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The Doctor On Demand Diet Review 2019 - Rip-Off or Worth To Try? Here is Why..

The Doctor On Demand Diet Review
Reading Time: 4 minutesThe Doctor On Demand Diet was written by Dr. Melina Jampolis and Alice Lesch Kelly back in 2015, making this diet book rather new to the scene. The diet book offers the customer a customized diet and eating program, exercise program, and a behavioral plan that sets one up for possible success. The program starts with a 10-day CleanStart cleanse that focuses on high protein foods and low carbs. It then moves to a 10-day Customize Your Carbs phase to match your personal metabolic profile results that you will take via their quiz. Finally you will move into the Cycle For Success phase that apparently gives you a more flexible eating schedule while continuing to diet.

Now that we know the premise behind this diet book, how does exercise come into play? They simply provide you an exercise quiz to follow so you can better identify your exercise personality. You then are given suggestions on exercises to better suit your exercise personality, but you are not actually getting personalized workout plans as advertised. The headquarters of the Doctor’s On Demand Diet is 275 Battery Street, Suite 650 San Francisco, CA 94111, and their support number is 1-800-997-6196 and they answered my call and questions when I reached out which was very impressive.

Do Dieters Lose Weight With The Doctor On Demand Diet?

As you can see by the reviews below, it is all about personality when going through this diet program. If you hate food journaling, or booklet style diets you are not going to like this diet. Many people said the book was surprisingly small, and there were many quizzes to take which in turn was said to be customization for your diet. I don’t personally call small quizzes personalization, especially when it comes to exercise. There are no terrible side effects noted while going through this diet, which is a relief. No terrible side effects have been noted from customers which makes this a more reputable diet program to follow.

I looked through it and it pretty much comes close to the Providia’s Food Lover Program, which talks about food portions and journaling. I don’t like to journal.” Rosita*

Pamela* said, “The good news is – it works! You WILL lose weight if you follow the guidelines. Most of this is not new advice – reduce sugar and alcohol, reduce low nutrition carbs, increase veggies and protein, and manage portions. However, it makes some important distinctions that were new to my nutrition regime. First and most importantly, it distinguishes between starchy and non-starchy veggies…..and you need to eat a LOT of the non-starchy kind – at least 5 servings (1 cup raw or frozen per serving, 1/2 cup cooked per serving).” She went onto say that the challenge was in getting enough veggies each day, and that you need to get ready for your bowel habits to change. Not all fruits are created equal either, so be careful when you are looking into purchasing.

She also said to be mindful that the first ten days or so eliminates all of the dry carbs like pasta, bread, crackers, etc. and they even limit healthy fats too which came as a surprise. While some people think this is a good strategy, it is actually very challenging to achieve. When you do eliminate those foods for ten days or so you actually begin to realize that you can live without them! Finally, there is a lot of information in the book about how the body processes different food types and they give sample menu plans with some recipes to get you through the first ten days or so. She wished there were more recipes, as the ones given were so so.

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 Is The Doctor On Demand Diet Easy To Follow?

The book itself is not a very hard read, and many people who have purchased the diet have taken some of the information to heart. The physical website does more to promote Dr. Jampolis’s actual clinic in Los Angeles, so it is hard to couple the two together because they are very different. It is nice to see support tied with a diet book however, and the customer service rep was very informative and educational when I asked her about the different phases for success explained at the beginning. Much of the book is written from Dr. Jampolis’s perspective as a doctor, so there are not many studies being thrown in your face, which is both a good and bad thing when it comes to backing up your facts.

As said in reviews, the information being presented to you won’t be hard to understand but the implementation of it changing your life may be hard to be consistent with. Cutting back sugar, alcohol, starches, carbs, and healthy fats will be a daunting task but imperative for losing weight. There was word of not having enough recipes, or menu plans to get you through the first ten days, which also may pose as a challenge to you when going through the program.

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The Doctor On Demand Diet is not reinventing the wheel by any means, and the information you will read is very basic for the average dieter. If you are able to stick with the 10-day cleanses, suggested exercises, and journal your food daily you may see some success. The lack of food options given by the author is a real let down however, due to many people wanting to start a program with no means to do so. They do offer social media sites for extra support along with their phone and e-mail support, so they are not lacking in that area and provide adequate support for the customer. The key is knowing the path you need to follow as a dieter, and sticking to it. Sadly, the author sets the path up for the customer but doesn’t really guide them down the road to success when it is all said and done. This is poor execution from the author, which may be the reason why the book did not get absolutely raving reviews from its customer base.

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