Strip That Fat Diet Review

Strip That Fat Diet Review


Updated on Aug 08, 2019

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Who is it for?
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The Strip That Fat Diet is an online based diet and exercise program that promises to show you how to eat what you want and still lose weight. The idea behind the Strip That Fat Diet is to have you go online and choose your favorite foods by filling out an online form. Then a custom made diet is created for you so you can eat what you like while still being promised a supposed two pounds or more each week in weight loss.

The Strip That Fat Diet teaches proper portion control and instead of having you eat the typical three meals a day you will eat five smaller meals while on the Strip That Fat Diet. This will help your body speed up its metabolism which will in turn help it to burn calories in a more efficient manner which should have you lose more weight as a result.

All exercise is also custom tailored to your unique needs. The Strip That Fat Diet teaches proper ways to work out so your body can be even more efficient while burning calories.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Strip That Fat Diet?

If followed properly dieters should lose at least some weight on the Strip That Fat Diet. This will mainly be due to the fact that you will be eating foods in smaller portions, which is nothing more than calorie restriction. When that gets combined with fitness then weight loss is almost a sure thing. However, should a dieter not keep up with the habits taught by the Strip That Fat Diet then any weight loss success could be swiftly taken away.

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Is the Strip That Fat Diet Easy to Follow?

Eating what you like and losing weight makes it sound as though the Strip That Fat Diet is the easiest diet in the world, but not so fast. If you check things like pizza and chips on your online menu form you may get to eat those things, but in very small portions. So, it might be harder than anticipated for those who are used to eating a lot on a daily basis.

The Strip That Fat Diet also makes it hard to go out to eat. Unless you have the willpower to portion that 16 ounce porterhouse steak and only eat a quarter of it then eating out while on the Strip That Fat Diet will prove challenging.

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The Strip That Fat Diet has two levels of paid membership, the Platinum Level which was $129 and the Gold Level which was $99. Now you can get the Platinum for $57 and the Gold for $47. That should be a red flag as any diet program that works as well as advertised is worth its weight in gold. The fact that the Strip That Fat Diet is slashing its prices is likely a good indication that it is not a high quality program as promised.

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