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The Game On! Diet Review

The Game On! Diet Review
Reading Time: 4 minutesThe Game On! Diet Book was written back in 2009 by Krista Vernoff an Az Ferguson with the idea to rekindle your love of playing games while dieting. Az is the motivator, and Krista keeps it lighthearted in her quest to lose 40 pounds of pregnancy weight. With the goal in mind to set up games with team members, meal plans, and a point system it will have you feeling more fit in no time. The book is a diet game along with many rules and regulations so get ready to write down how to play, and explain to others interested in playing too. The best results come to those who have competitive teams to play with, and without the competition momentum seems to get lost and motivation then slips.

The Facts

The book is littered with foul language, which is supposed to come off as funny. If you do not appreciate reading F-bombs frequently then this book is not for your and your friends. This is a one-time purchase, and all of the rules of the game will come with the purchase of the book itself (nothing is sold separately). There are no recipes given to you, so don’t expect them. Finally, you track your daily food and workouts which count as points and you are able to take away 1 different rule each day to mix things up. Let’s see what customers had to say about this diet book.

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What’s The Word?

Holly* made a point to say, “I like the premise and it certainly works if you stick to it. If you are the type of person that needs structure to stay on track then this could be a good fit for you. I was definitely put off by the bad language throughout the book. It says a lot about a person’s creative capability or lack thereof if they have to insert F*** over and over again.” She then went onto say that the overall ideas of the book get a B-, and the way the book reads gets an F- for many obvious reasons!

Are Diet Books The Best Way to Lose Weight?


Jessika* said, “I think the diet is easy to follow and fun to do with groups. I am on my second round of the diet and I have had good results. The major flaw with this diet is the 1% weight loss rule. It might be easy for some people to lose 1% of their weight a week but for a lot of people it is difficult. In my opinion, it should not be all or nothing in regards to the points for the 1%.” She then went onto say it’s a fun diet but needs many improvements to keep the people playing motivated and feeling good about themselves.

“The book itself is OK, I just didn’t like the game” said MommyGee* “I felt like I had to be eating all the time and that just messed me up. I liked the communication part with my teammates and other teams.” She then went onto say that it was fun for everyone to talk in the mornings before they got the day started, and the game got her back into the gym so that she could get more points. The food part was the biggest issue regarding the game.

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What Does The Game On! Diet Offer?

The book itself is pretty useless in the grand scheme of what the program actually offers. The real reason why people are reading the book is to get to the rules of the game, in which they can start the diet. Some people could not get past all of the foul language, and just stopped reading the book all together. Others, skipped through the text and jumped right to the rules which makes the book seem like it is a waste of time to read when it is all said and done. You must be in communication with at least one member of your team once per day, so if you are not good at communicating you need to know this up front. Dieters typically get one day a week off, and they are supposed to weight themselves once per week as well as use the honor system to deduct or add points to their daily amount.

The rules are basic, but the scoring can get confusing to people at times. You are allowed 5 small meals per day, and you are supposed to eat every 2-4 hours. There is a list of foods that are allowed, as well as foods that are not allowed. Overall the diet itself is basic as lean veggies and meats are encouraged with main meals.

  • A Great Group Tactic For Dieting
  • A lighthearted read for folks who don’t mind foul language.
  • Cost effective
  • Terrible Language Throughout the Book
  • Rules are unclear at times
  • Works best with more than 2 people
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Is The Game On! Diet Worth A Try?

The book itself seems like a worthless read with little to no scientific evidence as to why this diet tactic actually works for weight loss. However, if you can get through the horrible language presented in the book and are able to get a group of colleagues or friends together, it could be a fun way to lose weight with healthy accountability. The actual cost of the book itself will be around $15.00, and many people were just looking the rules up online to skip through the painful read the author presents. You can bypass the book all together in my opinion and still get something out of the diet if you really want to. On top of that, you can make up some healthy rules of your own and pass it along to friends and family you think could benefit from it! While overall this is not a terrible book, the author really blew it by adding in so much profanity that was unnecessary.



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