Sweet to Svelte Diet Review

Sweet to Svelte was developed by a Dr. McScott according to various press releases online. Sweet to Svelte is a dietary liquid supplement that is said to do four things that promote dramatic weight loss.* This is thanks to a number of ingredients in the liquid that are supposed to fight hunger, trap fat, burn the fat, and finally lower cholesterol. When taken as a daily supplement, the product offers an unrealistic amount of weight loss in just two weeks.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Sweet To Svelte Diet?

With all the ingredients that are included in Sweet to Svelte it is possible that there would be some weight loss that might occur as a result of using the liquid supplements. Chromium and caffeine for instance, have been shown to aid in weight loss for certain individuals. However, the amount of weight loss they are claiming in just two weeks will not likely come to fruition and any weight loss that might occur will probably be the result of coincidence or another change in lifestyle.

Is The Sweet To Svelte Diet Easy To Follow?

Sweet to Svelte liquid supplements are said to be very easy to use. Simply use the dropper supplied with the liquid supplement and use as directed. But, therein lies the problem. There is not much information online in regards to the product and no official website exists for the company. Therefore, knowing how to use as directed might not be so easy.

In addition, there is no mention as to what types of foods can and cannot be eaten when taking this supplement. As with any useful supplement, in order for Sweet to Svelte to work properly it would need to be used in conjunction with the proper dietary regimen, which is not an easy thing for many to come up with on their own.


There are many types of dietary supplements on the market today, all promising a certain amount of weight loss when used properly. However, none with the exception of Sweet to Svelte, promise something as outlandish amount of weight loss in just two weeks. Even if that was possible to achieve it would quite likely not be safe.

The biggest problem with the Sweet to Svelte liquid supplement is information, or lack thereof. Not only is there little information to be found, even trying to order it if you did want it could prove to be a challenge. From what can be found online it looks like the liquid drops cost $48, but that still leaves no clue as to what you will get for your money. Whenever there are big promises followed by small amounts of information in the weight loss world, it more times than not spells trouble, which makes Sweet to Svelte a product that is probably best left alone.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.