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The IF Diet Book was written by Robert Skinner, and it was published back in March of 2013. The book guides you through three different intermittent fasting techniques or diet plans to follow, all of which Robert has said to be backed by science.* You will notice when you open up the book, that there is no table of contents, nor are there any page numbers or chapter titles which strikes me as very odd.

One of Robert’s theories is to fast on 500 calories every other day per week (3-4 days a week), which is an incredible amount of time spent fasting if you ask me! The author brings up other intermittent fasting programs to bash on such as the 5:2 program and simply because there aren’t enough fasting days in this program he dislikes it.

There is no customer service number associated with this specific diet book. Nor is there a website just dedicated to the author like some I have seen in the past. Readers have said this is a rather boring and basic book. Let’s see if it has worked for weight loss.

The IF Diet confusing bookDo Dieters Lose Weight On The IF Diet Book?

No table of contents, no index, and no page numbers to this book. So I can't tell you the page number. But Skinner's term for the 5:2 Diet is the “weekender plan.” He says “you just need to pick any couple of back-to-back days where you can apply it”. The Fast Diet by Michael Mosley (from the BBC documentary “Eat, Fast, Live Longer”) does not have the two fast days consecutive—-Mosley's plan is two NON-consecutive days of the week for 500–600 calories.” Vents, Midwest Writer*. Mosley says you need to remind yourself that you can eat whatever you want the day after the fast, and that should be enough to keep you going.

JP* said, “Humorous, well-written book. The author is entertaining and chunked the information in such a way to make it usable, rather than just a book. For some reason the publisher felt it was OK to have no page numbers. There was a table of contents however. Also, I was disappointed that the author didn't annotate/footnote his scientific references.” There were references listed on the back, but they were never specifically cited in the book. This is not a good way to write a book, and looks lazy.

Is the IF Diet Book Easy To Follow?

Robert advises the reader not to eat any foods for at least 16 hours (mainly when you are sleeping) daily. This can be achieved, but couple that with your fasting days and your body may be screaming for food. The tough part about fasting is the inability to get proper rest when you are hungry. Many folks noticed side effects when going through this program. Those included: bloat, weight gain, hormonal issues, as well as extreme fatigue. It may be due to the fact that their bodies are not used to the starvation daily. After a few weeks the symptoms should go away, and for many people they stuck around.

The IF Diet extreme fatigueThe idea that someone would sign up to eat only 500 calories for 3-4 days a week is just not practical. It is not a very healthy way to live. Most regular folks are not going to want to put their bodies through that kind of havoc for a lifetime. Customers did not see many results from this diet and do not recommend buying this book in hopes that you will see results that last.


This program has not seen consistent results based off of the customers who have tried to read the book. They have tried to implement the program into their daily lives. Overall, the book has been said to have scientific evidence, but the claims are rather weak. The references are at the very back of the book. There is not a lot of substance to this book, and many people are saying you can find all of the information online. Even worse, one reader said that the book sounded like an infomercial the entire time. You can pretty much summarize all of the information into one paragraph when it is all said and done.

The IF Diet internet searchIf you are looking for online support, don’t waste your time. The author has pretty much abandoned anything to do with social media, due to there being little to no updates on the sites for quite some time. This not only tells the reader, his book isn’t very popular but also that people just don’t care to participate in what he is talking about. The book itself has three different diet plans to go on. The majority of them are just telling you to stay away from food for half of the week. This book has not been said to be effective by any means! I would advise not to waste your time or your money trying to make it work.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary

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