The 5:2 Diet Review

The 5:2 Diet Review
The 5:2 Diet Review

The 5:2 Diet is an intermittent fasting diet program that came about in the UK. It stipulates certain calorie restrictions only two days of the week. The other five days, there are no restrictions on your diet whatsoever. This diet was created by founders Michael Mosely, and Mimi Spencer. They are both writers in this respective diet space, and involved in the nutritional field in some form or another.

How the 5:2 Diet Works, is allowing the customer to eat normally for five days, and then cut back calories to 500 if you are a female or 600 if you are a male for the other two days. There are not very many rules or “programs” involved with this particular diet, but if you want to get started the founders recommend you read their book called “The Fast Diet” before starting 5:2.

They have an e-mail contact page on their website, but nothing more as they are located in the United Kingdom. When looking at their actual book “The Fast Diet” it is clear that this is where they make their money from customers. Because there is no real diet program to follow once you decide to start on the 5:2 Diet plan.*

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 Is The 5:2 Diet Easy To Follow?

The concept of the diet is so simple with little to no rules when you really look into it. They essentially had to write a book about fasting. In this book there are case studies telling why there are healthy benefits such as lowered blood pressure, insulin levels, as well as a reduced chance of dementia but in all honestly it is rather boring to the reader. Most people who are wanting to lose weight want to follow a program of some sort, and there is no real program offered with this diet. You starve yourself for two days a week, which can initially be very hard, and then you eat whatever you want for the remaining five.

The 5:2 Diet boring readingThe toughest part about this diet program is getting into a routine. Because you are taking it from one extreme to the next with the calorie jumps and dips. The side effects are not dangerous, but they are enough to have you dreading your fast days. 500-600 calories (gender depending) is hardly any food to function on for the day. Finally another testimonial from a real customer who has been on the diet: “My partner and I did this for over a month with no weight loss at all. We got irritable on our low cal days and eventually stopped. The book is fine, well written, a bit boring, good recipes. The diet itself was disappointing.” Amazon Customer*


If you cut down your calories, you may see a slow drop in weight overtime. But do not gear up for dramatic weight loss. Many people that have committed to trying the 5:2 Diet said that they were disappointed because they would see pounds come off and then come right back on. They are really losing some water weight on their fasting days, only to regain it when they start to eat whatever they want for the 5 remaining days.

The book itself is pretty much said to be a complete waste of time with case studies and jabber for chapters on chapters. Save your money on the book, and focus on the simple concept of the 5:2 method. It may save you a headache and some pocket change. Side effects have been noted to be hunger and light-headedness. This can happen at nighttime when you are on the fast days, especially in the beginning.

The 5:2 Diet light-headednessThis is a simple concept made into a business by the two authors. They are rather smart if you think about their marketing strategy. They recommend you buy their book before starting the diet, even though the diet can be started without the purchase of the book. It is a simple concept with side effects, a website, a book, and an adjustment to your everyday life. The only social media that is offered with this diet is Twitter. That is only because Michael Mosely has a Twitter account to reach out to his followers with. There is no other form of support when going through this diet, and they have made it a very hands off diet program for both the dieter and the company long term.

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