The E-Factor Diet Review

The E-Factor Diet was brought to the market by author John Rowley, the book is available for download only and is sold by an online retailer named Click Bank. The product is going for $47.00 but there is a special right now that has dropped the price to $37.00. This book tries to promise educational services to people looking to lose weight, by telling the customer what to eat and the hidden factors that cause weight gain. The core to the book focuses on the types of foods you are eating that cause weight gain, simply by the enzymes that are apparent in the foods. As we all know, eating certain foods will affect your body differently than other types of foods will. The key to the book is to gain an understanding of which foods make you crave bad foods, and how to maximize eating the foods that will cut down your cravings and elevate weight loss.*

So What Do You Get For $47.00 When You Click Purchase?

  • The E-Factor Weight Loss Handbook
  • The E-Factor Diet Quick start Guide
  • The E-Factor Grocery Guide
  • Cheat Your Way Trim Guideline for cheat days
  • The E-Factor Meal Planning Blueprint

Because this is a Click Bank product, there is no customer service line nor is there an e-mail to reach out to them with. As do all the Click Bank products, this one comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. This program looks good, but does it really provide you results?* Their claims are large, as they state you can lose a significant amount of weight in three weeks and feel ten years younger. I feel like I have heard this all their claims are unreasonable to say the least.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The E-Factor Diet?

There are roughly 110 pages to this book to go through, which seems very minimal for such “valuable” information. The people that fell for the marketing scheme and purchased the book were less than satisfied in the long run. They simply said it was a waste of money, they did not see weight come off, and all of the information provided in the book is readily found all over the web for free. The amount of weight lost on this program was not very impressive at all. Good thing there is a 60-day money back guarantee.

Is The E-Factor Diet Easy To Follow?

Within the 110 pages in the book, there are four main rules to follow:

  1. Stay away from foods that your body doesn’t like (intolerances)
  2. Drink only water (no limit)
  3. There are no limits to how many veggies you can eat
  4. Eat as much protein as you want/can

There is also a quick start guide to get you going on the right path, as well as many other books included. This is a lot of moving parts, and it seems like a lot of work to just figure out how to start the diet. Keep in mind that on top of that you have to go through hundreds of e-pages to get some sort of understanding. You can goal set, meal plan, and learn about the 4 E’s of the program which are:

  1. Energetic Foods: John claims that this diet will have you eating foods that make you feel energized, not sluggish.*
  2. Endothermic Foods: There is a strong emphasis on foods that will kick start your fat burning hormones for better digestion.*
  3. Enzymatic Foods: Eating foods to kick start digestion*
  4. Enjoying every meal: Lastly, John wants his readers to know they will not be eating foods they do not enjoy.*


While this diet program comes with multiple parts and a lot of books to flip through digitally, there has not been a lot of success around this product, which has me scratching my head. Another factor that is rather annoying, is the fact that this is only available digitally, so you have to read it on your computer, or your tablet/smart phone. I do not know about you, but I like to highlight and mark on books that I purchase and this is not possible. The main takeaway from the book is that fat can’t be lost, but instead it has to be used.

The information provided has not been proven to work, nor is John Rowley a qualified professional. So why are people buying his digital product? Because they are taking a shot in the dark at something that has the potential to work for them. It is not a guarantee, but then again they have a 60-day money back guarantee to fall back on when it does not work.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.

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