The Coconut Ketogenic Diet Review

The Coconut Ketogenic Diet written by Bruce Fife was brought onto the scene in May of 2014. The books main goals are to supercharge your metabolism, rejuvenate your thyroid function, and lose weight all through the power of coconut oil.* The secret to weight loss lies in your fat consumption, and continuing a high fat ketogenic diet. Dr. Bruce Fife states that our bodies need wholesome fats in order to lose any weight at a healthy rate. He capitalizes on the idea that any low fat diets out on the market today are just making you more fat and sick.* So what do Coconuts have to do with anything? Coconut oil is promoted throughout the book as an important weight loss aid, due to the fact that it can ramp up your metabolism yet at the same time keep you more full for longer periods of time. Otherwise known as the Coco Keto Diet, they do not offer any customers support except for e-mail support here.

coconut oilThe book makes large claims saying that it has helped people overcome diabetes, obesity, heart and circulatory problems, low thyroid problems, chronic fatigue, and high blood pressure/cholesterol.* The book and company is not registered with the Better Business Bureau as of now. So does the book actually aid in weight loss, and how do customers like the read so far? Let’s find out!

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Coconut Ketogenic Diet?

The book itself is not said to be reader friendly, due to the fact that they go into so much scientific detail about the Ketogenic and why it results in weight loss. Most people who purchase this book, have some kind of confidence about the Ketogenic diet so they are trying the diet out. They don’t need to be sold over and over about why it works for weight loss. Let’s take a look at what the customers had to say about The Coconut Ketogenic Diet…

“Really good book if you are unsure about why coconut oil is good for you and how to work it into your Keto diet. But if you already know you want to start using coconut oil in your diet you have to wade through 77 to 80% of the book before you get to it.

And the recipes are not very good. Basically there are very few recipes with a lot of variations to fill out the 17th chapter. Over all it's an OK book but not great.” –Wade A. Alderson*

“Not convinced all this coconut oil is good for weight loss — isn't working for me. Also, the book kind of gets repetitive and boring, with testimonials. I bought it because someone recommended it, but it seems kind of like a fad diet, taking advantage of the Atkins WOE, and adding lots of coconut oil to the diet, that increases calories, that might not be good for weight loss.” Amazon Customer* They also went on to say that the suggested amount of coconut oil to cook with seemed too high in order for it to still stay healthy. This customer was not sold on the idea that too many “good fats” can really be beneficial for you and still help you with weight loss.

I was so excited to get this book and give this new way of eating a fair trial! Afterall, I LOVE coconut, right? Wrong! I read most of the book, then ran to Whole Foods and bought a $14, 16 oz. jar of organic coconut oil!” Nellie* also commented similar to the review above, where she had a bad experience with “overdoing” the amount of coconut to actually add to her dishes. Because of that, she can't even smell of look at it without feeling ill.

Helene* says, “Very little about the diet itself. Most of the book is telling you why to do the diet. Then he spends time telling u why it mite not be working for you. Seriously? It needs to work or it doesn't. Make it work by detailing the diet itself more in-depth.” She then went on to say that even a comprehensive meal plan is not going to make this diet worth anything. But, she does agree that leto diets are great for weight loss but that this book sadly is not doing its job of educating the right way.

 Is The Coconut Ketogenic Diet Easy To Follow?

ketogenic dietWell the word “Coconut” is in the title of the book, so you better believe you will be eating a lot of coconut throughout this diet book. If you do not like coconut this diet is going to be extremely hard to follow! The read has not been said to be easy at all, which is disheartening for many people trying to get into a diet program without any hiccups. The recipes have been said to be really bad, which is also another blow to the diet because this is essentially going to be the backbone of the diet program once the reading is completed. There have not been any negative side effects noted, as this book is very scientifically backed by research (which won’t cause anything but a headache at times).


coconutsThe Coconut Ketogenic Diet is full of useful information, it truly is. However, a lot of people said that the useful information in the book can be readily found anywhere online if you just ask it. Do you really need a book to hash out all of the reasons you should be eating coconut oil everyday? I am not so convinced. The company that produced the book does have a Facebook page, but it is not thriving with people or posts. This diet book does not have me very excited in the grand scheme of things; however the message it is portraying is not far from the truth!

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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