Stacker 3 Diet Review

Stacker 3 Diet Pills are a dietary supplement that contains a specific mix of all-natural ingredients that are said to help those who take them block fat absorption in the body, as well as constantly burn fat. Like any other popular diet pills on the market today, Stacker 3 does not contain Ephedra.

The pills are made up of such ingredients as green tea, guarana, kola nut, cactus, grapefruit extract, while willow bark, caffeine, chitosan, and a variety of other ingredients. Of all the ingredients, it is the chitosan that is said to block fat absorption in the body.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Stacker 3 Diet?

Reports of weight loss on supplements such as Stacker 3 Diet Pills do vary. What it likely would boil down to would be two other factors of those taking the supplement. Diet and exercise will of course accelerate the results that the supplements might bring, but simply using the Stacker 3 Diet Pills as a standalone solution to weight loss might not produce a lot of results, if any at all.

However, if any weight loss does occur, it could be due to the presence of caffeine, which can help aid in weight loss in some instances. While the many all-natural ingredients in Stacker 3 Diet Pills aren’t bad ingredients to have in an everyday diet, none of them have been linked to significant weight loss in any meaningful studies and really rely more on speculation.

Is the Stacker 3 Diet Easy to Follow?

Stacker 3 Diet Pills are very easy to use and the directions are straightforward. Simply take one pill with a meal, three times per day and the supplement is supposed to work on its own. The toughest thing to do with the Stacker 3 Diet Pills would be to remember to take them at different intervals throughout the day.

It should be noted though that Stacker 3 Diet Pills do produce side effects in some individuals. Nausea, the shakes, and weakness can all occur with Stacker 3 Diet Pills. These side effects can sometimes be amplified if an individual has any type of caffeine sensitivity.


Stacker 3 Diet Pills are like many other diet pills on the market today in that they have to rely on ingredients other than Ephedra to help with weight loss. Ephedra has become a banned substance in these types of pills as there were some complications that came with the drug, including death in some instances.

The cost of Stacker 3 Diet Pills is around $33 for a 100 count supply. So, one bottle will last about one month. While not the most expensive option when it comes to weight loss supplements, the lack of any meaningful weight loss evidence in the ingredients put a big question mark on whether or not these pills would be worth using.

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