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The Fertility Diet was written by Jorge Chavarro and it aims at one target audience, women and men looking to up their chances of conceiving naturally without medication and costly procedures. The studies were done by the Nurses Health Study, which has been said to be one of the longest running studies of women’s health out there. The book was written because hardly any studies have been done on the missing link between diet and fertility issues. In the book they start out by giving you the top ten simple changes you can make to boosting your fertility the natural way. They range from eating less red meat, eating more legumes, less sugar, and less trans fats. Also, it encourages healthy exercise daily and the consumption of dairy products along with a prenatal vitamin. These are not earth shattering changes, but subtle enough to push the process of ovulation along in a women’s body.

The Fertility Diet legumesThe Facts

This is not a recurring shipment diet program, and it is a simple book you purchase one time to learn more about health and fertility via the foods you choose to make up your diet. You can purchase this book on Amazon, or in any major book retail location such as Barnes and Noble or Hastings. It will cost anywhere from $12.00-$15.00 before shipping.

The Ten Simple Changes

  1. Avoid Trans Fats
  2. Use more unsaturated oils like olive and canola
  3. Eat more vegetable protein, and less animal protein
  4. Choose whole grain carbohydrates
  5. Eat or drink full fat dairy once a day
  6. Take a multivitamin that contains folate
  7. Get plenty of iron from fruit, veggies, and beans
  8. Drink plenty of water, limit coffee, tea, alcohol, and no soda.
  9. Aim for a healthy weight
  10. Be physically active every day

What’s The Word?

We all know that books affect everyone differently, and they are tools to guide people in expanding their knowledge base on topics. How did this book effect the reading customers get a little more educated about better their diets to help with their fertility?

Juju* said, they lost me on a few fronts. First of all, a “fertility” book that endorses canola oil, soybean oil or corn oil without mention of organic or non gmo is beyond my understanding (canola is known to be a terrible oil and soy has estrogens and is usually gmo- bad idea) . No mention of organic in this book and the role of pesticides in effecting your hormones.” She did like that the book endorsed healthy fats, educated the reader on insulin, and addressed PCOS with the reader.

Maria* expressed the lack of information in the book and said, “This book was interesting but they summarize their ten rules for what you should eat and not eat in the first chapter and never really add anything to that. I could have just read three pages and gotten what I need from this book.”

 Julie* seemed to really enjoy the book, and connect with the way the author presented the information. She said, “This was a very easy read filled with great information. I especially liked how the authors framed their own recommendations within the framework of existing studies on the topic, presenting their particular findings as recommendations based on current knowledge rather than as hard and fast truths (as so many other diet fad books tend to do).”

 What Does The Fertility Diet Offer?

The Fertility Diet happy readingThis book offers insight to a topic that is consistently overlooked and downplayed in our society today. Many people feel like doctors and expensive treatments are the only ways to look when you are having trouble conceiving but it could be as simple as changing up your lifestyle and diet habits. A large majority of the readers appreciated the information that was being given to them, and yes you will have those few folks who are not easily impressed. Some women who read the book said that even if they do not fall pregnant, it is still a really great way to eat and they felt better because of it. Overall, the customer base was happy with the layout and information the book provided on the topic of diet and fertility. The book has many studies done that back up the information provided to the reader which we can all appreciate!

  • Overall Happy Customers
  • Cost Effective
  • Proven Based Off Of National Studies
  • Doesn’t Mention The Power Of Organic
  • Could Go Into More Detail Overall

Is The Fertility Diet Worth A Try?

The Fertility Diet pregnantThe overall consensus from reading this book, is that people were happy with the information overall. It does not guarantee you will miraculously be able to have children, but it will help you get on your way to a healthier diet which will be overall better for your body. Sometimes, all that is needed is a quick clean up of the foundation of your diet to get your body set back to its natural state. The reviews have been more positive than negative which sets this book up to be one to read if you are needing help with understanding your body and fertility a little better. The cost is affordable, and the customer base seems happy overall, so give it a read!

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary

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