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The Bone Broth Diet Review 2020 - Rip-Off or Worth To Try? Here is Why..

The Bone Broth Diet Review
Reading Time: 4 minutesThe Bone Broth Diet/Book was founded by Dr. Kellyann Petrucci and published by Rodale Press. Some of Dr. Kellyann’s primary laws are that she treats the patient not the symptom, and that getting healthy is an equal partnership between her and the customer. It is said that bone broth is packed full of nutritional calories, antioxidants, skin tightening collagen agents, and gut healing anti-inflammatory properties. The premise behind this diet book leans more towards a cookbook than a diet plan. She does give ideas on what to take away from your pantry, what foods you need to incorporate into your diet to lose weight, as well as many recipes to the bone broth secret. She also includes a mini fasting plan along with the recipes. When looking how to get into contact with Kellyann, there is a section on her web page endorsing the book that gives you her e-mail address: [email protected] There is no phone number to call, but if you want to e-mail her directly from the website you can click here.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Bone Broth Diet?

Over time, you may see the weight come off, but this diet is not known for quick results by any means.* There was one customer who had been following the diet rigorously for five days without seeing any results and putting forth a lot of effort. There were also others who had been drinking the broth and felt like they were spending more money than they originally anticipated. All comments aside, the broth is tasty and the recipes have been popular with the customers. The biggest complaint you will hear is how expensive bone broth is, and how time consuming the process is to make on the daily. Kellyann even says this in her book, as she recommends you purchase her pre-made broth.

Marianne* said, “The book was fine, but it wasn’t anything that I couldn’t get on the internet if I simply Googled “bone broth”. I tried the diet for a week, but I couldn’t do it another week as the food was not that tasty. It was mostly over spiced. I simply went back to my ketodiet menu plans/recipes. One thing though, I do now make a pressure cooker pot of bone broth religiously every weekend and drink it throughout the week. Marianne then warned about Dr. Kellyann’s blog mailing list if you buy (or don’t) the book. They are only aimed at selling you something, and can get pretty overbearing at times. She unsubscribed from this

Allison LT* said, “I had expected more from this book. I do think that bone broth is definitely something to be added to one’s diet but there really isn’t anything new in here. If you are paleo or eat a real food diet you are basically already doing most of this. Then it just layers on some not-so-intermittent fasting but allows you to drink broth. She went onto say that if you follow the plan you will lose weight but it mitt wreak havoc on your metabolism fasting that much in the long run. She was looking for something more unique, and was rather disappointed when it was all said and done.

“I like the book. I made some chicken bone broth and even bought some online, But I have found hat it is not enough nutrition for me and found some issues when I tried to do this diet. I have decided to improvise and not completely starve myself but just eat less every day in a balanced way.” Sandra James*

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Is The Bone Broth Diet Easy To Follow?

There were mixed reviews on this one, because good quality bone broth takes time to make and it is rather expensive. The broth has to simmer for hours upon hours to extract all of the nutritional qualities that you are looking to get when making it. The ingredients are also expensive, especially when you have to make it multiple times a day. The struggle that some people run into is simply not being able to find enough bones to make broth out of. Overall, this diet is not easy and it is not cheap to follow in the long run. I spoke with a woman who was trying to follow the diet without compromising, and she had to go to her local Whole Foods just to get quality bones to simmer. They were not cheap, let’s just say that! On top of that, the program also calls for complete fasting days, which may be hard for some people to deal with throughout a three-week time period. With the expenses, time that it takes to really make a quality broth, and the fasting that is required, this diet is not simple.

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This diet is much different than most pills or powders thrown at you these days, and utilizes a healthy method for losing weight. The time and cost it takes to make bone broth is long and rigorous, but the end results are worth it. All of the numbers being chirped in your ear about how much weight you can lose in blank days should be disregarded because there were many customers of this diet who went days without seeing a pound come off, but they felt healthier as individuals. Kellyann’s website that endorses the diet did have social media sites that are active if you have any questions, or want to bounce ideas off of someone going through the diet, it is available. Use your best judgment with a book like this, and read it all of the way through before you start, because it takes Kellyann a while just to get to the approved foods list for the reader as they look to start on the diet.

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  1. I haven’t thought that drinking bone broth could make you lose weight. But I will definitely try this. I’ve been drinking Au Bon Broth and it did make positive changes with my health and body.

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