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The Doctor’s Diet Book was written by Dr. Travis Stork, and the book has been available for purchase since December of 2015. The book includes a 14-day jump start plan that includes tasty meals and ideas to get you started on the weight loss track quickly. The cost for the book is $16.99 not including shipping and handling, and it is a one-time fee. There are no recurring charges associated with purchasing this diet book. Dr. Stork was inspired to write this book because of the increase in the obesity epidemic that is killing more Americans nationwide than car accidence and gun violence. In this day and age people are more sick, and taking on ailments one after the other due to their weight issues. He wanted to try and help with an educational solution in his diet book.

The Doctor’s Diet obesityThe Facts

The best way to describe this diet is basically a high protein, high veggie, low fruit, very low whole grain, very low fat, and no added sugar diet. You will start off on a restrictive program called the STAT program, and it lasts for two weeks. After the two weeks are through you move into the Restore phase, which also lasts for two weeks but you are given leniency with your diet. You will continue to alternate back and forth between the two weeks until you reach your weight goal. There is also a maintenance phase at the very end to ensure that you are able to keep off the weight you worked hard to lose.

What’s The Word?

There are many different viewpoints voiced when looking into the effectiveness of The Doctor’s Diet Book. Amanda Trask* said, “Unless you have your own hired chef, this diet book was not made easy for the everyday person. It also too expensive with the multitude of ingredients to keep up with for the normal paycheck.” She went on say that she wished there was some sort of grocery list given to the reader to make the initial cooking process less time consuming.

Billie Brown* bought the Kindle edition of this book and said, “The lead into the gist of the plan is a bit lengthy. I almost quit reading. I wish I had ordered the Hardback instead of the Kindle edition. It would be much easier to thumb through to the various plans and recipes.”

For those of you worried about the overall difficulty of the diet, it will be difficult at first but once you get into the swing of change it may feel more natural. Rebecca Sorenson* said, “The first and foremost thing I found was that I wasn't hungry at all. Sometimes I even had to force myself to eat some more because I just didn't feel empty. I amped up my exercise so that I did a minimum hour exercise for six days every week and kept strictly to the STAT plan. Which was EASY. Anyone who thinks it's too hard maybe just needs to have a bit more confidence and determination that the results will come eventually.”

Other reviews said that the book was in desperate need of an index, as the book was lengthy at times and hard to flip back through for reference to topics. Without an index it made referencing valuable information hard to retrace. It has been said to be a clean read with no gimmicks thrown at the customer, which is a breath of fresh air for the potential buyer.

The Doctor’s Diet scienceWhat Does The Doctor’s Diet Offer?

For your money you are going to get an informational diet book with many truths in nutrition and wellness. The folks who have gone through the diet (for the most part) were happy and confident behind the information given and the recipes given as well. There is no obvious auto ship program with the purchase of the book, and it has been said to have rather tasty recipes included. Dr. Stork does provide many scientifically backed points to its readers such as the fact that certain fats are not bad for you, and may actually help in weight loss when consumed. Also, that the consumption of real food is essential to weight loss, and that depriving your body of nutrients will only do harm down the road.

  • Informational Nutritional Book
  • Recipes Provided
  • Scientific Premise
  • Lengthy Read To Get To The Basics
  • Difficult Diet To Start
  • A Lot of Cooking Required

Is The Doctor’s Diet Worth A Try?

The Doctor’s Diet BookFor a mere $16.00 for valuable information regarding health and weight loss for a rather sick and obese nation it is not a steep price to pay when looking into the basics of beginning the program. You may have to purchase more books in the future to keep up (such as the recipe book) for more ideas to keep you going, but overall The Doctor’s Diet has had positive reviews from its customers. There is nothing harmful about this diet book regarding taste or recipes, and the information is spot on to the trends and facts in today’s world regarding health and nutrition. No gimmicks have been reported or felt when following Dr.Stork’s Diet, which is a positive. Finally, there are social media outlets for customers to visit and participate if they feel the need to. Overall, this is not a diet book that is harmful or misleading in any way and may benefit the dieter in need of weight loss.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary

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