positive, with 60 percent of 984 Amazon reviews at 5-star, and 34 of the 43 Bodybuilding.com ratings (80 percent) at 8 stars or better.

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The Bottom Line: Is SmartShake Worth A Try?

Yes. The complaints about the leak-proof not being leak-proof are few and far enough between that it may be the exception rather than the norm, though SmartShake should probably look into improving it. It’s affordable, environment-friendly, and efficient in its design. It’s also available widely; VitaminShoppe, GNC, Wal-mart, and even some of those specialized promo companies carry it—where you can put your business logo on it. Along with the two websites we talked about.  So while it’s not a bullet-proof concept, there were many happy customers using the SmartShake. And you won’t be out much money if it happens to fail on you.

7.8 Total Score
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