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The Sugar Impact Diet book written by JJ Virgin hit the shelves November 4, 2014 and claims that there are 10 sugars that are making you gain weight.* This book is selling for around $15.00 in most bookstores and on Amazon, making this product easily accessible. Whether we know it or not, sugar hides in a lot of foods (even the ones we presume to be healthy such as skim milk, whole grain breads, and agave). In the book it talks about swapping the Low Sugar Impact Foods for the High Sugar Impact foods and in result it will help you in your weight loss journey. The High Sugar Impact foods are known to increase the likelihood of you gaining weight, as well as promote energy crashes and inflammation in the body. The Low Sugar Impact Foods are best known to fuel your body for longer periods of time and burn fat.

sugarDo Dieters Lose Weight On The Sugar Impact Diet?

Yes, they lose weight and they are learning a lot about health and nutrition along the way. This book exposes the foods that we think are healthy such as many salad dressings, ketchup, fruit juice, and more just loaded with sugar, which is making us fat. Instead there are alternatives given to the reader in regards to how to avoid these products, as well as educating them about the low fat lies that are out there today. Although not easy to follow overall, this program will get you results if you read the book and listen to what JJ is telling you through her knowledge of nutrition and wellness.

ketchup contains sugarBrownEyedGirl* said, “OK diet plan. More for health than weightt loss. NONE of the websites (links) that are listed “go to for more info” throughout the book work. They are all broken. Contacted her via website and email have offered no solution. Very frustrating to buy a book and then be directed to broken links for complete information or details.” 

 “I absolutely agree with cutting down on sugar (and salt and fat) but this diet is just too strict. I don't know anyone who could stick to this long term. Makes more sense to me to eat mostly vegetables, lean protein, healthy carbs, etc. – she even has veggies rated and makes me question eating all veggies!” Said, J Bauer*She then went onto say that the information is good for those people who are ready for an extreme change, or those who really need an extreme change. The folks who eat healthy and just need to lose a little bit of weight might find this program overwhelming. The book is hard to understand, which means it is strict and intense.

 Cynthia L. Harris* said, “This book is informative and reminds us of all of the hidden sugars we eat. But it was too technical for me, and the recipes are complicated and, (the bane of diet books everywhere) require you finding specialty ingredients which the authors invariably claim are easy to find and almost equally invariably are NOT.” She is aware that her level of sugar consumption needs to drop down dramatically which was useful. The book does give a list of things to avoid that include sugar which was helpful for Cynthia too. The dietary changes you will need to make in order for the diet to work are rather hard however, which was a turn off.

 Is The Sugar Impact Diet Easy To Follow?

Because dieters are seeing a gradual reduction of sugar in their daily eating habits, the book is somewhat easier to follow, versus cutting sugar out all together cold turkey. The overall format of the book is broken down into three main parts: the hidden cause of weight gain, seven foods to swap, and two weeks to fast and last fat loss. However, even though the book may be an easy read, but the overall idea of what you are doing is going to be extremely difficult. Sugar is one of the most addictive and hidden ingredients in most foods out there today. Just take a stroll down your local grocery store aisles and look at a few random food items and be alarmed at the amount of sugar in each item.

sugarMany readers found the diet extremely hard to follow and unrealistic for long term use due to the format of the book. At times it was said to be really hard to follow, and then downright annoying to follow due to all of the self promotion that was going on. Others said they were having a hard time just getting to the meat of the book, as it was a lot of beating around the bush. Many of the recipes had a lot of ingredients that many had never even heard of, which made cooking more of a chore than it already is.


The book seems to be reader friendly, but the idea of the food alternatives can be costly. Health doesn’t come cheap most of the time, but there are many arguments with eating healthy to avoid larger medical bills later on down the road. Most sugar comes in the form of processed and cheap foods, which is why many people struggle with giving it up aside from how good it tastes. The recipes given in the book are said to be tasty, and the different types of customers are impressive since some not doing it for weight loss and just health, and some strictly for just weight loss. Both have seen success with the Sugar Impact Diet Book.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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