Suzanne Somers Diet Review

Suzanne Somers Diet Review


Updated on May 26, 2019

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The Suzanne Somers Weight loss plan is a program that does not limit the amount of calories you consume, rather it educates people on consuming the correct foods in proper combinations to get the best results from their metabolism. The diet stems from the book “Eat Great, Lose Weight.” Suzanne is the founder of this diet, and she was inspired by nutrition while on a trip to France. She has no nutritional background whatsoever, so her philosophy of proper food combinations is not backed by any research or science to date.* Suzanne Somers has a variety of cookbooks on the market, but in this review we are simply looking at her diet program.

The Three Main Components of the Suzanne Somers Diet:

  • Eliminating some foods like sugars and starches out of your diet.*
  • Separating out certain foods, such as proteins/fats, vegetables, carbohydrates, and fruits. In the diet, it teaches which of these foods need to be separated and when they can be consumed, and which foods to never eat together. For example: a meal with a protein must be eaten with a vegetable. Proteins are not supposed to be eaten with a carbohydrate.*
  • Combining certain foods together like meats and vegetables.

There are so many non-traditional and funky rules in this diet, that it makes it hard to read and enjoy. There is no set time period to this diet, which makes the entire program rather confusing to start. There are three main levels of this diet, alongside of the three main components:

Level 1: This is the introductory phase of the diet, where many foods are simply off limits to kickstart the weight loss journey. Alcohol, sugars, starches, and fats such as avocados, olive oil, soy, and nuts are off limits

Almost Level 1: While the title is somewhat contradicting to itself, this level is meant for people who have been following the Suzanne Somers diet for a while, and are starting to see weight loss changes. This level allows the consumption of foods and combinations that would normally be frowned upon (in moderation) like some starches and sugar.

Level 2: This is essentially the maintenance phase, once the dieter has reached their weight loss goal. Alcohol and soy are added back into this phase in moderation, as long as the weight continues to stay off. Food combinations are less strict, and the dieter can eat a normal diet as long as the weight maintains the same.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Suzanne Somers Diet?

People have lost weight with Suzanne Somers’ ideas and diet programs. Overall, the diet program itself is a jumbled mess of information that is not really backed by any nutritional professionals. The food combination concerns simply overcomplicate the diet process. The intention of the Suzanne Somers diet program is to change the way people think about consuming food for a lifetime, so there is really no end to the madness. When looking at customer testimonials, some people said that the book was helpful to read ,while others found it extremely boring. There was also a general consensus that the food combinations were confusing just by following the simple program by itself. While Suzanne Somers seems to be liked by the general population, there is word that her book is not backed up by science, as well as her non-nutrition background causing concerns for validity.*

“I have read the first two chapters and pretty much she is repeating the same information over and over again. For some reason, this book so far has been irritating to me, maybe because based on it, I would have to change nearly everything in my life and that is very overwhelming. I will keep reading, thank you!” Yogi*

“It is too hard to follow. The food is expensive, and time consuming. She has the money to buy all this.” Elena Realmonte*

“This book had some useful info about processed food and how food works on your body but other then that it was a waste. All through the book, she suggest going to her web site for more info. When you do go to the web site, you have to become a member and pay more money for any info.I even sent them an email with a question about the book and got no response.” Echo*

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Is The Suzanne Somers Diet Easy To Follow?

As stated earlier, there is a lot of information thrown at you, with no time window for an end. This book and program is simply an educational read to which you can try to incorporate the habits or simply forget about them. The program’s levels are also confusing, and not very set in stone with restrictions and instructions, which makes them harder to follow and stick with. There are no serious side effects that have been recorded when going through this program, but the cut back on sugar and alcohol may leave people light headed and irritable for the time being. All in all, this diet does not hold your hand through the weight loss journey; rather, it spits information at you. Many people just found this overwhelming, expensive, and unrealistic for long term lifestyle changes and weight loss.

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After looking into Suzanne’s business model, she has written many books and cookbooks, with a lot of press about them all. Her model is inspired by a personal experience, and this goes to show that it will not work for everyone.* There are many ideas in her books that are not backed by science, which does not feel settling to someone looking for a solid weight loss program to follow. I would not recommend fiddling around with this diet program, as there are too many unknown factors up in the air regarding validity of claims and ideas. The cost of the program ranges from the $15.00 dollar book to her expensive supplements and exercise equipment, which is entirely separate. Overall this just seems to cluttered and complicated as a whole, when trying to think simply about a healthy weight loss.

  1. I have done the Suzanne Somers diet and it was pretty easy to follow. I lost 60 lbs. Then I changed things up over the years and did straight keto. Now after about 10 years….I am a mess. ( fat and uncomfortable that is) As of today 12/29/2019 I am getting her books back out and going to get back to it. And this time I will not change. I felt wonderful when eating how she explains to eat. I should have never stopped. All over health was much better.

  2. Agreed, I followed this plan which is simple once you understand the basic principals. I lost about 50 pounds over a few months and never felt better. Digestive problems cleared up and felt as calm as could be. This is a wonderful plan based around real food and I’ve tried any and all diets out there.

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